Teenage Health

I am adolecente and I know all the concerns that we, girls, have with our body. Generally never we are satisfied and a defect always exists, that we only obtain to see. To find that we have defects, can in them cause serious problems as the bulimia. This is related to the beauty standards, placed for the society. However it exists other factors that contribute, as, the fact to be perfeccionistas, shy, pessimistic and we possuimos auto-esteem low. The sadness, nervousness and the food, are great enemies for who suffer with this problem. When if it is with these feelings, to eat exageradamente (generally candies), seems to be the best option, but later it appears the feeling of guilt and shame, then the option for the bulemicos is to vomit, to take laxative, diurticos, for example. In others case jejum starts to be a favorable option. How much he is overwhelming or trying to neutralize the suffering caused for the solitude, the human being is more vulnerable to opt to illnesses as bulimia and anorexy, that consequentemente depression plus these riots will go to become aliementares. To be if blaming for is a little above of the weight or below of it, it does not go to make with that it obtains to arrive at the standard of beauty that it is looking, I oppose for it, what goes to happen is that to apartir of this moment we will be able to start to adiquirir innumerable illnesses that they in such a way move with our body as with the psychological one.

Holistic Psychology

How we could in a pluriculturalista country as Brazil, to find them to me that the applied concepts of psychology to the paulistano will be the same ones applied the Bahians? In this context he is correct to say that in the limits of a country with continental dimensions as Brazil, what if it applies in a region it can be, and it is natural that is, completely different of what is applied to the other, in this manner we would not have to speak in Psychology, but yes in Psychologies and is accurately there that gift becomes, amongst as much other forms and applications of psychology, the necessity of creation of a Psychology Holstica and Integrativa. To think a Psicologiaholstica, integrativa, that recognizes the diversity of the human being in all its complexity and promotes Despertamento is the fulfilment of the objective for which Psychology while area of knowing always searched, but inebriada for the desire of if becoming science, was if losing for the way. The inclusion of holistic, integrativo knowing and complementing to Psychology is to not only add incalculable values to to know psychological, as after intend Jung with its studies on the culture and eastern philosophy and as much others it, as well as to open a vast gamma of possibilities of work to the professional Psychologist who in everything reveals apt to the development of these practical, accurately for its ability to deal with the mind, the subjective feelings and too much contents that as the integrativa holistic philosophy are the great causers of males that they devastate the humanity, want either given the energy questions, as somatic and mannering. this does not deny the vision of Psychology, in contrast, corroborates and complements. We face a change of paradigms and this is felt by all the areas, demanding a deep revision of values on the part of the professionals and involved people with the production and promotion of knowing.

Holistic Retirement

Ensure holistic for your age, so life WINS not only quantity but also quality! Many of us invest a large part of their life energy in making money. You live to work, instead of having to work to life, even if most of us like to say the opposite. A large part of the earned money flows meaningfully in retirement. It is often forgotten that a conscious and healthy way of life is a just as important though perhaps even more important provision for a comfortable and healthy life in the age at an early age. What does a good financial provision if we our forces can enjoy the pension not in full awareness, or they maybe don’t experience? The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said: in terms of the life force we are up to the thirty-sixth year with which to compare, who live by their interest: what is issued today, tomorrow is here. But from that point on the reindeer, is our analog which begins attacking its capital.” However, we now know that we physically slowly but surely reduce age already from 25: vision decreases, blood pressure rises, diminish the activity of kidney and heart strength. Children, suffering from lack of exercise and/or unhealthy food ways Antipositas, often suffer from high blood pressure, joint and back disorders.

Investigations have now shown that many disorders of health associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Too little exercise and sleep, unhealthy diet, excessive demands and stress promote diseases such as myocardial infarction, diabetes, cancer, and joint diseases. The speech of diseases of civilization is here. A pension should be for this reason from a financial as well as from a health component. The so-called ‘ holistic retirement covers all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas, but also the outside we are social Relationships, work, leisure and the environment in which we live and work.

Every day, appreciate and invest in your health, you also invest in your age. A holistic retirement is becoming an increasingly urgent in view of the demographic development and the always maroder growing health system. We can make sure that increase not only the quantity of our years of life, but also the quality. But regardless of the pension a healthy way of life leads in particular to a better mood in the here and now. “Mantak Chia, the inventor of the system of ‘ healing Tao (also known as ‘ the healing Tao ) and founder and Director of the ‘ healing Tao Center in New York, writes in his book ‘ Tao yoga of healing : If you invest daily 30-60 minutes for your health, so I can tell you from experience that they get back up to four hours and your performance grows.” An investment in the health causes a revitalization of all areas of life and an increase in the Quality of life, what back then in turn affects health. A positive escalating spiral sets in motion. Invest movement, relaxation and plenty of sleep so in addition to your financial interest in a healthy diet, sufficient. Be careful to your thought. Pay attention to beneficial external influences such as nice people who are sympathetic to one, a beautiful living environment, motivational books and ideas. Ask the question again and again: what good for me? What not good for me? Training in habits are in the course of time, which do well not only in the now, but provide a better life in the age. Silke seven, 7Sanavia health and coaching

Oranges And Lemons

VITAMINS Oranges and orange is a fruit that accumulate as many healing properties for our body, are recognized in this citrus properties that prevent the emergence of some diseases and their leading role to protect our body. Vitamin C of oranges, is essential for strengthening the body’s defenses and ideal for preventing flu and colds. Past has shown an important role in the prevention of scurvy, a disease that is characterized by bleeding from small and large skin and gums, and inflammation of hair follicles. And vitamin C promotes the production of collagen, essential for the growth of tissue cells, gums, blood vessels, bones and teeth, and is credited with the power to control cholesterol, balance work with circulatory problems and varicose veins. You can also help the liver, avoiding indigestion. Highlight some properties: Increase the quality of red blood cells. Properties against arthritis.

Properties against the choking breath. Regulates blood pressure. Properties with the problems of the ovaries, womb, prostate, throat and gums. Regulates the evacuation and inflammation of the rectum (hemorrhoids). The organs of digestion and prevents constipation and diarrhea, exerting a stabilizing role regularizing bowel functions thereof. It strengthens the teeth.

The juice or orange juice, has many anti-cancer properties, especially in the stomach. If we take it as exclusive food juice between meals can relieve excess stomach acid and helps the healing of ulcers. Drinking orange juice or diluted 50% in water, to combat the problems of poor digestion, being able to eliminate those wastes that are responsible for intestinal malaise. The alkalizing properties of its juice, are a help in clearing the blood and dissolving acids and prevents these will settle in the kidneys and produce kidney stones or kidney stones. The ingestion of orange juice, helps patients with: Drop, because its action alkaline, helps eliminate uric acid and infinitely better. Improvement of hypertension with decreased blood flow pressure. The orange juice taken as juice or eaten immediately, otherwise it will lose its nutritional properties, as well as its taste. Especially recommended to take it at breakfast.

Biological Experiences

I consider that all the biological experiences for which passes to oser since its conception until its birth, are registered in an unconscious matrizbsica … ' '. (WILHEIM, 2002, p.54) We know that to desire to have a son fundamentalpara is condition a healthy pregnancy. It is to precisoquerer to be father, fondness to be mother: ' ' … The important one is to be certain of querealmente wants to have a son. This is the good moment.

But it is very important that opai also wants … ' ' (VERNY, 1981). The couple allotment of this will and seprepara in all the directions, emotional, economic, social; if they become paisantes same of the birth of this baby, waited, desired and loved. Elesdesenvolvem conditions to be parents. ' ' To the light of the studies of psicanalistJacques Lacan, we can think the son while ' fruit of the metaphor of casal' ' ' (ABDON, S/D). To understand better what it wants to say ' ' dametfora fruit of casal' ' , Abdon (s/d) describes: ' ' The human being demand one another one. It becomes childish, then, it is born in gide of the narcissism of the parents. It is preceded of umdesejo of pais' '.

Before this comment, it is important to know the effect dissona future life of the child. More ahead, Abdon (s/d), following the thought deLacan, says: ' ' at the same time where the citizen appears of a demand of the family, afamlia also exists while demand of the citizen, a time that is it who a' alimenta' keeps it viva' '. It adds: ' ' … Is interesting, therefore, to perceive, before to dequalquer thing, the place that the son occupies in the family and the desires of the seuspais, to understand its subjectivity. From there the importance to reflect asfunes paternal and maternas, not looking for to understand them while funesisoladas and independent, but as of the citizen in the family …

The Aswang

The spirit can fly like a bird, can ride like a horse and is credited with a certain gallant attitude. The Alp drinks the blood from the nipples of men and children but prefers the milk of women. Because it is thus that the Alp takes control of the dreams. Aswang: A vampire from the Philippines, it is believed that the day is a beautiful woman and a winged demon night. The Aswang can live a normal life during the day. But at night is hosted by birds to the houses of their victims.

Their food is always blood, and prefers to feed on children. This creature is identified by its shape when you finish eating, she looks swollen, almost pregnant. If the Aswang licks the shadow of people think that this person will die soon. BAITAL: Indian Baital is the vampire, its natural form is half man, half bat, half a meter measured. Eat viscera and blood of animals and humans. BAJANG: A Malaysian vampire, is assumed to be a man, appears as a cat and children usually as threatening. The Bajang can enslave and flatters a generation.

He keeps in a Tabong (container bamboo) which is protected by several charms. While he is incarcerated is fed with eggs and will turn against you if you are not providing enough food. The owner of this demon can send it to inflict harm on their enemies. The enemy usually dies after a mysterious illness. According to tradition, the wine Bajang the body of a newborn child, and put out of it by various charms.

Massage Beds

South Korean company JE-Medical Co.Ltd entered the global arena by offering a novelty in the field of health. as a multifunctional termoakupunkturnoy bed and massaging teramaks. Multi-functional massage beds teramaks embodied not only the modern methods of healing, but Eastern techniques: Manual Therapy; acupuncture (acupressure); Chiropractic; Physiotherapy infrared radiation (heating) and ctoun therapy.

(Treatment natural minerals). The effect of reflexology massage bed teramaks secured by the internal projection, made from semiprecious stones of jade, which moves along the spine and affects on bio-active points are located on the right and left vertebral spine. Projector makes a stop in accordance with a given program on different parts of the spine and at the same time is burning these points. (MOX therapy). Infrared rays stimulate the acupressure points along the spine of the type of burns. Jade projector gives the effect of acupressure (similar to finger pressure), which stimulates nerve endings, relieving fatigue and nervous tension, relaxing your muscles. Warming is due to thermal energy long-wave infrared rays that carry it to tissues and internal organs. Long-wave infrared rays, produced ceramic discs of Tourmanium located on an additional material, dual effect of warming up, improving metabolism, reducing pain, increasing immunity. Thermal effect and pressure point massage to help reduce the neuro-muscular tension and increase their natural strength and resources of the body. Massage. Massage bed ‘TerMaks’ massages the soft tissue along the spine, warming them and pulling myself back. In the massage bed Teramaks has several modes to stretch the spine.

Should Kids Have Cell Phones?

Should children have a cell phone? Is there a real need for a child to have their own mobile phone? Parents should take into account different factors such as age, when and where the boy or girl using the phone and in which situations. If your child is still very small, a cell phone would not really necessary. Unless, that the child has significant medical condition. In these cases the motive would be very useful if the teacher needs to immediately contact you or your doctor in case of emergency. A parent also could consider giving a child a cell phone Elementary School to get in touch if this has to stay home alone.

Or when you stay with your child that passed them by looking for last minute school and you’re unable to, you can use your cell phone to alert you that someone else is going to collect and keep well informed and confident that will not go with strangers. Many teens call her cell phone when they start high school as many of their peers and have theirs. The latest models of phones come with cameras, mp3 players and games. These are generally the main reasons why children and adolescents are interested in them and want their own. When they have after school activities like sports for example, could communicate with a cell phone if you feel bad or when at the last moment they decide to go to the house of a friend. Depending on the behavior at school with a cell might be a good reward for their efforts. In high school, there are no excuses for the teenager has his own mobile. They can save money to buy one and buy minutes for calls.

A cell phone can give you peace of mind that you can always find your son and co-promote their independence. Unless you are punished for something in particular, keep a teenager away from mobile phones is almost impossible. When they leave you can be assured that are within your reach and secure with a cellphone in their hands. Whether to return home late, something as usual, or change of plans on the fly, with a cell phone is very simple to make a call to warn. And something really good, is that teens should keep clear of your home! Regardless of how old you are your child, be prepared for any losses, damage and theft of mobile phones. When you buy the phone, the company pedile provider to extend the warranty covering all these setbacks. Children are learning to be responsible for their things and not realize what it costs a cell phone. Children are children, and it is normal for them to lose or damage things. Save yourself the hassle of having to buy a new cell phone every time something like this happens.

What is Truly Important in Life?

Being a coach is a rewarding profession. The tremendous impact in the lives of others always amazes me. Let me share with you the story of John? John is a partner in a financial planning practice. a l always worked long hours and when he finally went home, was sodomized him. In addition to his work, not the strength to contribute to their health and personal relationships. He was fortunate to have a wife who put up with this. In fact, it was a wonder they ever got pregnant, as was so depleted of energy and spent very little time in their marriage. Her life changed when he was shot down with a life threatening illness.

One day he burst casings in the office and the next day I was lying in a hospital bed wondering if you will live or die. John is young, only 35 years old! Stress, pressure and the complete lack of care, contributed to his illness. To top it off, his wife was pregnant. It was a wake-up call or what? John recovered slowly, until it was “back to normal (or near). Unfortunately, time is sucked back into the old way of doing things? All work and no play. I felt I had to go with the other partners in his practice.

They worked at all hours of day and night and he felt he had to follow? despite having been so close to losing his life. He felt guilty. That was until he woke up to himself and realized it was a way to live your life. I wanted to change their behavior and needed help to do so. That was when I was approached to undergo training. John transformed in the following weeks. Many of the challenges he faced led to their lack of self-esteem. a l tried to please everyone was worried about what other people saw. John had difficulty saying ‘no’. He also had problems around communication. John was a perfectionist, so do not delegate because no one can do the tasks, as well as him. He learned that if people were able to carry out the tasks, training where necessary and communicate effectively could easily save yourself two hours a day. Being able to communicate effectively, not only for their co-workers and employees but also to his wife. Time management was a large area are also covered, Juan had limited ability in this area. Now you are going to the gym three times a week and eat healthily. His energy levels have increased dramatically and the belly is gone. It feels great. John has done and continues to make positive changes in your life. Week after week through the training process is learning a lot about himself. Finally, acknowledged that he is responsible for his life and he has the power to change it. The final word has taken a couple of weeks to clean up the mess and John to find out what he really wants. This week, at the end of one of its sessions, he discovered that “being at home bath time for baby” is really what makes life worth living. How’s that for someone who originally cited “earn money” as one of his key objectives?

Brazilian Ones

These relations of daily developed que3 you with the slaves were same of boundary line superiority, were exactly etnocntrica, not allowing that the ones that came slaves of another one continent, in the case of the African blacks, these could not exert its culture and nor its religions, as they made in its native land. These total lived isolated in one senzala, others in dungeon, and or in trunks, fulfilling chibatadas punishments leading, and being reason of laughs for all the ones that were there, and were part of the local community. But device Mr. was the form of them, to show excessively what he would be made with them if they tried to escape. In such a way if he cannot have a romantic vision of Brazilian settling, in the felt truth the true one of this word must be ' ' oppression, destruction, ' ' I believe that if it cannot give another name that has little, felt of what this. Everything this because the Portuguese crown intended, to explore the land that was taking ownership to produce its riquezas.e so that this became a reality, was necessary that it decimated the ones that this way liveed, for example the indians, exactly that it was in the works as occurred for varies times in the state of the Amap according to Fernando Saints. The blockhouse for being huge, slowly she was being constructed for the enslaved work of the black and the indian, with the natives used mainly in the transport of rocks in canoe, of the region of the river quarries, to the place where if construa the ortaleza of is Jose. The delay in its conclusion also elapsed for indifference of the Portuguese government, of intempries that they damaged for times what already was ready, and finished and the tropical endemic diseases that grassavam, and adoecendo and decimating many that in them worked.