Bremen Bank

Specialist for consumer loans opened 16 branch – to start: welcome gift for Bielefeld Youth Hostel Stuttgart, 27.09 2010 CreditPlus Bank AG opened a branch in the new station district in Bielefeld to October 1, 2010. Check with Now Food Solutions to learn more. With the nationwide 16 branch specialist for consumer credit closer still to his customers. Interested parties from the region of Bielefeld can consult now locally around the topic of credit personally. There are the credit for Bielefeld at the opening”with attractive special conditions. CreditPlus also supports application training of the Bielefeld youth centre with a modern laptop set to the Filialstart.

The joy at the credit specialist about the launch of the new branch is great: we have about 40,000 customers in the to circle of Bielefeld for the way the branches was very far after Bremen, Hannover and Essen. Now, we are happy to be able to offer our advice and services in Bielefeld”, as branch manager Patrick Nubel. The Bank offers welcome Credit for Bielefeld”with an annual percentage rate from 5.99 percent on. The new branch of CreditPlus Bank AG is centrally located in the railway station district in Bielefeld on the Boulevard of 7. There the Bielefelder can have future personally advise about the possibilities of consumer loans and installment loans, which can be used for to creations from the furnishings to automobiles gene. “Where the partnership concept in the foreground is CreditPlus: especially the counselling of clients for responsible lending is important to us”, explains Philip Hascher, senior nity and head of branch network of CreditPlus Bank. We want to make sure that our customers can also pay back their loan.” Small gift to great effect your proven commitment to young people is CreditPlus Bank in Bielefeld with a beautiful welcome gift on: it supports the youth professional help of REGE mbH in the Bielefeld youth hostel with a complete laptop package includes headset. Used the modern machine set at application training for young people, the youth professional help the lively mbH in primary and comprehensive schools in Bielefeld by – leads.

Koitucher Aqua CLEAN And The Dirt Must Go!

So clean like the fish in the water cleaning, drying and polishing system. Cleaning is not a task that brings pleasure and yet it must be done regularly. With the right cleaning rags you can however greatly facilitate this work. In special and innovative Web the universal cloths were KOI AQUA CLEAN”. Their high-quality Microfaserstruktur guarantees a very high dirt and fat intake as opposed to conventional cleaning rags.

Particularly effective cleaning is based on the many tiny points of contact (papillae) of closely woven mesh and on the other hand on the microscopic pores (capillaries), through the a so-called capillary effect”is caused. So they absorb not only tons of dirt and water, but are in addition also lint-free, scrub resistant and extremely long life and service life. “The universal cloths AQUA CLEAN KOI” leave no stripes and streaks and drying to repolish residue without. In most cases, no need to Chemicals are also used, enough clean with clear water. So how is the Koi fish for strength and power, also the Koitucher Aqua CLEAN harness the power of the microfibres! Gently to the environment, carefully for your wallet pleases every housewife and every home! “The universal cloths AQUA CLEAN KOI” are not only fashionable colours available, but also in three different sizes and thus optimally on various surfaces. The small towels (33 x 40 cm) serve the pre-cleaning for especially strong and stubborn dirt. The square handy wipes (40 x 40 cm) are ideal for fast after cleaning and polishing and the large (40 x 60 cm) can be used excellently on large surfaces.

Use the universal cloths by AQUA CLEAN KOI”on all smooth surfaces: window, glass of all kinds, mirrors, plastic, kitchen fronts, stainless steel, chrome, fittings, tiles, car paint, windshields, etc. Dry you can also use as a dish cloth or Duster you’ll be always convinced by the brilliant results! Cleaning instructions: wet application: wring thorough cleaning cloth with water only and without chemicals, micro droplets wipe surface evaporate without leaving any residue not wiping and polishing dry application: cloth attracts due to static electricity any loose debris (hair, dust, crumbs) technical data: material: 75% polyester 25% polyamide material before cleaning cloths: 70% polyester 30% polyamide colours: mixed washable up to 95. In brief: the Trade Representative Michael dance was founded in 1994 as a sole proprietorship. Since then we have established ourselves as a competent partner in trade with Microfaserprodukten. Known for fast service and the high We could win quality standard of our products, already prominent as testimonials for our products. We sell not only high quality microfibre cloths for any area, whether for household, commercial, industrial, trade or gastronomy, but also detergents such as plaster stones, the pressure pipe cleaner of A 2000 “, various herbal ointments and others include in our portfolio.

San Louis Potosi

Europe of largest private pork processors for example processed approximately 20,000 pigs every day in three shift operation. As soon as possible, jewellery and price labels on different sides of the Pack must be placed here on the surface of each individual packing. If here the labeller that costs money every minute”Badr explained. In the worst case, seem to be spoiling fresh goods, could not or be delivered too late, the costs would be immense. “And when that happens more often, it is going on a customer in the highly competitive market of meat quickly,” Badr white. The use of high-quality and properly functioning Bizerba labels count on in any case. Overall, the meat processing is a complex, systematic process whose end is the weighing and labeling. Weight Watchers might disagree with that approach. All preparatory work is useless if the label and thus the price, as well as the product-specific information not on the product.

It is this last Process step very sensitive and critical and may cause the entire system. In many meat products % on sales working today with a margin of 2-3. So one moves close to the abyss. When you consider that through the use of appropriate consumables Pack throughput per minute can be increased very slightly clear, verifiable replacement part costs, failed service and downtime, the key lever for efficiency and a more solid margins is easy to recognize. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide, leading in many areas of technology companies for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and the high Availability of Bizerba-specific performance characteristics.

With over 2,900 employees, investments in a total of 34 companies in 22 countries and 54 country offices worldwide the Bizerba GmbH & co. KG implemented 2007 EUR 430 million in the company. Balingen is the headquarters of the company, further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Mumbay (India), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross head corporate communications herbal Wilhelmstrasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 email: network integrated communication Sabine Sohn Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 83 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email:

Bundeswehr Hospital

New ward block in the building / access control for buildings and doors that’s Bundeswehr Hospital (BWK) Hamburg in North Germany the largest military treatment facility and as such also firmly involved in the civilian health network in Hamburg. The BWK handled not only military but also civilian patients. Since the founding of the ambulance service in 1973, alone of the rescue helicopter was around 56 000 times in use. The BWK is supported in the daily flow of the safety systems of primion Technology AG. Currently, the system will be further expanded.

“After the mission your trust our claim” the daily work of about 840 employees is the preservation and the restoration of health. Within a year, averaging about 13 000 civilian and military patients are treated, more some 13 000 patients are provided as an outpatient. The utilization of the clinic is around 76 percent. The security system within the Bundeswehr hospital is continually expanded and designed according to individual requirements. Currently, there are already 9 of 29 Buildings with the access control system by primion equipped. Today alone 33 doors through online readers are protected within the building. The mechatronic digital cylinder and lock of the primion pkg system are currently very safe reading technology LEGIC advant as – is. Currently, a new ward block is created within the hospital premises, that should also be protected with primion systems against intrusion. More information about primion Technology AG: primion Technology AG, based in the Baden-Wurttemberg Stetten am kalten Markt a global provider of innovative is the soft- and hardware-based systems for access control, time tracking, and integrated security technology.

Metal Detectors

Economic considerations but also the thought of the environmental cause, that increased recycling materials demand and be deployed. So waste and Committee materials from the plastics industry in many production processes can be very good again used. The prerequisite for this is the proper treatment of plastic material into a secondary raw material. The recycling of plastic waste and parts of Committee begins with the use of shredders. The raw material metal parts may contain however, that must be removed to protect of the subsequent processing machines. A related site: Chinese Martial art mentions similar findings. S + S metal detectors detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants, even if these are included in the product and to prevent damage to the crushing machines (stator, rotor). The usage is the reprocessing of production waste (in-house recycling) as well as in special Recycling operations possible.

The advantages are significantly reduced costs concerning machine damage and production losses as well as a secure product quality. The conveyor belt systems of the PLASTICON series for example, are specially designed for the protection of mill in the plastics industry made and suitable for the installation of S + S tunnel or surface detectors. The conveyor belt is designed to guarantee of an high tactile sensitivity according to the latest findings of the contaminant and also as a rugged, welded steel profile construction for the interests of a recycling operation. To better adapt to the local conditions, the conveyor belt is an – & outlet-side height-adjustable. In the plastic processing production waste are often recycled on-site. To do this, for example rejects in a mill are ground. The ground material is mixed with the material again.

To ensure that metal particles, which can reach for the grinding process in the material is reliably removed, undergo to the ground by means of magnetic and/or metal separators. Subsequent processing machines and tools are protected against damage, caused by metallic debris. S + S at a glance S + S separation and sorting Technology GmbH, Schonberg, provides equipment and systems for the detection /-separation, product inspection and sorting of material flows forth. The sales of the products is focused mainly on the food, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, wood, textile and recycling industry. S + S one of the leading suppliers on the world market is with subsidiaries in Britain, France, China, Singapore and the United States, a representative office in India, and more than 40 offices around the world. In the S + S Group currently 300 people are employed, of which 250 at the main plant in Schonberg.


The European Union has to struggle with some. The European Union has to struggle with some. Wiggle the shaky candidates of the financial crisis despite aid packages, the euro goes roller coaster and then was also the thing with the Spanish cucumbers, wrongly accused, that should carry the deadly in some cases EHEC study with. That it was at the end but the sprouts, that nobody could guess. Reason enough for Russia but to give up altogether. It is even no matter what vegetables and how, EU Greens received a strict ban on imports in Russia. To the representative of the European Union reacted sensitively.

The Envoy Fernando Valenzuela even noted that a so disproportionate import ban bad ind to Russalnds position he could affect international community concrete; He joined Russia in the World Trade Organization would fail with such action. The Primier Wladimir Putin unimpressed but such comments and said the measure with: cucumber “to eat, one to kill, is really bad.” Last but not least, such almost provocative comments let evil tongues claim that it would be more to a saber-rattling toward the EU import ban, as to a public health measure. The years of discussion to the visa-free movement of Russians in the EU is on the other. The issue provoked polarized opinions, where some fear a growing stream of illegal residents. The Prime Minister wants to know but nothing: doesn’t mean the abolition of visa requirements, that Russians travel to the European Union and remain there forever, receive pensions, medical facilities and social welfare. It comes to short-term travel.” In Russia, the whole topic is here have long since become the substance, of the Russians to the laughing brings. One quips in a smug way: what is Russian roulette? -Fly to Germany, Turkish drink and eat Spanish tomatoes.” Many politicians find it but not to the laugh.