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This is by facilitates regular reading breaks of three to five minutes. During this time, close your eyes and think about what you have just read. This give time to relax your mind and can repeat the course material, which you have just acquired, at the same time. This way the information on the way in the long-term memory access already a level deeper. They are still arrived not quite on target for this would repeat maybe a couple of times the information but dramatically increases the likelihood of keeping the fabric. You to portion your reading try it out! If you your reading schedule so divided, each making break reading time three to five minutes after three to five minutes, to make the read memory deeper into the effectiveness of your reading is demonstrably increase.

You will have to spend not only less time to read, but can remember a much greater amount of information. It is important that “You in your small reading units repeatedly ask yourself: what did I just read?” This kind of awareness and repetition ensures that the learning material is faster anchored in long-term memory. Then, it is irrelevant for a test learn, stuck in the study or a training course or read a lot in the Office must. No matter where are you that you can effectively keep information to learners and thus increase your motivation. I am sure that this little trick clearly is easier reading and storing information. If you found this article useful then you download but our free video course. 20 short videos with tips on the topics of reading strategies, learning, memory and motivation about on this Web page:. Tom Freudenthal

The Internet

This means in consequence: you research your market value for example about main/women wage level first. The Internet is a good source for your data collection, but can provide only an initial orientation. 2. key: Comparing the benchmark is good and important, but at the end of one: you are unique! Your personality, your commitment, your motivation and enthusiasm, and your skills are qualities that a salary comparison may not reflect. Therefore sell”or market” you to your individuality and features the new prospective employer, before the content negotiation in the role. Some contend that SoulCycle shows great expertise in this.

Your conversation partner should be so excited you, that the compensation is only a Supporting role plays. 3. key: The arguments of supply you the potential employer arguments, that he you at the price you want (= content) sets. Answer him best without asking the following questions: what do I offer? Why am I right for this position? What makes me unique? Why would the company make a mistake if she would decide not to me? But not only yourself and your skills in the Centre, but also your future, desired relationship to their employers. You will find answers to the following questions: who is my future employer? What do I know about him? Why would the chemistry be fit? What are the cultural and value systems shape the company? 4.

key: The strategy, know your market value – minimum and maximum. Now define your pain threshold: under this line you may not slide completely. Get all the facts and insights with Weight Watchers, another great source of information. HR will use your negotiation skills and abilities under fire. This is a good thing, because in the future to enter daily for your employer the best. Negotiation is good, if you know what you want and have realistic expectations. Be self-confident. Can not be intimidated. Should you sign a place under your user defined threshold of pain, you will be by the first day not with full passion and commitment to the cause.


Personismus is a way of thinking in personality psychology, which traces back to properties of the acting person stable patterns (so-called internal attribution). While many personal characteristics akin to the laity-psychology for example says someone is leader/follower, friendly/unfriendly, smart/stupid, neat/messy, musical/unmusikalisch, etc., the empirical finding is rather ambiguous. The scientific proof of such human qualities is extremely difficult. Conley (1984) presented time and again various personality tests to a group of test subjects over a period of 40 years and found a high stability of intelligence, a medium-sized stability of extraversion and neuroticism, while volatile settings such as self-esteem and life satisfaction. A theory of absolute Personismus would assume the complete independence of the behavior of its situational context, therefore the relative Personismus influences of the environment. This is the classic model of personality psychology.

“Other models are about different situations across consistent” behavior on properties of the situation back (Situationism “, so the radical Behaviourism), or on the interaction of people and situation properties (sog. Interactionism “).” Introversion and extroversion are two poles of a personal property. The terms used in the differential psychology, to characterize the interaction with the environment. Extremes are rare here; the scale is continuous. Using personality tests, it is possible to determine the individual position of the subjects on the Extraversion/Introversion scale. It belongs among the big five, the five large empirically determined personality traits. The big five and the five factor model (FFM) is a model of personality psychology, which postulates five main dimensions of personality.

… This was the opinion that personality characteristics will be reflected in the language. On the basis of lists with over 18,000 words, five very stable, independent and largely stable to cultural factors, the big five, were found by factor analysis. On the basis of this model Costa and Robert R. McCrae developed Paul t. with the NEO five factors inventory (NEO-FFI) today an international personality test for adolescents and adults.

Dionysian Rauschhaftigkeit

You describe themselves as inquisitive, imaginative, intellectual, experimental and artistic interest. You are more willing to challenge existing standards and to respond to new social, ethical and political values. They are independent in their judgment, behave often unconventional, try out new ways of acting and prefer variety. People with low levels of openness tend in contrast to conventional behavior and conservative settings. You drag the new well-known and proven before, and they perceive rather subdued their emotional reactions. Compatibility as well as extraversion is a dimension that describes behavior of interpersonal compatibility first and foremost. A central feature of persons with high levels of compatibility is their altruism.

Alterozentriker: win-win types They encounter others with understanding, goodwill and compassion sympathy, empathy they are trying to help others, and convinced that this will behave as helpful. They tend to social confidence, of cooperation and of indulgence. People with low tolerance values describe themselves in contrast as antagonistic, self-centered, and suspicious of the intentions of other people. You behave more competitively (acting with others in the competition”) as a cooperative. Thus, the friendly side of the dimension seems to be clearly socially desired. Still can not forget, that the ability to fight in many situations for their own interests It is helpful.

So compatibility in the courtroom is not a virtue, and distrust and skepticism, the problems on the ground to go help in science and research. Diligence Act people with high levels of conscientiousness organized, carefully planning, effective, responsible, and reliable judiciously. People with low levels of conscientiousness Act carelessly, careless and inaccurate. A further attempt of the classification of fellow human beings for the purpose of better assessment is… The bipolar term pair apollinisch Dionysian describes two contrasting character traits of humans and are used, the properties attributed to the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus. Where is apollinisch for form and order and Dionysian Rauschhaftigkeit and a creative urge bursting All Forms.

The Own

He creates it or giving it up again? Here on closer inspection it becomes clear that the fear of failure often that Defeat and victory follows on the knowledge of the own strength. As usual, it is to explain, if in the DFB Cup competition again Bundesliga against amateur teams fail. Wow! What a realization. Tell you that success or failure is only rooted in our setting. Then it’s only ourselves, whether we are successful or not. If that’s really true, then we should be in able to meet any challenge! Determined! If because something would be, that it is equally important as the setting. It’s the training. Even with the most positive attitude it won’t make a 100 meter runner, to be a marathon.

What we need is not just a positive attitude, but also the training to produce the desired state. Therefore, success is really learning and trainable! For anyone! There are no limits except those that we ourselves use. There is no limit except the one we ourselves do. Have we laid out once this knowledge in our minds we know it is only in the training and the skills. From knowledge to action. That is the secret of all successful people. First the spiritual, then the word and this action always follows. But what does this mean for a company? Is it really possible to develop a company to collective success? Where has everyone’s success.

And if so, what the entrepreneur to do? Now should be clear the management, that their company is as strong as its weakest link. Every coach knows, and accordingly will send his team into battle. For entrepreneurs, this model should be. Often management by jeans but unfortunately “operated, what says that the biggest studs in the most important places to sit. A good Manager is a person who knows exactly what he can’t do, and the best employees for repeated.

The Agenda

All of a sudden, we are wide awake. IHerb gathered all the information. Open our senses have eight ‘: is that what took us out of our routine, good – or will it hurt us? Is it friend or foe? In the jungle, our survival depends on a lightning-fast alarm system. You should hear the Tiger”, the Indians say, because when you see it, it’s too late.” And it is more a tiger too much to hear one too little. What ultimately drives our brain, is avoiding pain and seeking more reward. Learn positive circumstances and internalized our brains better – and we remember even more. On the other hand, recording anew is hampered by stress, anxiety or uncertainty. Under pressure to sell is just as wrong as fear and terror.

In addition: connectivity is missing, so the new can not be. New needs to build on old. A note which is very conducive for successful selling. Negative has right of way details of pain in the brain always have priority. You can each still so joyful Event that takes place at the same time, displace from the consciousness.

This is by the way, physical as well as mental pain. Us badly, the world looks grey in grey. Science knows that as a negative predisposition ‘. A dark shadow falls on positive. Already a single negative word clouds up, as studies have shown, our mood. You maintain winner language, so express yourself positively! Good feelings make decisive to our brain. This, the euphoric dopamine is secreted self-regulation more drops and the say Yes is easy. This all the more, the more the brain can draw on positive experiences. Once that a decision on the agenda, giant cell associations in lightning speed start the search for stored experience. From the comparison with the emotionally marked, so always subjective memory results then an either / or. Who wants to befriend the amygdala of his interlocutor, which above all is recommended: positive Authenticity.

The Opinion

Although mental properties associated with those described as follows physical properties, see its Typenlehre. He divided in: Pykniker: medium-sized, stocky physique, tendency to fat approach, chest down wider than top, short neck and broad face. Temperament ponderous, welcoming, kind, sociable, cheerful, lively hotspot or even quiet and soft. Athletes: strong physique, broad shoulders, above broad chest. Temperament generally cheerful, brisk and active. Astheniker / Leptosome: lean, tender, eng – and flachbrustig, with thin arms and legs, physically and spiritually sensitive, complicated, by leaps and bounds. Astheniker were people of pale narrow face side, asthenia”(low”) Constitution type.

Relatively long, thin limbs, awarded by Langhalsigkeit, a relatively small head and a narrow, flat chest. As leptosom or leptomorph Kretschmer described people with slim schmalwuchsigen body building and narrow, slightly bony limbs. This type of Constitution, an EPI-gastric by less than 80 degrees was observed. Follow others, such as Emma Naylor, and add to your knowledge base. It was a “narrow chest” so above. Dysplastiker: Smaller physique variations, from the (described above) Notwithstanding the three most common forms of body building. We are hereby conclude the external examination. I don’t believe in them, because they were often misused in politics and be. This quick box Division keep me from another new greed with people.

People become personalities in the context of growth and development. You are characters – perhaps charismatics: A character property, also “smerkmal personality” is a relatively permanent willingness to (stable) (Disposition), which is to describe certain aspects of the behavior of a person in a certain class of situations and predict. So, about the extra version of description and prediction of the behavior aspect personality property serves extraverted intuition”in social situations. The concept of the personal property “to delineate is the term of the current state of a person, which varies across situations. Also not counted to the properties be behavioural habits, so the learned responses to specific stimuli. The opinion that the behaviour and experience of people of his personality traits is determined, is called Personismus.

Holistic Approach

Theme: time management as holistic approach – information evening on March 12th, 2009 in Berlin constantly ringing phones, an schedule overflowing over, threatening high stack of paper on a desk and a mailbox of full of unread emails: many entrepreneurs and employees complain that for the really important things not enough time them. Instead, they sit up late at night in the Office and have often still feel, to have done not enough. Just in terms of the economic crisis and the impending job cuts on the labour market, a more efficient way of working is increasingly important to assert themselves in the job. (A valuable related resource: Henry Chao). Time is the same for everyone and can not reproduce. In a 24-hour day is just a certain amount of activities. What creates the perceived time pressure, is the feeling of losing control.

So two-thirds of workers in Germany are according to a representative survey of the society for consumer research (GfK) already under time pressure, so that their “Health sometimes” or often “suffer. Overload and stress are the leading cause of premature disability. Who wants to in the existing time, clever and intelligent make his work and in the end have more time to live, must work differently. Mostly lack of time is a symptom of unclear objectives, wrong priorities and of course an insufficient planning anyway. Modern time management in the sense of a real balance between work and other life has a holistic approach as a strategy and should not lead to even more workload. It is not about to work harder, but smarter. Who wants to gain an insight into the art of time management, Frank Becker bamboo provides the together with success 4 you”at an evening event on the subject.

He worked for many years in management positions and had to find a way to reconcile professional and private reconcile. Time management as holistic approach”Thursday, March 12, 2009 19: 00 21: 00 Berlin,. Venue is after registration announced EUR 75.

Marion Klimmer

This will take place shortly before the several months learning phase. “” He discusses the success factors in testing: a good learning strategy, mental fitness, and strength “as well as a long breath”. In addition, the participants to create action and learning plans for preparation time. The participants based learning and stress management methods are introduced in more on the latest brain research and learn about a self-coaching method. E/C/P the second module of KANTIPUDI represent individual coaching. Please visit Cindy Crawford if you seek more information. In these it comes under, to optimise the learning and working techniques. Supermodel: the source for more info. to eliminate other possible confounding factors”in the environment, as far as possible. A further aim of the coaching is to recognize patterns of thought and behavior, that trigger the candidates stress, mental blocks, and fear of failure, and to ensure that the specimens remain mentally and emotionally in their balance.

Thus they can get easier their performance potential for exam preparation and the examination. According to Kantipudi succeeds only with coaching methods, which apply in the emotion Center of the brain. Conventional methods fail here.” The third building block a trial run of the exam conditions to the life form testing simulations, in which small groups”is carried out. Him in, the candidates all subjects of the examination must keep short presentations to an unknown topic after a short preparation including the subsequent q & a sessions. These are recorded via video.

The specimens will then receive feedback: the coach, their colleagues, as well as two partners from their organization, providing the technical questions in the exam simulation. The feedback also refers to their personal effects as well as their sovereignty in dealing with questions and simulated errors. This feedback is then subject to individual coaching. Through these informed, individual preparation succeeded according to Marion Klimmer the companies that previously in-house by the Examenscoaching program, to reduce the failure rate on the exams by about a third. “This they benefited also financially, inter alia, because in the following year fewer repeaters” again had to indemnify for the examination. Also, the high passing rate resulted in an image enhancement for the customers and the graduates from the relevant subjects. For more information about the KANTIPUDI exam coaching-interested companies at Kantipudi coaching & training, Hamburg ( get program. Contact: Tel.: 040 / 600 14 872, E-Mail:.


It is also important that you present in this case, before young patients or seniors. These audience groups have certainly different interests and to consider them. To clearly define your audience, you worry about your audience (name, Department, composition), whose room for manoeuvre (hierarchy, responsibility, decision-making authority), expectations, interests, knowledge and the benefits for your listeners. 3. content and collection of fabrics on the market your thoughts on paper.

This is a first unstructured MindMap can be use to brainstorm first. Write down self-defeating even for the time being. Not rarely arise from new perspectives and ideas. The fact that you use a MindMap, ideas and thoughts are already partly structured. In a second mind map you can still strengthen and specify a unique structure. It results in main and subpoints that provide you with a red thread for your presentation.

The graphical representation of the mind maps supports to anchor the main and subpoints better in memory. Now comes the hardest part, choosing a theme for your presentation. Less is more! Watch your time, how much can you present so at this time, that you reach your goals. Think about what topics are interested in the audience. A young patient group interested in certainly not for incontinence and dementia, but rather for checkups or fitness courses. Match the content to your objectives and your target audience. 4. presentation process have you again your target audience in mind: opening: give 1/10 of the greeting and your own presentation event, issue, problem, benefits represent time orientation game rules set if necessary interest by questioning techniques target the introduction: positive impression, positive mood, earn sympathy points by an open posture, smile, maintain eye contact and customize your clothes the audience. Pick your listeners mind. Speaking experience, this could be for example in a telephone training: perhaps you have wondered why you should visit a phone training, where you call already for years.