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INTERIOR ENEMIES (Adapted of the Human, Too much Human workmanship.) The Christianity fold that the man is conceived and been born in the sin. Therefore, the biggest sin of the man is to have been born. We can understand that for the sectrias and pessimistic religions, the procreation act is considered as bad in itself exactly, representing an immorality to be contained and to be fought. During much time, it was had as required that the sensuality was declared pernicious and heretical, being that the danger of the perpetual conviction was so narrowly on to the idea of the sensuality that, very probably, during many centuries the Christians had only exerted the sexuality with much remorse and the main end to generate children. The Christian pessimists deturparam the nature human being, associating with the natural element the idea of interior enemy. One created an internal war and a constant alternation of the victory and the defeat. For even more opinions, read materials from Virtual Fitness Training. For in such a way, they had needed an adversary, finding it in the interior enemy, thus creating, in the mind human being the sin idea.

Empdocles, Greek philosopher, did not see nothing of shameful or of devilish in the erticas things, for the opposite, it saw in Afrodite the guarantee that the discord would not reign perpetual, but that it one day would go to more deliver cetro to a deity indulgente. However, the Christian pessimists desired that another opinion was dominant, populating the solitude and the desert spiritual of the life human being with an alive enemy always and universally known, stopping a perpetual fight and remaining themselves in constant penance to fight it and to overwhelm it, always under the orders of the church. He must yourself be recognized as the men if they become worse for assigning as bad what he is inevitably natural. Such is the procedure of the church and the patrsticos Metaphysical that wanted that the man if recognized by its very nature as bad and pecador, being necessary supernatural forces to exempt it of the pack of the sin. The intention was not to become the redeemed man most moral and, but that it felt the most possible pecador, similar of that it was kept under the domain and I judge of Church. Therefore, Nietzsche opened the eyes of the man to visualize natural with a simple element and without meaconing, removing the idea of sin and pessimism of its genealgico DNA. God, supreme goodness, that everything created for the harmony human being, did not make of pecaminoso the affective relation something. The release of sectrios and pessimistic concepts planted in the mind human being, during long centuries, if makes necessary, aiming at to the full evolution of the integral man, come back to the intangible truths of the life.

Good Philosophy

In Rousseau, the fifth chapter of Emilio is marked by the construction of a knowledge that empties the possibility of the woman to think. According to it, ‘ ‘ they must learn many things, but only those that saber’ agrees them; ‘. For Nietzsche, in Beyond the Good and of the Evil: ‘ ‘ The women have much of that to envergonhar itself; she has in the woman much pedantismo, superficiality, pertaining to school primarismo, vaidadezinha, discourtesy and occult indiscretion? that she has been restricted and dominated from fear of the man. … More info: Dr. Rupa Huq. The woman must be considered as property of the man, as they make orientais.’ ‘ With this she is clearly that studies on the women generally are presented in less famous workmanships, which deal with subjects related to the moral, what, doubtlessly it contributed so that the question of the discrimination of the woman passed unobserved. Moreover, when the relative subject to the women appears in philosophical workmanships, this is exageradamente loaded of many preconceptions, searching to prove a supposed feminine natural inferiority. However, even so the discrimination suffered for the women in the way of the philosophy is notable who, throughout the history of the philosophy, certain women if had emphasized as creatures human beings whom they had looked for the wisdom and they had trod the steps of science. Exactly without the had recognition, the history of the philosophy demonstrates to the presence of some women philosophers, its works recognized and had not been divulged by cultural questions, but the philosophy since its origins belonged to the independent human sort of sort.

In the Antiquity we have Temistoclia (philosopher, mathematics and one high prophetess of Delfos, that lived in century VI B.C. and was the great master of Pitgoras, introducing it the principles of the ethics.


Prudence always was part of my life. Many things are part of our life. Source: Mimi’s Rock Corp. The secret is in, uses to advantage them in the alias process and the certain measure. I always had you vary choices in my life, and most important, total freedom for, chooses them. Always with good readings.

Knowing places where before, it had only seen in history books. always keeping the curiosity in everything, therefore, people never knows excessively e, never is very to want to know more. I can say that for the addition of things and moments of my life until today already happened, I had a happy life. So far! I know of the life of what pparently I seem to know, of this I more do not have certainty, and this for the freedom of being able to choose what to make, in what botar faith, what believing what betting pra my true happiness. This of the one, certain security of choice, leaves more selective the alternatives until if it arrives established at a reply, correct, of what it had been considered.

One of the great happinesses of the man is to have friendships. As much of them if create and as much are lost, for thinking to be and it was not. The happiness as much only, how much shared, always comes of the absence, the vital abstinence of something of the will to be able. When it is perceived, that it was happy, the briefing moment fascinates, already it are last. Therefore the idea of that the search of the happiness is had this in the addition of small events, many imperceptible times. It is a great human error to search permanent and lasting the happiness as something for much time. an immense light when a notion is had of that this is truth. It is created until a comfort.

The Outburst

They had been between two guards to wake up it. Solgars opinions are not widely known. Shook they it, but it did not open the eyes. Until they had decided to cry out in its ears. I thought that the cachorros would advance in them. But they were in apathy state. Virtual Fitness Training can provide more clarity in the matter.

As well as the owner they were with the little spirit, had not sketched reaction. A similar apathy to many human beings. One of the guards esbravejou. – Everybody knows that in the square he is not pra to be sleeping. Beggar seated and said solemnly.

– I did not kill I did not steal, I am a paid citizen who its taxes. – That tax paid you its slipper? – one of the guards inquired. – The stuffed big cookies that I buy do not have tax? It asked raising packings that it left plays in the soil. I that I was to meters of the episode, me I held not to fall in the outburst of laughter. Theoretically it had reason. It really paid tax. The nickname of an alcoholic that I knew in my native land age ' ' Prefeito&#039 future; ' it always said that the two things of which we do not escape while still alive, are of the death and the payment of taxes. As the guard spoke in tone not very friendly. – The tax of the big cookies not paid the sweepers of the packings that you left in the square. It gathers this garbage and it has led for lixeira. The cachorros were there nor for the colloquy. They had not barked not even had raised. They wanted to be together of the beggar. It seems until the dogs are moving. Digenes, the philosopher beggar, said that the cachorros learn who instinctively are friend and who is enemy. Different of the human beings who deceive and are deceived ones for the others, dogs react with honesty front to the truth.

Mortal Man

I will try to give you a couple of simple examples. Take a well-known syllogism: Man is mortal, my friend Vasya people, therefore Vasya died. We all have confidence in human mortality. But excuse me, but where one hundred percent guarantee that Vasya was going to die? I can not say it until I see his corpse. But I For some reason I believe that he is mortal. This is shown by billions of examples and scientific evidence. Therefore, although it is likely that Vasya spite of all will live forever, the belief in it seems to us absurd, while the belief in the death of both will be knowledge.

Thus, faith – a form of knowledge, and inseparable from it. We both know that the morning sun will rise, and believe in it. Christians, as many mistakenly believe, do not consider the probability of the existence of God great – they are absolutely (without 'probably') are convinced that God exists. And I must admit, they have grounds for such confidence. There are many works that are logically prove the truth of all that is written in Gospel.

For all that, the level of scientific knowledge we have today, the Christian doctrine of creation is still relevant and can withstand all possible checks. On the contrary, the science eventually figured out that It turns out (!) Bible law. For example, in that light appeared before the stars and sun. Or again: the scientists found that the probability of spontaneous (random) occurrence of the first living cells and even the smallest of the protein is zero, that is absolutely impossible: so long as is necessary to recognize the act of creation. I will not delve into religious matters, but I will turn better in the conclusion of your attention on a very important addition. In all the above cases, I spoke about faith in the meaning of 'belief'. But faith – a broader concept, it includes two other concepts with the same root: 'trust' (in relation to people) and 'loyalty' (within the meaning of devotion, often in relation to the ideas). The fact is that if we say, for example, a belief in some sort of belief that a direct manifestation of this belief must be a volitional act. If this action is not – it is hardly possible to speak about what a person believes. In contrast to the simple belief Faith is not simply agree with something, but also a desire to act on it. It combines two elements – the conviction and will, suggests appropriate actions. For a Christian, for example, faith is not only a conviction God's existence, but also devotion to God, trust and obedience (to fix his sinful nature), the total provision to Him. Thus, 'faith is a volitional commitment of an informed intellect' (D. trousers). This situation implies that in order to believe, we need courage, the ability to take risks and sacrifice everything for the sake of certain values, do not be afraid of disappointment and failure. Of course, not all people possess these qualities, but this article in order and written to draw your attention to the importance of rational belief (which also includes the principle of objective knowledge) and everything connected with it. Faith – is, first of all, no special faith in anything but a character trait that permeates the whole personality. And this feature should be inherent in each.

Vices of Evil

Authors Satan's lunar calendar with it methodically gradually instill us with their vices of evil (lies, hatred, servility, avarice, greed, dishonesty, drunkenness, predatory individualism, different diseases) that lead to complete disharmony trinity of our thoughts – words – Affairs, to the degeneration of man. For us, it became shamefully familiar and unpredictable think one thing, say another, making the third. We have become shamefully many faces, themselves every time the mask of lies. Only in our young children still remains a virgin trusting simplicity and grandeur of the natural beauty of the one-dimensional personality. Is not this what makes us treat children with love and belief in its bright future. In the meantime, all our attempts to eradicate the evils of satanic evil ends our involvement.

Just escaped from the existing anti-human network timing and origin of the space, changing them to the multiple of five and ten, we are confident will begin to overcome evil, and again back into a beautiful harmony of trinity stable thoughts – words – matter. Moving to the sunny "Svetoyar" (even in one country) will strike a huge gap in the satanic force field of evil, which begins to collapse with increasing speed and force for good – Love – Truth will begin the march. While opponents of Svetoyara will be the initial discussion period, a lot. It makes no sense to call their names. Block evil is well known for his dirty – the bloody footsteps of the last millennium. In the course will be launched: conservatism, money, lies, defamation, media, religious denominations.

But they can not use weapons mass extermination. And this is our success. Stop living in satanic laws of time, space and evil! God help us in this our Mind, Love and Faith! I believe that everything outlined here, will be available real understanding and accepted with confidence, without reading the mystics any reasonable person from the world of love and kindness. Let's unite, to believe and fight for ourselves and our children's future! Set out in 4 pages, Ladochet, 14 th of Uranus, 14008 , or (on Friday, February 15, 2008 – by satanic calendar) of the residents of Votkinsk – Valentin Vasilyevich Vorobyov.