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Intelligence spiritual, is inclusive, top and last, intelligence enables us to transcend and reach self-realization. It is the ability to be sensitive to be a better be. The ability to be happy despite the circumstances. Clarifying that: Ramon Gallegos tells us that the concept of spiritual intelligence is not connected with any religion or church, is a constant in human history that transcends religion. It does not refer to faith or belief. It is the power to control and achieve happiness. It is the key to good driving your life, putting you in charge of what you think, feel and do; your virtues. Ability to decide how to respond to events of life in such a way that We can be happy despite the circumstances and not because of them.

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Online Education Has The Power To Transform Lives And Fulfill Dreams

Online education is a spectacular development in the promotion of distance education. A century ago, a person without access to a school or training program can sometimes get the information you want through a correspondence course. It was not a particularly effective way to get an education, but that open doors that otherwise could not have been closed. The quantum leap in technology over the last part of the 20th century have altered the profile of distance education. Students who can not attend classes at a traditional university can now participate in the same course of study as those who attend school during the day or night. Online education programs are structured so that a student can integrate lessons into their unique daily schedules.

Participants have the flexibility to complete its work when it is convenient but communicate with instructors whenever necessary. Now you can get a college degree at their own pace, with a course that is right for you. Online education is rapidly evolving and the courses are available for a variety of topics. It is possible that someone who finished their secondary education and get a GED online. Training and certifications are also available in a variety of technical areas. A growing number of degree programs available. Students can earn a bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctoral degree from an impressive list of disciplines.

The Internet is moving beyond e-mails and e-commerce. Predictions of an Information Age are proving prophetic as the information superhighway leads to more and more vehicles transporting ideas opening the door to an education that could have been denied to many. Online education has resulted in thousands of virtual classrooms that offer the possibility of achievement and progress for all. In an age where everyone and everything is too dispersed, refreshing to know that the Internet provides legitimate resources that allow almost anyone to learn about almost anything. Now you can be sure that life and opportunity, do not go long. Now Higher education is available to anyone with the drive, desire and a personal computer.

Internet Businesses

You have heard people say that Internet businesses are a waste of time, you will not make money online, there is no real money to earn online, and many other negative words from people who do not understand this ena business sector Internet. What these people do not know, is that really works. On the Internet makes a lot of money. Why do some people earn a fortune and not even see the money? Simply because the people who make thousands or millions of $ $ in cash know all the lies that are part of this business, but never occurs to them to heed any of them, creating susa and trust clients. So, what are the big lies of the Internet? Here I describe the five big lies that are Internet and you should know: 1. Starting and managing a business on the Internet is expensive Do you know that you can start your business with zero cost? You can earn income by participating in a program of high quality affiliates. a In general, his work focus on marketing the product that you choose represent an affiliate marketer. All tracking, which includes the delivery of the product and answers to customer questions are handled by the program owner.

Small Business Needs

If you are in command of a small business know how difficult it is to conduct a needs assessment for your business. Whenever you need to purchase equipment for the office or make a decision on how to maximize space, come into consideration a long list of variables, from the comfort of your employees to the cost of making any changes. Besides the time you spend making sure you’re doing the best buy and even more so, considering what to buy and how to include it in the productivity of the company, are issues that always come into question. There are too many advertising campaigns and products out there that make complicated decisions about which product to buy and which company is the best. The Internet can be a great salvation in these cases. Noting the views of clients is the best opportunity to hear what you think a real client in a situation similar to yours. There are a multitude of forums users from their homes or workplaces, discuss certain hardware and software. These sites give you the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others without you has incurred no cost.

Investing a little time researching what products or services are best for conditioning your office will help you save time in the long process which involves making a comparison of these characteristics. It is important to remember the needs of your employees may be convenient for work, when searching a computer for them. After all, are the people who will be conducting daily business demands. That is why, instead of making purchasing decisions based on cost-saving measures economics or purchasing strategies, a good idea to surround yourself with your employees and listen to what the exact functionality that follow and the equipment they need. Talk to your employees about what hardware and software are necessary, may eventually be a measure to save money and you’ll know firsthand what your employees do not use ever. Also, if you are unsure of the needs required in future projects could also help in this way to work effectively at all times and with the right material. If we wait to save money by purchasing features such as consolidated, or through software that can help the entire office, a good period of investigation, consideration and discussion will help you make the best buy for your business. Journalist specializing in items related to new technologies.

American Trading Company

Could it be possible that you are looking right into the most spectacular financial opportunity of the century? Operation: Iraqi Freedom, will undoubtedly be a war marked in history for loss and tragedy, American victory, and the emergence of a nation with a new democratic government. But it could also be a war historically remembered for the financial opportunity it created for the sharp investors who keenly recognized an ephemeral chance at the right time? The war in Iraq ended with a country placed on the footstool of many new operations. An old dictator was removed, a new government was instilled, and the old currency, each note stamped with the face of the power of Saddam Hussein, now suddenly valueless and burned in the streets by American soldiers. Instead he entered a new currency, beautifully decorated, with the entry of people and the history of Iraq. The United States funded this new currency, artistically developed by De La Rue currency printing more in the world.

Unveiled during a press conference in the capital city of Baghdad, the new Iraqi currency was introduced. A historic university, erected in the thirteenth century, is recorded in the thousand dinar bills. A serene waterfall through the front of the periwinkle five thousand dinar notes. And a humble farm worker holds a sheaf of wheat on the most important bill of all: the twenty five thousand dinar note. Twenty five thousand dinars! That sounds like a great value assigned to a single currency project.

But in fact, today, this note is only worth U.S. $ 17.12! Today, the average American savings account could make them a millionaire in Iraq. But what does this mean? How are atrocious as an economic opportunity? In 1990, before the Gulf War, and before sanctions were imposed on Iraq, the Iraqi dinar was equivalent to approximately $ 3.40. And prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Iraqi dinar continues worth about 30 cents. That’s about three hundred times what it is worth today. The United States and other nations are in the process of taking all possible measures to rebuild Iraq. The country is gaining stability, and could soon be on its way to becoming an independent and prosperous nation. What does this mean for the value of the Iraqi currency? Undoubtedly mean an increase in value. You could go back to what it was worth before the war, or more. And that would mean an incredible cost to anyone who invested in it today. This could mean thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for someone who had a million dinars today. The value of the Iraqi economy has nearly doubled since the capture of Saddam Hussein. This has many investors predicting that the dinar will continue to increase in value as well. Even without the help of other nations, with the second world reserve of oil and gas reserves world’s largest, it is clear that Iraq has the resources available to expand and become a very prosperous nation. In fact, economists and investors are speculating that Iraq has the potential to become among the world’s richest nations. Today you can tap this potential and be part of those who benefit from the success of Iraq is the most. Buying Iraqi dinar at its most vulnerable point in history could mean a fortune in the near future. This means nothing less than a once-in-a unique opportunity for today’s forward thinking investors.

The Health Benefits Of Swedish Massage

Have you sought a way to relax during the daily routine? Certainly the stress of work and personal concerns have contributed to the ongoing back pain, headaches and muscle tension. However it is very difficult to find the necessary and available time to relax. This has created new ideas on the basis of massage therapies that involve very good results in time savings. The massage chair has been developed in recent years, the United States, Europe and parts of Latin America. Everyone can benefit from this type of massage, which is given in an ergonomic chair, which puts your body in perfect position to receive massages.

You should not remove their clothing, and that massage is thought quickly and effectively, you will proceed to sit comfortably on the massage chair and placed his mind blank allowing the professional therapist do the rest. Ford Motors is often quoted as being for or against this. Only 15 minutes and are sufficient to find the sense of having rested long nights. This new technique began to develop in events and corporate level. Today, it increases the number of companies including such therapies as a benefit to the employee. For this there are companies dedicated mainly to massage chair, or better known as Chair-Massage. One such firm massage chair, called Touch of Essence massage founded in the Netherlands, Europe, works not only in business but also in events. For them, one of the most important aspects of working with companies, is to help employees more efficient and less stress. It would be interesting to develop this method of relaxation in countries as convulsive as those of Latin America.

Winter Fat

The winter fat away even when dogs not only we humans have fed us the one or two grams too much on the hips in the winter, put in too many dogs in the cold season of weight. The reason is lack of exercise by poor weather conditions in conjunction with high power. To keep the dog healthy, Bertha: must get off the extra pounds. Leipzig, 21 February 2013. What looks perhaps harmless, can cause long-term health damage. Because as humans, obesity in dogs can lead to heart and circulatory problems, joint problems and diabetes. After all, about 28 percent of all dogs are now too thick.

Treats, snacks and too little movement: the owners are mostly blame the pounds: it is difficult many dog owners to set the appropriate amount of food and rewards for their dog. So is it easy to excess supplies. “, says the vet of the Leipziger futalis GmbH Stefanie Schmidt. Also exercise is important for weight loss However dog owners should promise is not too much of it. Especially when the dog is severely overweight, wild ball games hurt the joints rather than that it helps with the weight loss? “Most likely the calorie-reduction movement in the water suitable according to Schmidt: the muscle is strengthened, because due to the resistance of the water makes the body an enormous effort and thus contributing to the fat – and calorie-burning without excessive stress on the joints.” However, an elaborate diet plan is much more important than a sports program. It is important to tune the feed exactly to the needs of the dog. For many dog owners feed more than necessary, vet said from experience know: consistency and discipline must be. Only if the energy supply is reduced, it may cause a weight loss.” Patience is also important: depending on your starting weight, it takes several weeks, until the ideal weight is reached.

Fixed eating times, exactly calculated rewards and healthy movement: With an optimally adjusted diet is with to calculate a weight loss of 1-1.5% per week. And keep out the yo-yo effect must also then be taken on a needs-based diet and adequate exercise. Futalis the futalis GmbH offers dog owners customized feed that is tailored for each order on the individual nutritional needs of the dog. On the basis of nine scientifically-based criteria calculated futalis the exact nutrient needs of a dog and produces a feed with individual recipe. The entire production process is subject to the highest quality standards and has been accredited by the TuV according to the GMP + standard B8. One such customized feed contributes to nutrition-related problems, such as, for example, growth disorders, obesity, urinary stones, to avoid allergies or digestive disorders. The futalis GmbH was founded in November 2011 the vet Stefanie Schmidt and the two entrepreneurs Janes Potthoff and Christian Hetke. You will work closely with the Institute for animal nutrition, Feeding damage and dietetics from the University of Leipzig and farmers of the Association for the German dogs together, to guarantee permanently high quality of forage. Contact: futalis GmbH Katharinenstrasse 17 D-04109 Leipzig Nadine Fasshauer Tel: 0341/3929879-1 fax: 0341/3929879-9 E-mail: Web: press

New Order

It is easy to break an arrow. Difficult it is to break a beam of them. Japanese saying Support is the word of a new order, a new vision of world. Celebrity trainer may find this interesting as well. Used ad they nauseam in the medias and in the society in general, its meaning still little is understood by to be something new, unknown and for having a transversal and including approach in almost all the areas of sciences human beings. This made that this inspired cause not yet was spread of form to create a critical mass of leaders to defend it. To more clearly leave the concept of this neologism, support can be defined as the creation and the disponibilizao for the society of foundations economic, social and ambient perennial, that can be usufructed of form joust and igualitria for all the current and future, originary generations of any social classroom, creed or culture.

Support is to construct to solid and perennial foundations in all the social angles. It is to search the balance, to to make the certain things, in the certain way, with perspective of long stated period in the use them global resources. It must be had holistic vision of the phenomenon in comment and be taken in account economic, social and ambient the impacts involved next to stakeholders, to produce goods and services lasting. To occur the full support, the alignment of the three sectors of the economy becomes necessary: the first sector, the public power (governments), withholds the power, but with little effectiveness; as the sector, the private power (companies), possesss the capital but it lacks for times the credibility to it; the third sector (ONGs) has ideas, but sparing financial resources. Articulated, planned and agreed to actions in local scope enter all the sectors of the society create the synergy of a governana process that potencializa the abilities, the knowledge and the experiences of all the involved sectors, to improve the quality of life and the social conviviality.