Dutch Supreme Court

The Court of Justice of the European Union in response to a preliminary ruling has declared that the States in which this regulated the payment of compensation to the authors for private copying be liable for your fundraising even in the case that the seller is established in another Member State. This statement responds to a query made by the Dutch Supreme Court on the dispute which kept the management body responsible for collection of the barrel in the Netherlands and a German company that sells products over the Internet to Dutch clients. Daryl Katz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The dispute is based on that the Dutch collecting society identified the German company as importer of the product for sale by what should be considered as the subject liable to the payment of the fee, claiming instead the company that its work is only for export of these products so those obliged to pay should be a Dutch buyers. Faced with this situation, the Court has resolved that each State is obliged to ensure, in the framework of its powers, the perception effective equitable compensation intended to compensate the authors affected by the injury suffered, particularly if said damage occurred in the territory of that Member State. Unable to identify specific buyers to demand payment, and therefore is considered State must ensure that it is because the company that pay the barrel, without attributing any importance the fact that marketed from another country.

Burn Abdominal Fat

You have a belly too big or bulky can affect the confidence of any. You can give pena quiztarse shirt or wear a bikini. Fortunately, there is a routine to burn abdominal fat quickly. Burn abdominal fat froma fast depends on the following three factors: 1) Detox your system detoxification is maybe the strategy more effective to start burning fat more quickly. If our body is not working to the hundred percent, lose fat from the stomach, or any type of fat is going to be almost impossible.

Did you know that we are all exposed to poisonous toxins every day? These toxins are in the air we breathe and the food we eat. They tend to increase the volume of our cells, and decreases its normal operation. Fiber supplements and healthy food are great to detoxify the body, as also is the fresh, filtered water. (2) Do exercise remain active or active must be an obligation if you want to downgrade soon. Is that many people do not get the time, but you should get some kind of time for some kind of simple activity.

Swimming, jogging and walking are a few good examples. If you can invest 30 minutes a day for exercise aerobic and two sessions of weights not lasting more than 20 minutes a day, this contribute to weight loss. Tentatively, cleaning, shopping and arrange the garden also are good activities. Anything that moves your skeleton helps burn fat. (3) Eat intelligently. You can eat several times a day, idalmente 6, if you not only eat when you’re hungry. This improves the metabolism, which means the reduction of fats accelerated. Also mantendras the flow of inside nutirntes detu body on an ongoing basis which you give energy to make your tutina to burn abdominal fat. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read.

Momo Sports Club

Momo Sports Club is one teaches born in 2006 and currently boasts two sports centers, located in Madrid. Although in both sport King is the paddle, followed by tennis, with 25 tracks divided between the two establishments, in their complexes also enables the practice of activities ranging from golf, fitness, swimming (indoor and outdoor), squash, running, cross-fit and a wide variety of group classes. From the month of may the brand seeks entrepreneurs, lovers of the sport, to expand his concept of club deportivo integral through the franchise system. It’s a business model flexible, adapted to the expectations and the franchisees investment possibilities, offering a wide variety of configurations and business opportunities. Thus the characteristics of the terrain and the possibilities of investment; are taken into account the ability to equip the complex for other sports in addition to the paddle: football, basketball, golf, swimming (indoor), Fitness depending on the area, and weather conditions; as well as the management, since, if the franchisee wishes, it is possible that the plant is who manage your sports club with its own personnel. Vera Want contains valuable tech resources. Thus Momo Sports Club managers put their years of experience as managers of sports clubs at the service of people interested in a self-employment option, for investors.

In both cases the business model offered is the commercial management of sporting space, with the purpose of maximizing revenue through different business lines: both for turnkey projects in how mixed bed tracks, sports school, shop, cafe, tournaments, where the franchisee assumes civil works. There are no flags that give this type of service and who have, as Momo Sports Club, with more than 40,000 m of facilities, a system of development and strategic partnerships that provide each franchisee offers unique and irresistible to their respective customers in the Spanish franchise system and a business model that enjoys a easy and simple operation. The requirements to be a franchisee essentially focus on the location, which should be an enclave that allows a development by both population and level of penetration of the sport in the area. Momo Sport Club, paddle clubs network, begins to grant franchises in Spain. This ensign is specialized in the implementation of paddle clubs, both outdoor as indoor or mixed configuration for an integral development including schools, rental of tracks, custom classes as levels, tournaments, ranking, etc. The minimum investment is around 200,000 euros, with a runway of 4,000 euros per entry fee, an exploitation royalty of 5% on sales, with a minimum of 170 per month per track.


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Traditional Galician Food

Who is the other? The different, what you don’t understand, the newcomer, which can remove us work, that was. At school we speak of the barbarians, the wild peoples who came north to annihilate the vast Roman Empire, civilization, the cradle of our civilization. However, barbarice, for the Greeks was that babble. Or abroad who speak another language, mumbled terms to make themselves understood. For the sophisticated Greeks and then the Romans, barbaro was the other. The reality is that these people even began to push on the borders of the Empire because they wanted to emigrate to the South, but because they were persecuted by warlike tribes of the East, the sons of Attila, who not ceased in their advance and its scorched-earth tactics.

There is, then, a tremendous clash of cultures. The Emperor of Rome no longer controlled the Empire, and in the year 476, the head of the Germanic tribe of the heruli, Odoacer (seeking Fortune), dismisses Romulo Augusto, a pubertal 15 years that passed into history as the last emperor of the Western Roman. And at the table they begin to mix traditions of winners and losers. The invaders had very little agricultural tradition and no livestock. They ate raw meat, without refinements, just to feed themselves.

And they are surprised when they see the Romans eat lying on his left elbow. Now let’s see, many barbarian customs are that we still maintain. For example, to the Roman custom of eating lying peoples of the North imposed the eating erect, sitting on a bench. And the Greco-Roman tradition of eating separate men and women, was replaced by the carry to the ladies at the table, and sit next to the Knights. Goths, Franks and Visigoths imposed his taste for hunting, and the preference for wild pork, they not only learned to broil but to salting and smoking for their conservation.