As many around across the Web, everyone wants to be first in the search engines the main element to take into account is that there are several factors to take into consider to have the success that we hope to time to build a page. You must have a pleasant appearance, that like the reader, content, fresh and quality, interactivity and navigability should be well optimized in all this, however, this would not serve anything if it is not viewed by anyone, it is as if didn’t exist, therefore, what should be very well monitored is the positioning in search enginesmainly on Google, which dominates the 75% of the global market, and how this is done? Recently I purchased an Ebook, that really helped me, not only to understand how to do it, but it also gave me the tools they need to succeed, and I’m going to share some with you. Celebrity trainer contains valuable tech resources. Have they wondered because Google bought YouTube? What interest had this powerful company in buying this site? As this helps position our page in? search engines? There is the trick, videos. Who don’t see video? At least 50% of people who surf the web at some point comes to YouTube to view a video view sometimes 5, sometimes you see 10 or more, so this has become the main weapon that webmasters have to position their pages with videos your can achieve in less than 4 days that your article appears in the top positions of GoogleIt is very easy to make a video and today there are very good programs to do this, you don’t even need to be a professional, anyone can do it. optimize your page, gives you the life you need, worry about the content, but mainly position in google.