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the opaque compartments that long periods of time can be rented from a minimum of two weeks for any number are 1 and 50 square metres in size. At each MyPlace SelfStorage site the first 50 customers a welcome gift in the form of the month also get free relocation assistance. Read more here: Robotics. The MyPlace team supports its customers also in the computation of the required storage space. As a rule of thumb: a storage area of 1 m is required for the establishment of 10 m living space. The facilities of an average 80sqm apartment m has about 8 m-large storage compartment space therefore in one. Hamburg already exist in MyPlace branches in Gross Borstel in Stellingen, in Wandsbek in the city centre. Opened the location in Altona is expected to be mid-December. You may find that Mashable can contribute to your knowledge. For the topping-out ceremony in the Stresemannstrasse, MyPlace SelfStorage cordially invites all journalists. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Douglas R. Oberhelman.

All questions answered on this day about a member of the Executive Board to the trend – services from the United States and crosses the terrain. For your physical well-being is taken care of with a snack. Self storage (even incorporate”) – history: self thinks the flexible rental of storage facilities for individuals and businesses, mostly in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 m and go back to renting simple garage rows for the storage of goods of all kinds. It originated in the 1950s in the United States, as the construction of garages in the immediate vicinity of large residential facilities became a lucrative business. “In the 1960s and 1970s, this first generation of the storage rental concept was gradually refined, professionalized and for the first time as a self” marketed. It quickly developed a new industry, which has become an important sector of the American economy, and that made the United States a global pioneer in this industry.

About MyPlace self: In Germany there are self service for almost 10 years, with the industry now is grown in the last five years. MyPlace self is the market leader in the German-speaking world. Was there a MyPlace 2005 only?SelfStorage?In Germany, so today 21 houses offer their storage compartments, with approximately 1,000 storage compartments per house.

WEFRA Holistic Communication

Can an advertising agency be 75 years old and still succeed? WEFRA can. Weight Watchers gathered all the information. The recipe for success of the oldest German Agency: Follow every trend, but remain on competence and still modern. Already the third generation of the family Haack, the advertising agency FRAnkfurt combines experience and solidity with innovation and commitment to success. Meanwhile, 60 permanent employees serve 100 customers in the pharmaceutical and dental industry as well as the financial and personnel services. Strategy for the success of the WEFRA networks: five specialized subsidiaries share a common goal of holistic communication. Therefore, with work at the new WEFRA House in classic Zeppelin home, consult, media, PR and new media hand-in-hand under one roof. This saves time and allows plenty of room for new creative concepts. A strategy which goes on: Today, the WEFRA is one of the ten largest owner-managed advertising agencies in Germany and the advertising world can look forward Frankfurt in the future much fresh wind from the South.. .

Holistic Solutions

New site and new services. How do I find the appropriate marketing tool to draw attention to my company, my products and my services? More and more responsible persons in companies that need to make informed decisions in choosing their means to ask this question. Means that must have stock in the age of multimedia and interactive networking will be sought for the internal and external corporate communications. Image film, interactive CD-ROM, or a new Internet presence? Etvl. various marketing tools are needed to gain the desired presence on the market or to strengthen the existing presence. The necessary services for had to be bought together previously cumbersome at different providers.

The effort is oversized and very expensive time and personnel, to coordinate the providers and to keep the production in the budget limit. Credit: iHerb-2011. The full service advertising agency Imageworker can help here. Imageworker can complete by specializing in holistic solutions in sound, design and media Services on short routes offer and advise as needed. There are marketing tools, such as E.g. an image CD created with images and sound recordings for your business presentation. You can now get for the voice recording, music production, duplication of media and data, the design for cover and booklet and a product-related website – all from a single source. At Imageworker the strengths are played best, when all activities from consultation, planning, design mesh to the implementation and the relevant areas, namely sound, design and media, are connected together.


The power of thought – the power of feelings after years of success in sales and key account management decided Karin Stiedl in 2005 to turn their lives completely and completed the training to the mental trainer according to Prof. Kurt Tepperwein and the mirror law-coach method Christa Kossner. The mental training is an easy way to overcome wishes and objectives the daily life with all of its problems, tasks, after Prof. K. Tepperwein. During this training you will learn to think consciously. It is applicable for everyone, regardless of whether housewife, athlete or Manager.

The mirror law-method by Christa Kossner assumes that persons, pets, the car and of course our lives reflect our inner beliefs and subconscious influences. Four steps to learn the situation to accept, to decrypt, to give up and find new beliefs. By the same author: Fitness. Inspired by the books of Barbel Mohr (orders in the universe) and Pierre Frankh (order successfully) successfully provides Karin Stiedl Request compliance seminars. In these seminars she brings closer the participants how wishes need to be formulated or ordered, to have chance to comply. In addition, Karin Stiedl together with Janine Hampton offers (tea motion business) also special workshops for companies to..

Stage Fright – Quick Solution!

So you can free themselves in the Kurzzeitcoaching presentation anxiety! Some people know long the fear of failure, at a lecture or presentation. This fear occurs when others suddenly and causes the person concerned are simply inexplicable. Despite days preparation, exercises in front of the mirror, or the day of the event (speech, presentation, examination) as an insurmountable hurdle in the room faces of familiar people and extensive self reassurance. If you are ill-prepared for the event, the mere fact that one feels not competent enough to put the sovereign responses against all eventualities, questions and objections unsettled. All confounding factors in advance have been cleared but and still the uncertainty falls over at the decisive moment, it can cause the sudden blackout.

In the context of the audit, no more questions can be answered, what you learned is how spirited away. At the lectern, the vote failed, cold sweat covers the body and the hands begin to shake. Healthy Living describes an additional similar source. A cough, a laugh or a yawn from the audience brings the speakers completely from the concept. The presentation of a new strategy, the marketing of a product or a concept is a complete disaster, because the lack of sovereignty of the Narrator is automatically equated with the insufficiency of what is said. Preparation is absolutely necessary to develop security. However, stage fright and fear of presentation to point out that our emotional memory due to an already experienced, negative event will be placed on alert. At some point in the past the brain stored a negative emotion, which repeatedly leads to stress, as soon as we find ourselves in a similar situation.

All of the information that our brain takes in the course of the day, are compared in the oldest part of the brain–in the so-called limbic system already experienced and checked out a question: feels much like a positive reminder feels so much like a negative memory? The decision is positive, nothing in the way is the transport of the information in the appropriate drawers in our brain. The information is added to our wealth of experience. Selects the information than comparable negative with an already experienced experience, our brain blocks the removal. The information gets stuck. The brain responds to stress. All information and events of the day are processed in the so-called REM phase (rapid eye movement) sleep, when our eyes run fast right-left movements and thus the cooperation of our hemispheres of the brain is stimulated. Who does not know that: we are emotionally upset, we often get the advice: sleep times in one night! And indeed: the other morning, the experienced less appears threatening. Our brain had time to process the information and to reassure our emotional world. In the coaching years on this made is therefore in the 1990ziger a method from the trauma research advantage Builds on findings of brain research. Fast eye movements are initiated externally in the waking state using a wink technology. Previously determined the exact timing and the kind of stress a muscle test. Precisely, the coach with this method can resolve the causes of stage fright and presentation fears and greatly facilitate the handling of these situations the client. This method is called Wingwave reminiscent of the metaphor, the flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause big changes at the other end of the world.

Reestablishment Of KZP Projektentwicklung

KZP Koschany + room project development is new real estate development in the city since September 2010, the project developer and civil engineer Isabel Brinkmann project manager and architect Achim Bassa Managing Director of the new Koschany are Ruhr + room project development KZP. Essen architects Axel Koschany and Wolfgang Zimmer founded the new, independent company and partner of the GmbH. Isabel Brinkmann and Achim are Bassa is Ruhr feel especially the metropolis and in addition, North Rhine-Westphalia undertaken throughout the region. CEO Ford Motor Co. has compatible beliefs. You serve from now among investors, property owners, tenants and property owners in all professional matters: This includes property search, design, planning, financing, and marketing. The special focus of the KZP is on the feasibility study at the same time sustainable planning and architectural concepts. The business leaders accompany their customers from now on on the way through the entire project process and advise in specific issues.

They cover the entire commercial, organisational and technical processing of the KZP with. We are very happy and proud to be able to win the two as Managing Director”, Axel Koschany stressed. “Isabel Brinkmann offers ten years project developer expertise. Tiffany Espensen spoke with conviction. “Achim Bassa was Director of our office in Dubai for five years and stands for 50 years of Koschany + room Nagaraj architecture and construction management experience.” Personal attention and quick results KZP team if necessary can draw on the expertise of architects and construction managers of the architectural firm of Nagaraj. 1959 founded second generation is led today by Axel Koschany and Wolfgang Zimmer. A growing team of 50 members and an extensive network of specialists support the project developers in their work. Our flat hierarchy and our flexible installation enable very short-term decisions and rapid response”stresses Isabel Brinkmann. And,”so the Managing Director, we are personally.

One serves a customer of us through the entire duration of the project through. This makes very trusting and integer our work.” Fresh ideas for old brownfield, inventory building and the green pastures of the Ruhr metropolis, but also other regions in North Rhine-Westphalia, offer a variety of options now and in the future for real estate developments. The demographic prospects, economic adjustments and urban rescheduling change the environment of tomorrow. As a self-confessed fans and market experts of the Ruhr metropolis we would initially focus on this region”, explains Achim Bassa. Here there are many existing buildings and undiscovered areas that call for sustainable development projects.” Are discussing the first projects already, and the already agreed dates in the context of the upcoming real estate exhibition Expo real in Munich can be both business leaders optimistic look to the future. Press contact Koschany + room project development KZP Nicola Leffelsend of corporate communications Rutten Keeffe road 144, 45131 Essen FON: 0201 / 896 45 98 Fax: 0201 / 896 45 45

Dental Management

Maybe is it easy for you to build structures, to think through workflow and take your team? The entrepreneur, the third field of activity is the dentist entrepreneur. To develop your practice with success and passion? Do recognize, Plan capacity, your team, like marketing needs financial planning and controlling? Each dentist personality combines so many fields of strengths in one or more roles in which can be identified, analysed, and then for your own, as well as for the development of the practice used. This holistic development of the Starken(Felder) but also means that the practice members (must) ask: what is needed to make this our strengths good market? The answer to this question often refers to a property, knowledge or knowledge which it does not have self or the team. The approach therefore restricts universal genius”make everything yourself or someone from the team it set, very much a functioning practice! What now? “Dentist entrepreneur workshops: Add is efficiently and effectively faster, more effective and more professional” of strengths by learning, sharing with colleagues or involvement of external experts. Each of these measures will cost Time, money, and patience; However, allows access to experiences and skills that complement the range of their own. To enable the Exchange with other dentists, we have established the dentist-entrepreneur workshops. Here, groups are formed, in which no direct competitors of the participants sit. Maximum learning success can be achieved through the completely open and honest Exchange!

Headhunters, Recruiters, Or Recruiters? Practice Tips

The recruitment industry has changed considerably practical tips and guide for entrepreneurs in times of the Internet. Entrepreneurs who want to give the recruitment in experienced hands, which often lack an overview of the methods behind the job titles. That they are not protected, creates additional confusion. Three recruiting models should at least know about entrepreneurs. Everyone has ever seen search requests in the form of personal ads in major newspapers. “Recently a normally: contact requests across business networks like XING, where is headhunter” present. Both methods does not play in the Oberliga of the recruitment,”explains Holger Fahrmann e.

k. of HR and management consultancy & project… Via an Internet platform a true hunter would not act quite sure.” Ferryman explains how entrepreneurs separate the chaff from the wheat: headhunter search direct and competitive analysis specialist and senior managers with an annual salary starting at least 70,000 euro Companies use headhunters. First step is the analysis: candidate profile, company, market and competitive analysis, and a list of target companies allow the optimal candidate search. Valuable side benefit is the detailed competitive analysis, which allows accurate insights: how are competitors positioned and set up? Cost-intensive jobs are no instrument, then the headhunter: the speech of candidates takes place by telephone, optimally directly by the supervising headhunter. The really good candidates are currently successful,”Ferryman explained the strategy.

Candidates who are dissatisfied or unemployed lurk in waiting position on jobs, are not relevant for our choice.” Who wants the best, must search these, talk to and awareness of a change. Gut feeling and experience count at the headhunting as well as a transparent quality processes for industries-DIN 33430. The preferred candidate is ready, follow the actual contacts between Executives and companies that should fit well together. Most important negotiating points of the wedding phase”: executives interested in personal development and advancement potential, companies want security.