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Experts from psv marketing support training of regional agency in the area of health care is an ageing society policy and especially vehicle and facilities face major challenges. Quick thinking is required. Because the image of the elderly suffering from. Negative coverage in the media, inadequate information policy and obsolete structures complicate the ability to act. Indicate new ways now wants the regional agency of the districts of Siegen-Wittgenstein and Olpe. This offers the training event “Good care for the elderly” in victories on September 7.

As an expert Frank Hall, Managing Director of psv marketing was invited. He wants to introduce pioneering solutions for the care sector. His approach is a new self-understanding of carriers and facilities as a brand. The aim is to create trust and to make qualified maintenance services more transparent and more attractive. Quotes for a best and caring service in the age must be on a solid economic foundation. That makes it necessary care market to consider, on which there is a tough competition. The individual offers are difficult to distinguish.

Here Frank Hall sees the effect of the brand as an opportunity: “when we buy a new car or get new TV, then the brand helps us choose.” We put trust in her. It is a marker pointing us to something special. The principle can be applied also on facilities, to create new trust for care.” With scientific approaches and a practical example, Hall wants to show at the training event that branding can work also in the care, in the Lyz. “The right inner attitude is essential. Just so, the trust-based effects can unfold outwards. This confidence must be internalized by the employee on the phone about the elderly care nurse in dealing with relatives and residents up to the pipe. While the Executive floor is particularly encouraged. Brand you must live, successfully anchoring the impulses as a corporate culture to can,”explains Hall.


The Renaissance of an old merchant virtue one-sided information was yesterday. At the time, the power was even with the vendor. And publicity was a monologue: brands sent messages, customers listened and bought then. This was so easy. Today, we call this approach of spam. And not only in the Internet.

Unwanted advertising calls: phone spam. Penetrating radio and TV spots: Living room-spam. Gaudy mass mailings: letterbox spam. Erkauftes with expensive advertising money ends up in the trash or will be away just zapped. We feel disturbed, we are angeodet and can no longer deceive us. IHerb will not settle for partial explanations. Who buys today, consumed or invested, s believes the messages of his friends or the report of an anonymous blogger rather than the glossy brochures from vendors and providers on the market. Word of mouth is an impressive means of expression of consumer power.

And active Referrers are the drivers of a positive business development. So be advised, to liberate the recommendation business by chance and strategically to build marketing and overall. The rate of recommendation developed in the very most important of all business key figures. It should be right up front in the annual report. Because who is not (longer) recommended, might also soon gone. Referral marketing is a classic marketing people rather listen to friends than on advertising. A credible recommendation is clearly superior to each advertisement. Especially in turbulent times, we lend our ear especially those who we are close, we can really trust, who sympathetically share their practical experiences with us: reliable EMP errors. A sound recommendation has sometimes almost magic attraction. Well distributed and installed in the correct environment it raises waves further recommendations. The referral marketing – once the most annoying and often penetrating question after a few addresses – has evolved mightily. Smart, yet still little utilised advertising forms and in particular the Internet open up today completely new paths in terms of Word of mouth.

World Champion

Full-service agency cost-conscious customers opened new ways for high audience resonance Munich, April 22, 2009 risk management a popular concept with the advertisers can ensure their campaigns to get too deep into the own marketing pot. Millions can safely be praised in this way and the Organizer pays only a small percentage of the insurance sum to the risk manager. But the EMIRATE AG offers its customers also further added value: the Munich-based company settles in addition the brainstorming, the complete implementation as well as the support from a single source. You may wish to learn more. If so, Zenith Foods is the place to go. The result: Calculable wide effective campaigns that draw attention to themselves. Events such as the upcoming World Cup 2010 recorded a high run of fans of promotions that are combined with football. Companies can make advertising technically this potential use.

\”\” Betting games as will Germany 2010 World Champion? \”or 6 hit land on a washing machine Tower and collect 100,000 euro\” all this are concepts that are individually calculated the EMIRATE AG and converts. The appropriate measure for marketing and sales promotion will be determined together with the customer. Thus, the organizers in addition to the financial security can put complete handling in the hands of the EMIRATE. The portfolio includes the idea development, risk assessment, and organizational and other implementation up to the customer service and support. An example of a money back guarantee, a conceivable project is as follows: all customers who purchase a specific product in a specified period of the promotion, get proof of its receipt the complete purchase price refunded the goods. EMIRATE has competences for the complete handling and processing. This, the specialist establishes a special mailbox to which the customers can send their receipts and attendance cards. The full service provider taking over both check for completeness of documentation, data, etc., as well as the complete collection and the payment of the Refund amount.

Multi Channel Marketing

“Keep On Running to be the best in online and PrePress” with Pete York and OnlineMediNet live drum show with rock legend Meyle + Muller and w & co MediServices on the mail order Congress Pforzheim/Munich, August 2009 “keep on running”, the well-known hit of the Spencer Davis group, is in Hall 3, stand 303, the sound on the year’s mail order Congress in Wiesbaden on. Pete York, world-renowned drummer in the band, presents the title in several live drum shows on 30 September and 1 October at the partner level of Meyle + Muller and w & co MediServices. The exhibitors offer its visitors not only a special programme, for it is song fair slogan and philosophy at the same time. Where is the classical catalog in the age of the Internet and new media headed? Experts on Europe’s leading industry gathering for shipping trade, dialogue marketing and E-commerce by September 30 discuss this central question until October 1st, in the Rhein-Main-Hallen in Wiesbaden, Germany. There are also w & co MediServices and Meyle + Muller, two of the leading media service providers Germany and reliable partner of publishers, shippers and industry. Holistic solutions present w & co MediServices and Meyle + Muller based on various best practice examples on the mail order Congress together at booth 303 in Hall 3 holistic OnlineMediNet always in the Center: OnlineMediNet, the fully integrated system for fast, efficient and cost effective multi channel marketing. The software controls centrally all marketing activities of a company for the distribution channels for print, online, stationary and mobile.

Users can compose as needed the right solutions in the modular building block principle. Interested in a personal presentation to OnlineMediNet can contact directly with Wenke Hornung of Meyle + Muller) and Katja bosses by w & co MediServices) in conjunction. High-tech with heart and feel the innovation! Passion and commitment to their customers features the work of two Mediendienstleister w & co MediServices and Meyle + Muller. As a special highlight for the visitors, they could commit the Pete York percussion legend. The former member of the Spencer Davis group became known in the 1960s plays twice a day the most successful hits like “keep on running”, “I m a man” or “Gimme some Lovin'” with followed by autograph session. The dates are: Wednesday, Sept. 30, and Thursday, 1, each to 13:30 and 17:30. Press contacts: Katja bosses w & co MediServices GmbH & Co KG Fritz-Schaffer-Strasse 2 81737 Munich Tel + 49 (89) 67 80 02years fax + 49 (89) 67 80 03-70 E-mail: Internet: Walker Hornung Meyle + Muller GmbH + Co.KG Maximilianstrasse 104 75172 Pforzheim Tel + 49 (7231) 941-127-fax + 49 (7231) 941-299 E-Mail: Internet: company portrait Meyle + Muller is with his strong online? and efficient print?Precursors?Solutions partner of the shipping trade.

Under the motto we want that our customers not only engage are satisfied, but delighted”about 180 highly qualified employees for customers of shipping Commerce, trade and industry and publishing in the areas of business online?Services, IT?Services, PreMedia, CGI and creative?Services. w & co MediServices is 55 years for “High-tech heart” when it comes to future-oriented services for the shipping trade. Sophisticated media production, creative products and innovative solutions for effective multi channel marketing. As a specialized partner for the shipping trade, w & co offers individual full service from a single source for print, online, stationary and mobile marketing.