Traumatic Sports

Taking care of children may be manifested in different ways. One option is to ensure their safety. Children should be free to run, jump, play, and yet it is no secret that most children receive injuries during reckless actions in the game or race, so it's important qualitative arrangement of gaming and sports areas and important point is the coverage of children's playgrounds. Seamless permeable sports coverage is specifically designed for children's play and playgrounds designed for mass sport and recreation. It is also suitable as a cover for the training of professionals.

It sport coat has good adhesion with the sports footwear and protects your small joints of athletes from injury. Often you can find a playground, where little has been preserved for children carousel or swing. A coverage on such sites and can not speak, well, if it is granite screenings, and then you can meet and asphalt. After the rain on such a site just to let boats in puddles, and on trauma, which can be obtained on the playground is not even worth mentioning. Scrapes and bruises – this is the least than can "shake" your child, injuries and dangerous. How to insulate a child from injury and reduce injuries to children or the playground? Company Slavic Theme" offers you a professional sports coverage on the basis of polyurethane. Which is intended for large stadiums and racing tracks, as well as for children's playgrounds. Sports coverage is designed for heavy loads.

As it can be run in shipovanoy shoes and, thanks to its strength properties, it is not damaged. Coverage for sports and Playgrounds pass water, which is very convenient and not when your baby will not be messing around in the puddles. Moreover, such coatings have a lot of pluses, it's durability, long life, lack of slipperiness, the ability to performance sports coverage with any color, no seams. Coverage is difficult to damage, but even if it happened, the coating is easy to repair. Coverage for children's playgrounds has increased Traumatic, which virtually eliminates the child's injuries. A variety of color palettes, you can create a site which uplifting children and their parents with its bright, cheerful coloring. Therefore, each child can easily be played on this ground, without fear of injury, and parents to be calm for your child.

Howard Gardner

Inquire about the question who am I?, it is a good principle for self-knowledge. Life is full of challenges, distractors, pressures, but there is always the possibility of return to self, take a breather amid the chaos and to realize that wherever we go we are safe, peaceful and happy; that there is no place better than our self and that there is no more time than the now. Happiness only exists in the present, mora within us, there is, why self-knowledge is so important. Happiness is an expression of the joy that comes from the knowledge of himself. Dr. Ramon Gallegos (2006) explains that spiritual intelligence, for the first time we have a holarquico order, a model of three levels of intelligence, where some are better than others: the first level of intelligence is the most basic and we share with animals, is the subhumano level of emotional intelligence, is based on our instincts, impulses and sensations and operates with the eye of the flesh, is a primitive, pre-rational, intelligence but necessary and very important for survival. The second level of intelligence has a medium importance but already is unique to humans, is the intellectual intelligence, is based on our reasoning ability, in cognitive, in our logical thinking, in the ability to symbolize, and operates with the mind’s eye; It is a cultural, social, language-based intelligence and helps us to monitor and measure the world.

The multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner are combinations of elements of these two levels, are the emotional and the rational combinations in different grades and the use of the eyes carnal and mental. They follow the plane’s low-level capabilities. The third level of intelligence is the most important, is the top level, and corresponds to the spiritual intelligence, is also only human and is based on wisdom, our ability to vision holistic of the profound reality of understanding of contexts and meaningful totalities.

Muscle Building

Our muscles are strengthened and grow, either during exercise itself, when activated only mechanism adaptation, and when we passively relax – give the body to direct energy to "repair work" to restore the muscles and ligaments and to "strengthen its military positions." This refers to the process of fat burning. The main task of training aimed at reducing body weight – the body set up to receive energy in ordinary daily life is from fat and speed up the metabolism. But, in a state of exhaustion and peretrenerovannosti metabolic rate slows down automatically and inevitably reduced the effectiveness of training, if not reduced to zero. If, after high-intensity training we continue to spend his strength, sufficient sleep, but still in a state of constant nervous tension, it greatly increases the risk of falling into a state of stress. And then of no muscle growth will not have to say – to keep would be that was. Moreover, long nedovosstanovlenie leads primarily to the loss of muscle mass, as it consumes the greatest amount of energy, and energy shortages in the coming will be for the body "Uneconomical". RECREATION: Tactics and strategy Our recovery time needed in the same careful planning, as well as the training process.

There is nothing daunting in it, especially if you know the basic rules of the recovery strategy. Rule 1. Get enough sleep! Textbook eight hours of compulsory sleep – a very conventional figure. Each of us need our sleep for good health. So, in this matter, guided solely by their individual characteristics and needs.

Exercise Routine

We started with warm-up on a stationary bike, then forty minutes at a sports mat worked muscles legs, arms, and the press. Accumulated over many years in my body stiffness is overcome with difficulty. All the more so in training not shalturish and life does not facilitate: the coach is always on the alert and the alert for all that you do, and if necessary, gently but firmly guides you to the right path. I will not lie, the first training was given to me hard – I was tired and was very dissatisfied with their physical form. Even there has been some pessimism: what if I do not get too much all the running. But when I sat drinking tea in the cafe of the club, the course of my thoughts suddenly changed direction in positive side – nothing but the blood ran awakened physical exercise endorphins. First, I thought, practice will make a new breath of fresh air in my life too settled. Second, once I try for myself, therefore, the success of the company depends entirely on me.

Third, all my efforts, thanks to a valuable indications coach gift gulf can not. And anyway, I – well, today won its first victory of the sport – still come to the gym and started practicing! How could hurt all over after the first workout! Muscle pain causes me two very different feelings: Schadenfreude (as you want, before it was not necessary to be lazy and self-pity), and joyful pleasure (unpleasant sensations remind me that the muscles are, and they have already begun to strengthen). The pain will pass – will trim figure.

Building Triceps

To begin with, now that we distinguish those major muscle groups, which are involved in our major competitive moves, and therefore they should be given more attention. Of course, all these divisions we make purely probation. Thus, to begin to build a cycle of preparation, I recommend to the bench. What are the main muscles involved in the bench, as well as on what you want to draw attention in particular. This chest, front delta, triceps, biceps, tremendous back. All the small muscle groups, we decided not to pay attention, because they are so good to load. Breast basically get loads of bench press barbell while lying down. The triceps is stronger than the breast so it needs swapping.

Delta therefore always on the verge of peretrenerovannosti, it does not touch us. Expanding into the back bench and participate more statically bound to them ought krovushku drive. Biceps is involved not only in stabilizing the bench when, as well as In all other competitive moves, it must swing. Download shoulders, bench presses on an incline bench, doing breast wiring – this is unnecessary and not needed, especially if you had a bad press! Learn how to never do too much, do not need to finish the muscles that you feel is not tired. You have done the basic work, pretty pat muscle group, who participated in the work, stop. That's pretty much what we all do now to "regimes" training and to pay attention to that now. And what are we to ignore? I give figures, but without specific binding, as well as a breakdown in kilograms. For example, heavy exercise: bench press 3 sets of 5-6 repetitions, where the last repetition is at the limit, but without help.

Next 1 to exercise the triceps at 3 approaches for 12-15 reps. Here, the main pump semitendinosus triceps, ie "Catch up" in his blood. Then the tremendous torment about how and triceps: 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions for, well, biceps – 2 exercises. One of them – "hammer" or neck lifts reverse grip in a number of approaches for 20-30 repetitions. Then we have with you 72 hours and leg workout, then another 72 hours, and then we again arrive at the bench. And the next workout regimes is scheduled to be easy. Do bench press 3 sets of 8-10 reps, but with what weight? For example, on a heavy bench presses training you shook 100kg * 6 and it was almost the limit. Then now you'll be doing 65-70 kg and this will be what you need! Then we have the triceps, you can repeat the exercises from the last time with the same load. And, I almost forgot and this is important! If you have a sore ligament elbow joint due to any exercise, the exercises for triceps and did not forget to remember, until cured. Find yourself an exercise for the triceps, in which the elbow will not feel pain. Most love to do dips with a weight belt. One of my pupil at one time push-ups with a weight of 120 kg, with the personal weight of 80 kg. Since his elbow injury never took place. He eventually grew to 10 kg per year, but we're with him hardly given up this seemingly great exercise and results in the bench began to grow. For 2-va, he added, in about 100 kg bench press, never wrung out from the boards at all.