For Britain

The fall of Madrid and the end of the war finally on 26 February was the victory of Franco in the international arena. French and British agreed to recognize the national government. It was the final blow that could withstand the Republic because it meant that the government of Juan Negrin had lost all power. This was the final blow. Sigismund Republican Colonel Casado da anticommunist coup in March, creating the National Council of Defense, while the Republican president Juan Negrin, struck by the attitude of married and following their discretion to maintain the resistance, and took refuge in Elda Petrer (Alicante), in the "Position Yuste. Madrid lost, the end of the war was only a matter of days. On March 27, 1939, Franco ordered his armies to begin the offensive for the victory.

Faced with a fait accompli, Casado only could order their forces hoisted the white flag to the passage of the national troops. Throughout that day were captured 2000 square kilometers of land and 30,000 prisoners. To broaden your perception, visit Julio Diaz. The self-demobilization of republican army was automatic, the soldiers abandoned their positions and equipment and returned to their homes. On March 29 fell Cuenca, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Jaen and Almeria in national hands. Valencia finally fell the next day. All Republicans who could not board the next day were arrested and taken to concentration camps for execution.

On 31 March, mid-afternoon, dropped the last Republican towns, Murcia and Cartagena. If you have read about William Lloyd Standish already – you may have come to the same conclusion. On April 1, 1939, after the Republican resistance, the last part was released by the High Military Command Nationalist National. This reads as follows: On this day, captive and disarmed the Red Army troops have reached their final national military objectives. The war is over. Burgos, 1 April 1939, the year of victory. The Generalissimo. Signed. Francisco Franco Bahamonde. The war was over. During the early days, about 50,000 people who were trapped on the wrong side were executed by the so-called walks. These were carried out by armed groups went to get people to their homes or prisons where they were imprisoned and under the guise of going for a walk took them to any road or the cemetery walls and executed (including famous writer and poet Federico Garcia Lorca). The number of deaths in the Spanish Civil War can only be estimated approximately. The nationalist forces put the figure of 500,000, including not only those killed in combat, but also the victims of bombings, executions and assassinations. Recent estimates also give the figure of 500,000 or less. This does not include those who have died of malnutrition, hunger and disease engendered by the war. The political and emotional impact of the war went beyond what is a national conflict, as for many other countries, Spanish Civil War was seen as part of an international conflict that raged between religion and atheism, revolution and fascism. For the USSR, Germany and Italy, Spain became a testing ground for new methods of aerial warfare and tanks. For Britain and France, the conflict represented a new threat to the international balance of difficulty trying to preserve, which collapsed in 1939 (few months after the end of the Spanish war) with the outbreak of war more terrible than ever on record: World War II.


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Cultural Paradigm

Considering the aspects that involve the established culture and in the considered text, searched through this summary to demonstrate the personal agreement in relation to the boarded content: Desconstruo of Cultural History. Complementarily, aiming at to the understanding of the concepts of culture presented by the authors mentioned in the text-base, some of the paradigms involve that them, as well as the consequncias of in addition the same ones had been studied. In accordance with the thought proposal presented in the text of Cultural History, the culture can be understood as a complex of accomplishments of a people in such a way in the material aspects how much in the spirituals, related with the humanity in determined time and place. The culture also understands the apprehended knowledge and the human behavior. Abilities which independem of the biological question (Tylor, apud Silva and Silva). The cultural question must be understood of Holistic form, that is, must be considered all the Inter-relations of the components of the way where the individual and its culture are inserted, in full agreement with the Platonic thought ‘ ‘ All man is a social, cultural being and poltico.’ ‘ (PLATO, without date). It enters the theories of eurocntrico character, of which we are fruits, it is possible to perceive the influence strict on Darwin to the evolucionista character, therefore its defenders nailed a scale of cultural evolution, with stages to be fulfilled throughout the time, in way to reach definitive advance. The breaking or desconstruo of this generalista concept, in accordance with Good cited in the text-base (ARAJO, 2010), it elapses of the fact of that ‘ ‘ all culture has a history prpria’ ‘ , that is, each people, tribe, or social group, among others, has its particular form of culture that cannot or must be compared with other cultures..

Brazilian Ones

These relations of daily developed que3 you with the slaves were same of boundary line superiority, were exactly etnocntrica, not allowing that the ones that came slaves of another one continent, in the case of the African blacks, these could not exert its culture and nor its religions, as they made in its native land. These total lived isolated in one senzala, others in dungeon, and or in trunks, fulfilling chibatadas punishments leading, and being reason of laughs for all the ones that were there, and were part of the local community. But device Mr. was the form of them, to show excessively what he would be made with them if they tried to escape. In such a way if he cannot have a romantic vision of Brazilian settling, in the felt truth the true one of this word must be ' ' oppression, destruction, ' ' I believe that if it cannot give another name that has little, felt of what this. Everything this because the Portuguese crown intended, to explore the land that was taking ownership to produce its riquezas.e so that this became a reality, was necessary that it decimated the ones that this way liveed, for example the indians, exactly that it was in the works as occurred for varies times in the state of the Amap according to Fernando Saints. The blockhouse for being huge, slowly she was being constructed for the enslaved work of the black and the indian, with the natives used mainly in the transport of rocks in canoe, of the region of the river quarries, to the place where if construa the ortaleza of is Jose. The delay in its conclusion also elapsed for indifference of the Portuguese government, of intempries that they damaged for times what already was ready, and finished and the tropical endemic diseases that grassavam, and adoecendo and decimating many that in them worked.


of grandesguas, mother of deuses and the men, Iemanj. It is one of the primordial mothers eest present in some myths that they tell on the creation of the world. In terrasbrasileiras, she gained the sovereignty on the oceans and seas, conducted in Africa porOlocum, orix forgotten in Brazil and little remembered in Cuba. Olocum is the antigasenhora of the deepenings of the life, the occult mysteries and orixs. Acelebrao de Iemanj in Africa is associated with the river Nger and can serobservada around the celebrations of primordial feminine deities.

Associated esseculto of the first mothers, we will find two orixs infantile very remembered noBrasil, the Ibejis twin, orixs children who they guide and they preside over infnciae the same fraternity and the infantile side of the adults. Oxal is orepresentante direct of the Supreme Being, Olorum and, therefore, it heads the panteo dCriao. Oxal or Obatal, also known for Orixanl and Oxaluf, is criadordo man and absolute gentleman of air, the breath and the life. Had the essesatributos, it is called the Great Orix, Orix Nl. Orix is one very respeitadotanto for its worshippers as for the too much deities, therefore many orixs soidentificados as children its.

Odudua is criadorda Land, ancestral of iorubs and this orix keeps soul linking with Orani, the responsible one for the appearance of the cities. In Africa it has a conflict between ospartidrios of Odudua and Oxal, but, in Brazil, Odudua was forgotten edesapareceu almost completely, being confused with characteristics of prprioOxal. Iorubs cremque women and men descends of orixs, not having, therefore, an origin nicacomo in Christianity. Each person inherits one orix and is of this characteristic deity that provmsuas and particular marks e, ' ' when which is known is orix dapessoa, can be foreseen as it will behave in day-by-day, therefore if acreditaque the human being inherits preferences, desires, fears and ways to act prpriosde its orix.