Do It Yourself

This will be taken and others, as a rule, the law, and soon you'll hear: 'And so we've always done! " When you as a manager will want to still demand that the subordinate decisions on how you look at the tyrant and say, 'chef today is not in the spirit' – probability of making wrong decisions. Remember what happens to you when you are in the middle of an important negotiation (for example) bring another cycle 'we did not know that it happened, and now it is urgently needed to address, otherwise we will not ship the goods. " How do you respond? Usually with exasperation, anger, and sometimes even a kind of fear ("Oh, what will?"). In this state you do not normally take the best decisions, and they are directed more to destroy than to creation of your business. There is a rule, and it has proved its right to exist: the general emotional mood of the group can not be higher than the emotional tone of the leader or manager.

What results can be achieved organization in a state of anger, fear, etc. – the probability that the decision is not made. How often, in recommending a solution, you are faced with the fact that an employee instead of rejoice for your help, begins to search for, find and tells the story of why your proposed solution will not work, why it does not fit? You can send staff to the side right decision, but did not recommend him more so I do not solve this problem for them. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve, especially if you had already taken over the tasks of employees. But you can start to do it, respecting the principle of gradualism, and the result will not take long. " Do It Yourself 'principle' resolutely himself 'very clearly visible in the field of personnel training. I've been doing practical training of managers and staff.

The most successful sellers are training and managing salespeople. And here is clearly possible to distinguish between those he decided that he needed to learn to sell, and those who are 'sent' to the training. Those who choose to itself – and this is usually or partial tuition, or signed in accordance with the Labor Code of the agreement to be bound practicing after the training, or something else that speaks of the desire of staff to be trained, and so, after training these people bring to the company a great income and many earn themselves. And those who were 'sent' without his desire, something like persuaded, after the training said: 'Yes, I already knew it all', and find a reason why it will not bring results. Usually – this is our right – we do not take seminars and training this group of people. Pay attention to this and start ask the magic, I believe the question: 'Do you have a problem? And what are you going to do about it? What will be the solution? " Then the money, free time and health will certainly be more. When using this material the reference to the author is obligatory!

Business Training

Thanks to the Internet, we can easily share music, videos and other useful information with people who are on opposite sides of the globe, but it’s just a few of the benefits that can provide Internet. The main advantage is that you can now get the most useful and advanced knowledge of people working in your interest area. In this article I will talk about Alexander Sorokin entrepreneurs and businesses coach, the man who created his first business at age 18. Alexander Sorokin began his business the way from scratch in 18 years of age. At that time, he had neither the knowledge nor the money nor the contacts that he could use. It is said Alexander Sorokin – everything that I had at the time goal to open a business, a great desire to be financially free, faith in yourself and what I do.

Surprisingly, to some extraordinary heights can reach people when he appears objective. Already in 1921 Alexander Sorokin and his business partners built a dealer network, which operated in 20 regions of Ukraine and sold more than one million dollars a year, with profitability of 40%. Alexander Sorokin sure business – a way of thinking, as well as success. The word success, he understands not only the financial side, but other areas are not possible without a full and happy life, in other words a millionaire can not be rich, if he has no health and family well how a car can not drive with one wheel.

Increase Profits

There is a very simple way to increase sales in his shop and increase profits. Most simply show it to the grocery store. Step 1. Locate in his village, where they sell the most delicious bread. Ask seller who makes the bread. Step 2. Through reference services find the address and phone manufacturer of the bread. Step 3. Agree with the manufacturer on delivery of grain in your store. Step 4. Put the price of bread is much lower than in the neighboring stores, even if you’re at a loss. For example: You buy a loaf of bread for 8 rubles. In retail, it is now -10. You sell, for example, for 8.50 or even up to 7 rubles. What happens? In the next few weeks, most people your Districts will know that in your store is the cheapest and at the same time, the best bread. It’s no secret that buying bread, the majority of people along the way take another commodity. Do you have an increase in sales of grain would dramatically increase sales other goods. That increased the amount of other goods will override losses from the sale of bread and give a substantial net profit of your store. In a short time in your store will gather people from different areas. Low price bread just to attract your competitors, with the attendant consequences.

Therefore, we need to observe the golden mean. Put a price of 1.5 rubles. cheaper or better at 1 rub. It will not irritate the competition and allow You to trade without a loss, although perhaps without profit. A slight decline in the price of one commodity competitors will have little interest. You must understand that the first couple of weeks, and maybe a little more, you will not get profit. Therefore, you need to correctly calculate the current money to not get so that you do not have enough money to purchase goods. You must understand that after 2-3 weeks you will increase turnover and you will need extra money to support the additional turnover. If you take goods to market, better not use this method. Otherwise, you have to drive every day to wholesalers for goods and many, many work and money could still be missed. If you made in my half-empty store shelves, it will sharply reduce the number of buyers, even if they go for bread. The first weeks of money even with high turnover may not be enough to buy, unless of course you do not buy at wholesale prices by the piece. Before you start this step with a decrease in the price of bread or some other product, you should have enough funds for additional purchase. For hedging contracts such as with the bank about the possibility of a loan on terms acceptable to You. This method can be applied in most stores in different directions. Add a bit of his imagination, and additional income you will be provided.