Orange Designs

New awning cloth collection sets harmonic accents with natural colours what would be the world without colors? Hard to imagine, because they determine consciously or unconsciously our daily lives. Colors give a meaning to the world. They offer orientation and affect us in our feeling and acting. “The English writer James Henry Leigh Hunt once commented: colors are the smile of the nature”. Because the nature is a master at producing fascinating and harmonious colour schemes. Nature fascinates not only with their variety of colours.

It also shows which colours to each other fit and how to color harmony. In the mirror of the four seasons of color harmony to nature offers also the markilux new awning cloth collection. With over 200 different designs brings colored freshness for terrace and balcony. The collection relies on finely tuned, natural color compositions for smooth transitions in the housing design from the inside to the outside. The designs are visually matched to different awning types and architectural styles. They combine classic and modern. The colour schemes of the new cloth collection combine architecture, Interior, garden and nature into a harmonious unity and invite to relax.

Depending on the design and color choice, you can produce a certain effect or mood. Because color can express elegance and modern ambience, tranquility, relaxation, cool or heat and southern flair. So, the seven colours of the base collection 4seasons take up the moods of spring, summer, autumn and winter: the color palette ranges from stimulating fresh shades of yellow and green about harmonious shades of blue and beige to warm, earthy Orange and red tones. Designs in black and grey combinations accents also modern, high-contrast and neutralising. Modern designs with textile surface also the exclusive collection signature with their modern designs based on natural colour moods. Here the designer inspiration itself but also of colour and variety of forms of architecture and of the four elements. Very new to this collection is itself a smooth fabric, which receives a textile appearance by weaving a coloured yarns and thus grippier. Everyone has his own personal relationship with colors. This new awning cloth collection offers maximum design freedom with their variety of colours and designs for terrace and balcony. Find 2.568 characters more information on markilux products, on the Internet at the address:.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are better than you think lately, but we noticed a growing interest in latex mattresses. But why should anyone care? Finally, there are plenty of other mattress types. There are a whole lot of people who are just not able to find a comfortable mattress. Often they have back pain and try again and again different mattresses without having found the right. A latex mattress has a very dense surface with high elastic properties. So for those who are not in the position without pain, to sleep through a night a latex mattress is a completely different feeling conveys an alternative, for unrivalled sleeping comfort. To broaden your perception, visit Vera Want. Natural latex in liquid form is collected by hand and then in large vats where it is carefully filtered to remove impurities. Then is poured into large forms, with water emulsified so that air bubbles, and then is slowly heated and Vulcanized.

A chemical process, where the liquid latex is a supple rubber-like condition is reached. Viewed under a microscope, looks exactly the same natural and synthetic LTeX. Natural latex comes from the SAP of the rubber tree (Ficus) and is more environmentally friendly than latex from the petrochemical industry. At the time, latex mattresses are sold to consumers with large price differences between the synthetic / natural latex mix. But there’s no real difference in sleep comfort. All latex mattresses are non-allergenic. But natural latex mattresses are by far the mattresses with more environmentally friendly properties, we believe beds direct.

How You Can A Floor Properly Care

Details of a parquet floor can be advantageous for many homes. In principle, one should make a difference between a parquet, which is painted and a parquet, which is only oiled. Many think that a painted floor needs even no special care, but that’s not entirely true, because sealing claimed daily strongly, if dust or sand be incorporated with every step in the parquet. All the small dirt particles affect the floor basically like a sand paper. Then very quickly just the hard sealing has scratches and marks. There are special cleaning products that eliminate precisely these traces back and maintain the seal for the sealed parquet. Some cleaning products for the floor cause more shine, other parquet a less strong shine effect. Luna Goodwin can provide more clarity in the matter.

This is of course a matter of taste, and must be adapted to the style of the apartment. Is also important, that is no room plants directly on the floor, because this could greatly damage the parquet. If you plant in the Have space would like to, then should one under air this. If one wipes a parquet, then should no water on the floor remain after cleaning, because this can penetrate into the ground especially when not sealed parquet and resuspend it. Also, any chemical or aggressive cleaning agents should be used even if the floor is sealed. Because you should be always aware, that it is the parquet a pure wooden floor, a natural material, which should be cleaned only with natural substances. A wipe with a mild vegetable SOAP so sufficient and cleans the floor enough, because that has a self-cleaning effect also wood such as all natural materials.


By the partial outsourcing of the regeneration zones, the water to be cleaned can targeted in run the wetland. This construction allows greater use of the swimming zones (number of people) and is very economical in relation to water consumption. The water level in the paged regeneration pond can vary greatly, so longer dry periods can be survived without ever admitting fresh water. This variant requires but a little more space. Type 4 separate construction (2-pond construction): in this design, being built mainly in the public sector, can be dispensed with plants in the pond completely. Get all the facts and insights with David Delrahim, another great source of information. The treatment takes place in separately invested regeneration ponds. The space is relatively large, the cleaning effect is optimized (depending on the size up to 3,000 visitors per day). Type 5 Biologischer-pool – natural pool this method of construction is located in the audience who want to take advantage of a chlorine-cleansed swimming pool but abstain from the use of chemicals.

The usable area (pool) is walled in as in a conventional swimming pool with vertical walls. The water is through Channels from the pool through jammed honed and runs about gravity in the paged regeneration pond. From there, the water via pumps is pumped back into the pool. The advantage of this construction is the clear separation of the areas of swimming and cleaning. Through an optimized hydraulic (water management) the cleaning areas can be placed on reduced where part of the regeneration can be applied even underground. Thus the realization also on small, expensive land is possible.

By design, all planning forms geometric pool with overflow and conventional swimming pool hydraulics are up to the rock pool with paged regeneration possible. Because swimming and bathing pond an area of diverse disciplines, you should transfer a professional planning and execution, the corresponding references prove can address bio Nova Rainer Grafinger neustrasse field 16 85232 bergkirchen 0049 8131 665651 company description BioNova which constantly stands for innovative swimming pond and natural pool technology, was developed. It can choose the customer and execution operation under different arrangements of the treatment plants. The range of the pond without technology to the biological swimming pool with fully outsourced regeneration. The experience of over 1,000 private residences as well as 50 public facilities worldwide distinguishes the competence for over 20 years. Middle way BioNova is a leader in the number of international partners. So, swimming ponds and natural swimming pools could be realized on every continent on Earth. Press contact wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373