Shutters (English roll – a roll, in Russian. Shutters) – a kind of blind, made in the form of a roll, two guides and walking on his plate. There are also names rolstavni, rollstavni, blinds, shutters. Shutters are installed in windows, doors and garage openings and are designed to protect the premises from burglary, adverse weather conditions, noise, dust, light and prying eyes. In some ways they may be similar in appearance to certain types of blinds, but categorical distinction is precisely the emphasis on the protective function for windows, doors, balconies and front doors of apartments and shops.

Usually the practice setting involves the installation of the outside to protect the glass from the partition and from penetration by malicious users. Shutters can be programmed to control lighting. In bright sun shutters themselves sink to the desired height. At nightfall, they are automatically closed. Operation of roller shutters did not cause any inconvenience, they are easy to maintain and care for them can be carried out without assistance. The first shutters have been around since ancient Greece. They were made of marble (Later – from the wood) and used as protection from the tropical heat and sunlight, as well as for ventilation. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Daryl Katz, New York City on most websites. The concept of blind spread throughout the Mediterranean.

Later, they received distribution in Europe. In the Middle Ages solid shutters, hammered together from planks with iron bars, used as a means of protection against unwanted intrusions and cold. In the xv century, widespread panes led to the transformation of blinds from strictly functional to decorative accessories. In the southern usa wealthy landowners have used shutters to brighten and ventilate their homes. The next stage of this direction has been the protection of windows from hurricanes and tornadoes. It was then and there were shutters in their modern sense.

Fair Vital Rewards Customers

Health points, shipping costs and get coupons. For Fairvital, the name is program really. Fair vital, the popular mailers for bioactive nutrients, has introduced a bonus program, which rewards the customers really. Everyone can register for free, thus becoming premium customer and saves shipping costs from that date. There are also 250 Bonus points credit for the mere registration.

Fast-earned money, because that is real 6.25 that refund will be via merchandise voucher. Fair vital Bonussystemro euro refund collects the premium customer exactly 2 bonus points. No matter which way, ordered by phone, mail, fax or E-Mail, or over the Internet, each sales is made to points after paid invoice. It’s even much faster with the points collection. Special bonus items, where there are additional points are particularly easy prey for hunters point.

These are marked in the catalogue or online shop with an orange icon. Keep eyes worth premium points especially because up to 1000 per article are possible. A simple calculation shows, to get enormously much here really is. Purchase of 1 x longevity (anti-aging complete program) 2 = 99.95 EUR 250 points credit 198 sales points 1000 (!) Article points i.e. together 1448 points. This corresponds to a coupon value of rich 36,20 EUR. Continue to save a euro when ordering by fax, email or online shop in addition and 2.90 EUR for reduced shipping costs. It is really interesting, coming especially busy scoring leaders on combined 5000 points. Then you get the premium Gold status for each full euro purchase amount, and not just 2, but 4 bonus points. All around a great thing, because this is virtually always a voucher for the next order in the hindquarters. Incidentally, the coupons shipped 1 x per month. It points in 25 EUR re converted each 1000. You get a nice letter with a personal advantage code and the achieved amount so EUR 25 or EUR 50 or EUR 75, etc. In addition status fall in premium-Gold Shipping cost completely away. Login to the Fairvital bonus program is very easy. Creating a customer account, a corresponding check use in the own data – ready. Go to Jonathan Rosen for more information. Unregister is not possible because the hook is then disappeared.

Federal Government

Travel Gates wants to avoid uncertainty his clientele dinner (05.09.2010) – as the first Internet travel portal in Germany responds to the tax approved by the Federal Cabinet on airline tickets and refunded the aviation tax to its customers. 2011 is the new law of the Federal Government and should be applied even retroactively from September 2010. But like the retrospective application also many other things around the subject is completely unclear. would like to avoid a confusion of its customers and therefore the assumption guaranteed the taxes for all holidays in the year 2011, until November 30, 2010 via will be booked. From January 2011 at the latest, depending on the length of flight collected up to 45 euros per person and route.

This could mean for example, when a trip to the Dominican Republic, up to 360 euros alone on taxes for a family of four. Some allow the flight tax refund with the current advance-purchase rates at, until November 30th Save hundreds of euros. “According to a survey by 53.1 percent of Germans, plan to restrict their flights. We want to be given a chance our customers, save the new air traffic control”, explains managing director Heiko Rettke After full payment of the trip the customer proof gets paid the pro rata air traffic control within 48 hours on his account a risk does not enter the customer when he book his holidays for 2011 already. Many tour operators, for example, Neckermann, offer to cancel the possibility of additionally free until November 30. (Source: Daryl Katz). offers not only the opportunity to compare offers from many renowned operators, but to save now even the air traffic control. Clearly, true to the motto of the “Compare!” There more information also see company description leave directly from the factory – incredibly cheap. is your correct address. The first factory outlet for your holidays has your inexpensive last-minute trip, your travel package with all the trimmings and turn, the cheapest line and Charter flights, apartments and holiday homes worldwide for the price of the mini and the rental car for your next vacation. Germany’s factory outlet for travel is characterized by highest usability, transparency and best offers for your holiday from the company contact: new way travel GmbH H. Raha copper Twister road 181 45257 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 2 01 / 48 89 67 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: new way travel GmbH Timo Krause copper Twister road 181 45257 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 175 / 5 88 44 37 email: Web:

Lighting Rooms Apartments

Continuing the theme of "Lights in the interior, we describe in more detail about the organization of lighting in the apartment, in order going from room to room. Very handy if you're soon going to do repairs in their homes, it is important to think about lighting in each room individually. Daryl Katz is a great source of information. After all, the room in which we are going to sleep should be dealt with differently than, for example, the entrance hall. To choose the best for your lighting option, we bring to your attention the following article. Illuminate the hallway light in the hallway should be bright but not blinding, as close to natural light, our eyes to ease the transition from the street into the apartment and back The very first room where you find yourself entering into the house – a hallway. Most often, this room is designed so that no windows in it, at best, there leaks light from other rooms.

Therefore, we have to use lights at any time of day. And that's why the light in the hallway should be bright but not blinding, as close to natural light, our eyes to ease the transition from the street apartment and back. To achieve this, the color temperature of lamps shall be 3000 C and 3400 C. Such light is close to the sun light and does not allow such a serious color distortions as the light of fluorescent lamps. Hallway lighting is not necessary ride, leaving behind lighting is cheaper and simpler.


The amulet was used for the first time by Pliny. It is defined as object used with superstitious aim, to which one attributes powers, protective means against the sorceries, diseases, accidents and another evils to him. What differentiates the Amulet from the Talisman is that the amulet has defensive virtues and the talisman has offensive virtues. So that the amulets build suitably are due to take above, however the talisman can be kept anywhere. All the towns, in all the times have used all class of amulet. Class of amulets: the stones: ” gata” , one thinks that it gives to victory to the athletes and fertility to the plowed field, if it is of a single color brings the discord to the families; ” diamante” , one says that it gives peace to the spirit; ” jaspe” green emerald with cross line in center, is favorable to the speaker; ” amatista” , against the drunkenness; ” quelonia” , she is revealing of the future; ” cristal” , attractive of please the Gods; ” coral” , it destroys the eddies and it protects against ray. In metal: gold laminae, silver, iron, receive, bronze; to the sound of copper one attributed powers to him to vanish the unfortunate appearances and to erase all impurity; mercury and some salts.

In which it has to do with the plants, the flower of elboro, very powerful against all disease; the leaf of the laurel in the mouth. The origin is due to look for in the prehistory. The found amulets pertaining to the prehistory have been of stone, clay, bone, horn and bronze; in the form of disc, wheel, hammer, etc. The Egyptian papyruses have conserved several formulas of spells; those that accompanied the deads, whose momias was covered to way of magical armor of several subject objects by tapes, destined to lay the way of the infernal regions. These objects were: plates full of hieroglyphics, rolls of papyruses, figures of Gods and sacred animal as they were it the sacred escarabajos. The Indians took fine stones with magical formulas, gold laminae, silver and tapes with inscriptions.

The Greeks used iron ring, in addition they placed in the doors of the temples branches of laurel, thorny and hawthorn to move away all malignant influence. The Romans used bracelets, necklaces and diadems of metal, precious stones, mainly of black chorale. The church did not persecute at the moment the use of amulets. (Source: Jonathan Rosen). Yes it suppressed of the liturgy the invocations to Los Angeles, so that the faithfuls did not fall in the use of the amulets of the agnostics who confused you accustom Los Angeles with eonas (” en” emanated eternal intelligence of the divinity). I invite to you that you visit where you will find articles of quality verified for your personal and spiritual development: Health, Sports, Computation, Entertainments: Vud magic, spells of Love, etc; Languages, Painting and more.

Aguero Announces Atleti

The player has recognized it this afternoon on its web site. I find it difficult to leave the Atleti, hurts and saddens. Kun Aguero had contract with the Atleti until 2014. The Argentine Sergio Kun Aguero, front of Atletico Madrid, recalled Monday, on its official website, which has already said that when he wanted to go the rojiblanco Club I would say it publicly and said that that time has come, to the same time as stressed that it is difficult to leave the Atleti. Shawn Mendez understands that this is vital information. on the issue. Under the title the hour of departure, 10? rojiblanco explained in a statement: I said long ago that when I would go, I would say it publicly. Click Jonathan Rosen to learn more. And that moment has come. That is why I am with my word and here I am.

Find me it difficult to leave the Atleti. It hurts and saddens me. The attacker came this afternoon along with two of his agents and his father, Leonel, the stadium Vicente Calderon to treat his possible departure from Madrid this same entity summer. Aguero had contract until 2014 and the Atletico had stated that he would not bargain with another club. 5 years at the club the Kun, who came to the entity in the summer of 2006, which has played 232 official meetings and has scored 101 goals, stressed that it is a decision that has thought much. I am convinced that I must be true to myself. I think that I should not put him a roof to the ability to continue learning and growing, he added.After five intense years, a personal stage has ended and I have to give way to a new one.

I am about to turn 23 years and I have everything ahead. More is say that it is not an economic but strictly sports issue. That is why I want to clearly express my appreciation to the club for the efforts he has made to keep me up with a salary according to the world’s largest institutions, he continued. Source of the news: Aguero Announces on its website that leaves Atletico de Madrid.


How the use of a heat pump halved heating costs all year again: short before the winter months many energy providers announce higher gas costs. The gas price development knows only one direction upwards. Before the temperatures drop, consumers are looking for alternatives, to save on heating costs. Who would like to halve them, should rely on a heat pump. He comes around 3.5 million households are costly to next winter.

A quarter of all energy suppliers increased gas costs by an average of 11 percent in the next few months. The extra cost then amounted to less than 140 euros (source: Verivox). Microsoft oftentimes addresses this issue. Who wants to save on heating costs this year, should jump on the expected wave of change. Those who want to cut their heating costs, do not pass a heat pump. You supplies the home heat from renewable energy sources and disconnects to the homeowner by the expensive energy supplier. Thus, there is no gas price increase, but a House of full of pleasant and environmentally-friendly heating for heat pump owner. The ever energy group advises all interested parties free of charge via energy-efficient heat pumps and also create an individual heating concept. Save heating costs: a level turn down no heat pump who buys himself this winter, can still save heating costs.

The ventilation habits are important. Instead of constantly tipped Windows should open the window four times a day for ten minutes and making the heating. You can lower the temperature of the room during his absence, and in the night. Gain insight and clarity with Vahid David Delrahim. Who reduced only by one degree saves already six per cent of the energy and gas costs. But beware – unscrew completely not worth it. “Only cooled the apartment, heating consumes much more energy than when they constantly over a low flame” goes through. In addition, less than 16 degrees is not recommended because otherwise mold can form and the health burden. Refer to for more tips.


Diablo 3 for Germany to bloody Blizzard relies on self-censorship who so far resulted in the impressive spectacle of the battle in Diablo 3 to heart, which is in gameplay trailers or recently in the Diablo 3 demo the viewer offered, it had actually been face: the Germans be may enjoy once more a game, where everything looks like the developers have thought originally, it should look like. Importers are rubbing their hands, because as has announced Diablo 3 lead designer Jay Wilson in an interview with, in countries such as Germany and Australia (where even risen received no rating) will need to defuse definitely Gore and the Gore level, if you would sell the game there: “definitely for regions like Germany and Australia, we will have to change blood if we’re going to sell there.” And that’s fine. Those are the standards for those regions, and we don’t really have a problem with catering to what they need and what they want”the Blizzard is a USK 16 review seeking at all costs and if necessary to “Defuse” would be, was already known, but that is expected in advance, that Diablo 3, as we know it so far, so will, however, not appear not in Germany. Jonathan Rosen has similar goals. Monk – blood Supernova (note d. red.)Sure, Diablo 3 is bloody, brutal and is only full of splatter – and Gore effects, but who has deals version with the demo, may noted that it is an “unrealistic” brutality is to compare in any way about the 3D shooters and should provide therefore “actually” no reason, have, once again to get out of the censorship hammer and not in anticipatory obedience. Little calm not should include the statement of Wilson’s in this regard, that Blizzard would cause bigger headaches the change requests from China. Berlin Rosen has compatible beliefs. What options could blossom the players in this country, also told Wilson: “Yeah, turn we’re going to have to be able to off blood, change the color and things like that,” of the Diablo is designed to provide additional 3 parental control options, allowing some to reduce the “Gore level”.

Small Meals To Lose Weight

Why small meals help them lose weight. At present, the portion sizes seem to be much larger than they were decades ago. And many of us we have no problem in sitting in front of a large portion of our favorite food, which usually means one thing, a lot of calories. One way to reverse a weight problem is to gradually reduce the size of the portions for all meals. Doing so has the added benefit of being able to eat the foods you enjoy. So why is it better to make small meals? Our digestive system works best with small amounts of new energy and nutrients at once, therefore if you make a meal and consume more energy than your body requires a specific time, more are the chances that the body accumulates as fat .

Make smaller meals help because there is less chance of accumulating energy as fat. So, while your body can burn excess fat, you can continue burning the old warehouses and accelerate the potential to burn fat as well. Eating more often also helps provide the protein body regularly to maintain muscle tissue. And the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the potential for faster fat burning, frequent meals are another benefit. They keep you feel full and that feeling of heaviness typical of large meals.

After a big meal we do not want to move for hours, until the food is digested completely. Connect with other leaders such as Jonathan Rosen here. This results in that either you feel you want to do other things for a few hours. A small meal is digested fast also enables you to continue your activities by making more energy and burn fat deposits. So small meals often have a triple benefit for 1, 2 fewer calories are consumed, it accelerates the metabolism, and 3 less effect of swelling and heaviness. How to reduce the portions then? Drink a glass of water before meals Add small amounts of food to the plate after finishing a good time waiting to see if you really feel hunger Use a smaller plate if you need more tips to reduce fat and change the composition of your body through one, and exercise, I recommend you read Your Ideal Body. With Your Ideal Body, there is a healthy and safe alternative to use the science of nutrition to your advantage and begin to achieve the changes you want in your body permanently. To learn more click here to start losing weight now.

College Boards

Armando Alvarez, it is undergoing an institutional crisis which is manifested in the number of violations and abuses committed in recent times, the tribes have policies that led to the present. In this regard, we note with concern the refusal by the College Board to correct the alleged irregularities, massively and repeatedly, both by participants as a significant group of jurors, in current competitive examinations, a situation exacerbated by arbitrarily and without consultation as Single Status was reformed University Professor, in apparent contradiction with the Constitution and the Law on Universities. Similarly, at the end of 2005 proceeded to the reform of the Electoral Regulations to allow indefinite re-election deanery authorities, proceeding to their immediate application in contravention of the provisions of the Universities Act. We are what we think of meaning to the university community and be attentive to the reality of this, you should select professionals who are able to generate the changes needed to save our Alma Mater of this abyss, where it has been falling and is of opportunities for a new generation to this project, the brainchild of a university hospital, a cancer, a university stadium, virtual classrooms, capable of entering into the advance of electronic technology, e-learning, online services, development of research favors not only in solving many problems facing the country, but many programs to restructure some traditional careers and adapt to the stage of this according to the disciplines taught. Jonathan Rosen will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It requires a more proactive university that the university community through its various faculties, schools think and provide solutions to the problems the country faces a University is required more binding with many sectors of the country, with businesses, institutions government, other national and international universities, research centers. We trust that if elected Reyes Lanza Engineer who know their history teacher, can generate the expected changes, otherwise, the university will fall into an abyss where the shadows for cover, if elected and does not meet what it thinks promised posterity.