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Analysis of mining equipment market last year In in the past year, China s mining equipment market has been in a high growth, compared to the shrinking demand situation of other mainstream construction machinery and equipment market, the increasing demand for mining equipment such as jaw crusher, mobile crushing plant and other equipment is caused by various reasons. As a professional R & D and manufacturing of mining equipment Hongxing Machinery enterprise thinks about the changeable market demand deeply. From the second quarter of last year, the mainstream of construction machinery and equipment market demand began to fell finds, this situation was mainly due to the entire engineering machinery manufacturing overcapacity, coupled with the changes in the market, such as the comprehensive deceleration of the high-speed railway construction, the completion of large-scale infrastructure construction, as well as the pressure of well-known foreign manufacturing companies entering into the Chinese market. Steve Vai is the source for more interesting facts. These are reasons for the crisis of construction machinery manufacturing sector, but it is a different scenario in the field of mining equipment manufacturers. With the national emphasis on high-end equipment manufacturing, coal and mining areas achieve significant reform, which put forward higher requirements for high-end coal equipment and mining equipment and calls for large-scale modernization efficient and energy-saving equipment. At the same time, the national requires large-scale mining and other enterprises to take integration and achieve the integration and large-scale production they all contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry of mining equipment. I believe in the next year, with the industry s continual development and the support of national policy, China s mining equipment manufacturing industry will achieve greater breakthroughs.


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Therapeutic Effects

Whether a water bed is back pain, sleep disorders or stress physical and mental complaints of miracles. Tasso’s experts explain what it is and what claims must meet in a modern water bed. (tdx) Did you know that the person literally misses a third of his life? No? Is no reason to panic, because apparently only very few realize this fact. Otherwise living lovers would probably set up her bedroom the quality of their sunbathing place place greater emphasis. Because the fact is also that the body only during a healthy sleep recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life and draw new strength for the next morning. That is why it’s obvious to treat yourself to a bed, which meets these requirements. “A water bed is as a bed, because it promotes the regeneration of the organism ‘ in three ways”, Tasso Schielke, namesake and CEO of Tasso beds white. On a water-core mattress, you get next to weightless”, pressure point-free concerns to feel every night warmth and proper hygiene.

In addition, modern waterbeds are durable and have to offer a lot also in optical terms. That waterbeds are good for your health, especially’s steady pressure relief, resulting when lying on a water-core mattress. As the blood in the skin blood vessels can circulate freely and the deep sleep stages are no longer disrupted by rolling around,”explains the expert. The result: increased secretion of the so-called regeneration hormone STH that is produced in a very deep sleep, and better regeneration of the body. At the same time, a real ceramic heating system ensures ergonomic heat and thus for ideal (a) sleeping conditions. Relief promises a waterbed even with complaints such as backache, arthritis or rheumatism.

That rise with the better regeneration, quality of life, performance and concentration you need almost no longer mention. Ideal is a Waterbed offers it in terms of hygiene, but a non-allergenic sleeping surface on the Plage spirits like dust mites not only can settle. Thin, breathable textile pads on the vinyl skin of the bed, which dissipate the condensation water together with the heat coming from the bottom to the top create the right microclimate. Especially people with allergies greatly appreciate a such a restful sleep environment”, as Schielke. In for many years the enjoyment of these benefits to come, you should consider some important points with the purchase of the water bed: first the bed and everything that entails, should consist of fine, non-toxic and recyclable materials, the quality of which was for decades scientifically tested as with Tasso. odney atkins insists that this is the case. Whether mattress, furniture, pad or cleaning all components should perfectly matched be to guarantee a long service life. Tasso, for example, manufactures its waterbeds including all items, as well as all bed furniture by hand in Germany and can therefore lifetime replacement warranty offer even after 20 years and more. Who now thinks a water bed is indeed healthy, but not beautiful, is wrong: modern waterbeds are in the bedroom right eye-catcher and can be designed according to your own taste whether classic, modern, romantic or fun. “And who does not want to give his old bed frame in spite of wanting for a water bed, one option open to the: the Softside waterbed” can be installed in every piece of furniture and it impresses with its resemblance to conventional mattresses. Nevertheless, it brings all advantages, which has to offer a water bed today of course. All around the world of water beds,,, and. Tanja EST

GmbH Industriestrasse

Applied security GmbH expands its encryption software by a security module for Microsoft SharePoint and the cloud with the new version 5.1 fideAS file enterprise protects the encryption software for the first time data outside corporate networks. Applied security GmbH (apsec) enables file encryption in online storage and document Center from Microsoft SharePoint as the only German manufacturer. “Stock city, December 22, 2011 – out of concern the confidentiality of sensitive data many companies not further take advantage of online collaboration and the cloud computing”, explains Dr. Volker Scheidemann, Marketing Director of apsec. Offers the optional module cloud protection”of the Stockstadter specialists for IT security. Thus, users now have the opportunity to drop encrypted files in the SharePoint document Center.

For predefined areas of the database are included in the protection of the encryption software. When an authorized user opens these documents, she encrypts the cloud is loaded and then decrypts the client machine. Before the data is then stored in the SharePoint document Center, fideAS file enterprise automatically performs its encryption without requiring the user noticed something like this. “And even if SharePoint only as software as a service” (SaS) is used when a provider. In the same way is via WebDAV on online storage how about Microsoft SkyDrive to access.

The solution so endpoint protection and thus the highest possible standard of protection, because only secure data transmitted and the control over the key operator of the encryption solution will remain. “An additional plus: cloud protection module” database administration security administration also can be combined with Microsoft SharePoint separate. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Geoffrey Harger. Thus, access to the online stored documents no longer necessarily available in particular external service providers. Online collaboration increasingly the trend to the worldwide online collaboration won the 2011 ride. This Microsoft SharePoint has established itself as the quasi-standard for cooperation between teams, which can be working anywhere in the world. According to a study of by market research company of info trends, the total market volume for SharePoint will be in 2012 global when expected to be five billion US dollars. How important is the ability to encrypt it, stems also from the estimates of analysts from Gartner. You assume that worldwide nearly one-third of all SharePoint installations are operated by external service providers. Outsourcing is to assume increased security and compliance requirements. That’s why we’re glad as sole German manufacturer makes possible a solution to be able to offer, the file encryption for SharePoint and online storage”, explains Dr. Volker Scheidemann. More information: press contact: Tobias Low main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Kathrin Sajid applied security GmbH Industriestrasse 16 63811 Stockstadt phone: 0 60 27 / 40 67 0 apsec knowledge protects. Knowledge is the decisive success factor of an enterprise. We develop solutions that make your IT world safe for you. APSEC offers knowledge. Their requirements to the encryption, data loss prevention or the application of digital signatures are our experienced specialists in good hands. APSEC works for you.

Online Shop For Shoes: Choice Of Footwear On The Internet

In the Internet you can find many shoes, such as those for women and men. In the Internet you can find many shoes, such as those for women and men. Typically, an online shop has footwear but also children’s shoes on sale, which can be ordered quickly and easily in many sizes. The online shop shoes, which can be found on many Internet sites, has the advantage that you can order shoes from the local computer. Not only for women and men, but also for children there is a very wide range of different footwear, that, when you ordered it, the mail directly is sent home. Recently Herbie Mann sought to clarify these questions. Usually, often also a wide range of leisure shoes will be available. Include in particular shoes, the one for a wide range of sports, such as, for example, basketball or walking but also needed.

Sometimes, professional shoes are offered in an online shop for shoes. Here, for example, professions that need to run a lot, find especially comfortable shoes. Other professional groups, such as for example, construction workers, can purchase safety shoes that protect your feet at work with built-in steel toe from injuries. Today, you can prove that people wore shoes 40,000 years ago. In the surrounding of Beijing, China, discovered that such old cave paintings that give clues on shoes. While you can see any representation of shoes on the painting, but you know that feet of painted people would otherwise been depicted if still no shoes you would have known at the time of the painting. Wearing the foot bones of footwear namely considerably influenced.

People who always barefoot running have differently shaped foot bones. Shoes are not so long known such as in the Asian region in Europe. In Spain, there is a cave, which is about 27,000 years old and shows boots. Also at the otzi, the famous glacier mummy who lived 5,000 years ago, scientists found lined boots, who were equipped with a sole. Who today for Boots, women’s or children’s shoes or other footwear are interested, will quickly find it on the Internet. There is your own online shop shoes, where you can search specifically for a certain manufacturer’s shoes often of the many shoe brands. However, you should know its exact size so that the chosen pair is not too small.

Wayne Is Most Active Social Community

With more than 380 minutes dwell time per unique visitor and over 3 billion page impressions a month, Wayne is the most active social network from Germany. NEUTRAUBLING, October 26, 2011. Erika visitors occupy a leading position in terms of length of stay. in more knowledge.. According to a recent analysis of Internet market research company ComScore about unique visitors and use time in social networks in the month of August, 2011, Wayne users spend an average of 384 minutes on the site. In comparison with other social communities in Germany has like unique active users and ranks 3rd on 2nd place, before Facebook, with 320 minutes (place 1: Odnoklassniki).

The figures were published in the trade magazine kontakter in early October. We are very pleased in the impressive number of users. “This shows how intensively and with what enthusiasm use the User Manager”, says Managing Director Matthias Vogl. The network currently has about 1.8 million active members and over 3 billion page views a month. By default, unused profiles are at Wayne after five months deleted. As a result we want to achieve, that the community remains alive and offers as much entertainment and variety”, said Vogl. Others who may share this opinion include Katie Greene. About 47 percent of users are online daily at peak hours there are over 150,000 at the same time. The mobile applications are especially popular: the mobile Web site ( and the Manager app.

Using the mobile site increases constantly and is currently at 3.4 million visits a month. This fall a comprehensive relaunch of the platform indicates that is continuously developed since start of snowboarding. Clear structure, catchy navigation speed with new mail system and dynamic page layout include the most important innovations of the optimized version. Enhanced communication features bring more interaction. Learn more about the relaunch see: v4. Mary Mary is a young, independent social community, which is growing daily to several thousand users and has about 1.8 million members. As a network of friends for friends like excited for 10 years Users: Together to have fun, interact or even flirt. So far about 10 million in Wayne were friendships and more daily. Based on a Web 2.0 platform, various options like live mailing groups and a guestbook available are members, to represent and to become an active part of the community. The Jappy GmbH is located in the hands of the founders, Matthias Vogl and Christian Wimmer. About 30 people are employed at the site Neutraubling (Bavaria), more 200 moderators assist in the care of members. Press contact Catherine Weinberger corporate communications manager GmbH Szczecin str.

Wedding Loans: Making The Wedding More Memorable Day

Wedding requires good amount of money. To make the day even more memorable, it is advisable to make use of the wedding loan that comes with easy rate of interest. Enormous amount of funds are required to meet the wedding expenses. Every person wants to make wedding a most memorable day of his or her life. To meet the expenses of a wedding is a not easy task. Most of the times, large number of people avail some loans to meet the expenses related to wedding due to shortage of cash. One such wonderful option available is the wedding loans.

Wedding loans is the most wonderful option available in both secured as well as unsecured forms. The loan will provide the best financial assistance to cover all the wedding expenses easily. Whether there are expenses related to food, arrangements like wedding dress, decoration or may be some other thing, the loan is perfect to meet them all. The loans are so available for the bad creditors who are unable to get any financial help due to their bad credit scores. People who are capable of placing some valuable as collateral can make use of the secured wedding loans, while others can go for unsecured form that is available at slightly high rate of interest. Loan amount up to $50,000 is obtainable with these loans and repayment can be done within 5 10 years. The loans are undoubtedly the great option to meet your wedding needs.

Number of sites can be visited that provides enough information about these wedding loans. Online application form can be submitted to apply for these loans. Applying online is a wonderful fashion to apply for the loans now days. Prior to applying for these loans, the loan seeker must be aware of all the expenses involved in his or her wedding. Once the required amount is figured out, the person can easily ask for that amount with these loans. The loans are coming with reasonable rate of interest. Thus, it’s not a hard-hitting task for the borrower to repay the loan amount on time. Few documents like proof of income, bank statements etc may be required to show before the lender to approve these loans. Once the loan gets approved, the loan amount will be transferred into active bank account of the borrower. It can be further utilized to meet your wedding expenses and making it a most wonderful day of your life. Tiffany wills author of wedding loans, If you need any child of information on bad credit loans, unsecured wedding loans visit

Start Date Of ELStAM Was Moved Again

Tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy informed the Ministry of finance expects a significant increase of efficiency and better service for the citizens from the introduction of electronic tax deduction card. Must now wait for it, because the introduction of the electronic tax deduction card is delayed again. Originally, these should come already from 2011 to the usage. It is now clear that the planned launch due to technical difficulties also cannot be met. What changes due to the delay, due to the tax advisor grainy Mannheim.

Tax deduction card 2010 continues to apply the new electronic procedure is intended to facilitate communication between employers, workers, tax authorities and registration authorities. At Garret Wang you will find additional information. Data relating to the registration office, forwarded in the future of the communities on the same day directly to the tax authorities. The necessary data is stored in the ELStAM database. After the occurrence of technical problems, this is not ralisierbar for the time being. Therefore, the income tax card remains 2010. If This is lost or already is been disposed the IRS issuing a replacement certificate. The employer may destroy 2010 tax card to the start of ELStAM. Only with the actual introduction of the new system, the Elimination of the tax deduction card 2010 be permitted.

Worker enters the transitional period 2012 his employer, he has to hand over the tax deduction card 2010 or the replacement certificate from the previous employer and to present the new employer. When the new procedure is used, is not clearly defined. According to the Federal Ministry of finance, it is scheduled to launch for the January 1, 2013.

Japanische Haare Glätten

Jetzt bin ich sicher, Sie haben gehört, des Prozesses “Glätten” in Japan, die Amerika gefegt und hat unzählige Frauen immer dankbar, dass es erfunden Haar – Kräfte transformieren. Es erscheint unter verschiedenen Namen begradigen, japanische thermische Überholung, gerade Perm und japanische gerade Perm. Erwarten nun, was kann man nach einer thermischen Instandsetzung Service? Nun, ist es wirklich nichts kurz von wundersamen, wählst du das Produkt richtig und die Friseurin. Ich hatte meine Behandlung in einem japanischen Salon in Ohio, die in diesem Service spezialisiert hat. Nach sechs Stunden sitzen im Wohnzimmer, wird abwechselnd Shampoo, unter intensiver Blasen Wärme beheizt, flach gebügelt, Lampen und dann für alle Prozess wieder, verließ die Halle mit seinen Kopf völlig glatt und elegant retexturized, Haare gehen. Insgesamt, die Kosten des Prozesses der Begradigung rund $750, sowie ein großzügiges Trinkgeld in eine große Flasche Shampoo und Spülung speziell für mein neues Haar formuliert. Die Zeit der Bearbeitungsgebühr war $80, die eigentlich unter die meisten anderen, die ungefähr $100 pro Stunde berechnen. Ich war unter strengen Anweisungen für die nächsten 72 Stunden Ihre Haare mit Wasser oder jeder Art von Feuchtigkeit schützen.

Ich war mit meinen neuen Haaren völlig begeistert. Das Licht reflektiert von ihm wie verrückt, und der Wind blies auf natürliche Weise im Wind, überhaupt nicht trocken oder künstlich, wie es war nach einer chemischen Behandlung zu erwarten. Eigentlich war es im besten Zustand überhaupt, dass es schien, da es war absolute bezieht sich nur über sechs Stunden chemische und thermische Behandlung. Jedoch war es absolut und zweifellos wahr. Mir wurde gesagt, dass er für ein Touch-Up das neue Wachstum zwischen 6 Monaten bis zu einem Jahr, je nach der Zeile, die er bleiben wollte und die Wachstumsrate der Haare zurück müssten. Sechs Monate später, und auch wenn es mehr Körper hat, ist es immer noch glänzend und weich. Ich mag wirklich ein bisschen mehr mit einer Leiche in den Wurzeln. Ein kleiner Aufzug gibt Ihnen, und der Rest des Haares bleibt gerade und überschaubar.

Es gibt einige Dinge, die Zeit, um einen Salon bietet thermische Aufbereitung achten soll. Zuerst, finden Sie heraus, welches Glätteisen Produkt verwendet. Das beste System der japanischen Begradigung ist Liscio, und die zweite ist Yuko. Beide sind in Japan hergestellt. Untersucht werden die anderen mit Vorsicht zu genießen. Liscio hat die besten Ergebnisse der Kunden produziert, und wenn Sie an einer beliebigen Stelle gelesen haben, gibt es nichts negatives berichtet. Dies ist das System, das die Halle ging um zu verwenden, und meine Ergebnisse waren gesund und schön. Zweitens stellen Sie sicher, dass der Techniker, der Dienst führt, dabei eine Menge Erfahrung hat. Jeder gute Lounge bieten Ihnen einen vor und nach Fotos von ihrer Arbeit. Drittens müssen Sie sein, offen und ehrlich mit der Friseurin über alle Haircoloring vor Transformation, damit sie entsprechend werden die Behandlung die besten Ergebnisse erzielen angepasst können. Nicht fallen in die Falle für den Kauf von teuren Shampoos und Conditioner, wie ich (Ich habe in der Nähe von $85 in das Shampoo und Spülung). Sie können tatsächlich die weiche Qualität der mehrere intensive Spülungen und Shampoos und erhält das gleiche, wenn nicht besser, Ergebnisse (nach Begradigung Japanisch, ich will sicher sein, zu halten Ihr Haar, geschützt vor der Sonne und feuchte, Tiefe Klimaanlage, so häufig und ein Spray SPF oder ein anderes Produkt für Haarschutz, UV ist sehr empfehlenswert.) Sie müssen mindestens ein oder zwei Monate vor der Färbung der Haare nach der Behandlung, je nach Ihrem Friseur Empfehlungen warten. Wenn Sie können, gehen Sie zu einem Stylisten, der tatsächlich von einem senior-Techniker in der Konzernzentrale für das verwendete System ausgebildet wurde. Dadurch wird sichergestellt, dass sie ordnungsgemäß und speziell ausgebildet wurden wie Sie die bestmöglichen Ergebnisse zu erhalten. Ist, was bedeutet dies für Sie ein geringeres Risiko der Auftraggeber ein “schlampige” Arbeit begradigen oder Haar. Tun Sie Ihre Forschung. Rein Linie und finden Sie die Salons in Ihrer Nähe, die den Service zusammen mit ihren Anmeldeinformationen bieten. Schließlich will sie nicht Ihr Geld verdient auf etwas zu verlieren, das kleiner als eine überragende Ergebnis ist. Die Kosten der Behandlung kann sehr hoch, vor allem, wenn Ihr Haar besonders lang oder schwer “von-Rot” ist. Normalerweise die mehr lange und lockige Haare, desto länger ist der Prozess, und je mehr sie verbringen. Grundsätzlich, wenn Ihr Haar lockig, krauses ist oder Rebell, und daß er wartungsarm möchte, Haare problemlos, die glänzend und direkt, “Japanische gerade Perm” ist genau das richtige für Sie. Ich weiß, dass sie noch eine zweite Runde werden! Danna Schneider ist der Webmaster von der Schönheit und Make-up Produkte überprüfen und Beratung Website und seine neue natürliche Brust dedizierten Verbesserung der Sitiohref = “-geben Sie Kommentare und Forschung vor allem von Produkte für Natürliche Brustvergrößerung und sunless, Akne-Behandlungen, Cellulite-Behandlungen und Make-up.” Sie ist eine Forschung von Kosmetika und Schönheitsprodukte und begeistert.

High Productivity

Every company is different and has different needs, therefore when looking for a CRM solution to implement in your company must bear in mind that the tool provides a flexible environment through which they can develop all the adjustments and necessary customizations that comply with the CRM strategy that you want to implement, either in a client-server environment or in a web environment, and that is also easy to maintain and provide a working environment friendly for users. In summary, make sure that you can adapt the tool according to your needs and take the best advantage to mount a fully effective CRM solution and not be limited to the functionality that comes standard on the tool simply because this no can adapt to what you want. SalesLogix has a very powerful tool when making customizations, either for client/server or web, and his not only potential must be harnessed to implement the desired strategy but to making it grow with your business every day doing improvements and creating new features without limitations. The flexibility of SalesLogix has several fronts: database administration: you can add an unlimited number of tables and custom fields to the database. You can work with views and stored procedures in cases you want to increase performance in any application process. Customization of screens: you can modify standard screens to add, modify or delete existing fields and create new screens with the desired information. In addition, add tabs to accounts, contacts, opportunities, or any other new module that you want to create in the system. It allows to handle scripting in Visual Basic customizations or parameterizations of the views that are carried out.

In addition, it has the ability to handle scripting in Basic and SQL (including ActiveX and debugging). It supports different programming languages to program in the web environment. Customization of menus and toolbars, navigation bars: you can modify or create new navigation bars, toolbars, and menus of the application to add, modify or delete any option.