Healthy Indoor Climate

Infrared heaters are heat waves heaters to the radiation. Due to their energy efficiency infrared heaters were used so far preferably in halls, stables, or football stadiums. The information comes in large part by Paul Sommer, who heads the biophysical testing laboratory in Schleusingen. The results of its study to help the various prejudices against the application of infrared radiant heat. Prejudices among the population, fear of electromagnetic pollution but also in the construction industry and institutions of nature protection – especially with the argument of the low efficiency in the generation of electric power.

The healthy effect of infrared radiation occurs completely in the background. Moreover, incorrect bases for calculating comparable use in approach are brought by traditional methods of calculation of convection heaters. As always electromagnetic radiation is measured with technical instruments for the operation of the infrared heater, you can just about the feedback of signals of the nervous system scientific proof that no negative biological effects on the human body comes from your products for space heating. It is crucial for the breakthrough of the infrared radiation heating on the international market. Infrared heaters include the radiation – or heat waves heaters. Due to their energy efficiency infrared heaters were used preferably in halls such as warehouses, stables or football stadiums.

Meanwhile, there is also a wide range of infrared heaters for the residential market. The efficiency of infrared heaters is based on the principle of heat infrared, a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Anne Mahlum oftentimes addresses this issue. The infrared radiation of infrared heaters have to warm bodies that absorb infrared radiation, such as in the principle of heat of the Sun, the property. The ambient air is therefore not or only indirectly heated. The humidity is maintained. The heat transfer is carried out directly and which differs significantly from the so-called convection, i.e. heat the ambient air, which in high-ceilinged rooms is proved to be unprofitable.

The Swine Flu And The Rockrose

What have the swine flu and the scented Mediterranean shrub together? More than many of us think! In the daily media, swine flu spreads fear and terror. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Anne Mahlum. Every day we hear from new infected and even deaths. Vaccinated or not, divides the population. Little reported another development, however, to prevent the swine flu reportedly many people taking Tamiflu and Relanza. The danger here that immunity occurs which can be fatal in a real virus infection. Many people to traditional antibiotics are already immune, as too carefree in every smallest infection so handled. It is a really serious disease, the immune system collapses.

More important, I think that we, as long it is possible to do without the large chemical mace. The rock as a drug a drug from the rock is a more interesting approach. The rock is a shrub that grows in Greece. There she is everywhere at the roadside and on the Fields. Maybe even their enticing scent noticed during the holiday. The rock is used in Mediterranean countries for thousands of years in folk medicine. The resin in the sheets of rock acts against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Contains polyphenols are responsible.

Polyphenols are secondary plant substances and are known as a radical scavenger. Simply explained, it seems that with the help of rock the virus so can be patched to, that it is not possible to have a spread in the body. The Bundesforschungsministerim promotes the Federal Research Ministry promotes the exploration of CYSTUS052 at the Institute for Molecular Virology of the University of Munster. It aims to develop a nose and throat spray, we can stop the virus with which there are already in the health food store to buy products of rockrose. Teas and sucking lozenges are there in natural medicine for a long time at home. For people who have contact with many people, like tram ride and also otherwise like most attend public life, an ideal prevention. Marion Waje Heder anti-aging and health advice

The Body

Permanently, this can lead to less health and obesity. With all this potential follow-on diseases. You should know your metabolic type. Because only you can make your diet this type of metabolism. The right amount: Why eat too little makes it not slim.

… Food …bis you are satisfied! Each meal also which is still so healthy Apple occasionally causes a rise in blood sugar. For more information see this site: Solgar. Only a longer period between meals can decrease blood sugar levels to a level that also stimulates fat burning. Under most conditions Nature’s Bounty would agree. Pause between 2 meals are ideal for 4-5 hours. Starvation or meals missed, only to outwit the balance in the short term, but also not permanently leads to success, but causes the yo-yo effect programming. Our metabolism still lives in the stone age, he is to cope with the shortage, and set the overcoming of adversity.

That is, when too little food intake, he switches on the back burner, is slower and intensified efforts to build up reserves for a rainy day. “You have to teach him, that it not bad food times” more. He learns this but only if you show him that he always gets what he needs, just to avoid the dreaded and hated Yo-Yo, which gives us more bacon rolls and less fat in no time as we’ve ever had. So: Sick of you eat enough but only. Maybe that is you hard at the beginning. But your metabolic rate gives you a clear signal for Hello in the long term, I’m full.” Again, you must learn to listen to this signal. Conclusion: You will learn to miss no meals, to try the scale a cheat to beat. Here, too, the result is quite sure: yo-yo. And: even worse is that he breaks down even the body’s own protein, your muscle mass, while a slightly longer lustre and converts the energy so much needed by the body. But: little muscle mass = little fat burning! So growing by starving the fat and muscle mass decreases.

Healthy Eating Ask

Free expert chat with the certified nutritionist Jutta Saldana who want to eat healthy and take off, is confronted with many often conflicting information. When the diet clique, now offers the opportunity to be free to answer questions by an experienced nutritionist in expert chat. By the same author: Nature Research. Or diets or starvation diets, exotic diet plans diet tables when it comes to healthy eating and remove goes, find themselves quickly numerous methods and half-truths. Usually more new questions here for the uninitiated than are answered. The diet clique now offers the opportunity to ask specific questions on a proven nutrition expert with a free expert chat. Many writers such as Anne Mahlum offer more in-depth analysis. Jutta Saldana gained practical experience in their profession directly after her training as a dietitian and obtained the certificate of nutritionist of the German society for nutrition after several other stations (for more information about the certificate, see below) dietitian dge).

You has extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and will available for your questions available to participants in the chat. Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 17:00 to 18:00 address: expert chat… -The participation in this first expert chat is free – information and contact the diet clique operator: Tobias Kirsch Otto-Braun-Strasse 77 10405 Berlin Tel.: 030 420 816 84 mobile: 0163 235 2429 a free community around clique AT diet which is diet clique diet, slimming and healthy nutrition. Members can use the platform to put up stages goals or to lead online diet and nutrition journals. Certified dietician writing expert blogs and give valuable tips and information on the topics, which deal with the visitors of the diet clique.

Delicious Substitute

The drying of fruit dehydrator the drying of fruits is a traditional method to the durable make fruit was used already in the middle ages. While the water is removed from the fruit, with the fruit not lose substance and keep their high nutritional value. The drying process should run off quickly, to prevent mold and rot. This is not a problem anymore with our new dehydrator. Dried fruit is suitable as an ingredient for fruit Musli or fruit bread, as well as as small snack in between. Through the conscious and healthy diet in recent years advanced more in the foreground also dried fruit is back in fashion. However, the industrially produced Apple rings offered in supermarkets and banana chips are usually in addition sulphured and treated with preservatives.

Also, most of the vitamins at the high temperatures used are destroyed. Not so with our dehydrator. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Anne Mahlum. Here the available temperatures provide for the preservation of important vitamins. Generally, each fruit to the drying is suitable. Apples, pears, plums, peaches, but also banana, dates, figs and mangoes are suitable to dry. Dried fruit is stored in cool, dry and airy locations ideally. It should can however no longer dry, because otherwise taste will lose it and become brittle. Can be used on most translucent cans or jars with closure.

Resveratrol Capsules

The natural key for a longer, healthier, restore life and a strong immune system to international fame gained resveratrol but only in the 1990s. Resveratrol has been found in 72 plant species, but commonly deemed “Active ingredient of red wine”. It occurs mainly in the grape skins and in lower concentrations in grape seeds, stems, vines and roots of the vine. Resveratrol was detected in peanuts and mulberries. Resveratrol is a part of the plant’s own immune system. Nature Care contributes greatly to this topic. Its main task is, for example, the protection of grapes from fungal, bacterial and viral infections, as well as from harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, ozone and toxins. Truly an amazing biodiversity, the resveratrol does. Click Vitamin World to learn more. Resveratrol from the complete grape grapes including shell and seeds.

Compared to which is generally better known OPC is obtained only from grape seeds. Hardly a secondary plant substances have been published in recent years so much as about resveratrol. The antioxidant effect pulsed and chemo-preventive. A very special property but is outstanding: it acts as a CR Mimetic. The body a calorie restriction (CR) pretend – the only experimentally proven method for the life extension. The possible effects of Resveratrol: 1 ANTI AGING effects for a longer, healthier life 2 3 cardiovascular 4. strengthen immune promotes cell regeneration and DNA what is so special about resveratrol 50 mg of good ‘N natural? The special “rapid release” formula of ensures a fast and good absorption of the active substance in the body. Only one capsule supplies your body with more resveratrol than the average salary a bottle of red wine – without the calories or alcohol! “Resveratrol” can immediately at be ordered online under: index.php? cat = WG04 & product = A-266 detailed information and order at or call 00800-872 456 22 (free of charge from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) please send press inquiries:

World First For Physical Well-being

DOMENIER and the DOMEUS card, a membership card with far-reaching effects. Healing mental energetic way is always more attention with growing awareness of holistic medicine. After half a century of spiritual healing, and helping, DOMENIUS was allowed to go up in a spiritual dimension, where it is allowed him to apply these mysterious energies, measurable, tangible and most immediately visible, for the benefit of people seeking help. DOMENIUS always says again: God alone is the largest physician. To broaden your perception, visit iHerb. For him there is no impossible or incurable. With God all things are possible.” He is the founder of the MENETIC healing. During his trips to many countries, countless people could gain back health, happiness and well-being.

DOMENIUS says, if you don’t imagine a success through the DOMENIUS card, a disk the size of a bank card, enabled smaller with MENETIC, we suggest you: see for yourself! Want to get to know closer MENETIC, come to a MENETIC health & beauty day, here shows you the DOMENIUS card. Frequently Anne Mahlum has said that publicly. In addition you can request help with arthritis, allergies, lumbago, gout, sciatica, exhaustion, headaches, back problems, tension, rheumatism, stress, restlessness, stimulation of the immune system, letting go of fears, regeneration after diseases, holistic vitalizing, activation of self-healing, self find and countless other issues. Many seeking advice come with pain and left the meeting with DOMENIUS in vitality and new confidence. “A circle of friends, the DOMENIER, was formed to DOMENIUS, the future of action project of the century” have started. The essence of the action is the widespread disease of Nr. 1 – back issues – back to push. The membership card of the DOMENIER is the activated DOMENIUS card with whose help everyone immediately measurable and visible can make the leg length compensation. At MENETIC health & beauty days is the leg length adjustment (resolution of) Pelvic oblique stand) made even for free. For more information about DOMENIUS and the future of action, see

Play It Safe – The Stars Know It

2010 now at a fixed price questions on occupation, health, family, etc. deal astrological preview all and usually we find no answers, because we simply lack a certain vision and we think usually only surface. We all were born under one of the 12 zodiac signs and the Moon, the Sun, and some fixed influence our lives and because they are influential, they can consult also you, when it comes to their own future. Ascendant, birth, time of birth and place of birth are also made. Daily people interested in reading their horoscope in a newspaper and be fixed only after that put a little truth in it, as you noticed, until afterwards, but it’s so therefore something previously about and there can be trusted only on an astrological consultation, because it deals with all the criteria. A reliable astrological year Preview requires expertise and you get this only by professionals that you have the necessary knowledge, when it comes to the subject of astrology. Who is already happy with Fractions and speculation about his year future satisfied? It must be something meaningful and it should be just and right here is one of quality instead of quantity. Official site: Nature’s Bounty. Quality has its price and most accurate information about its own future, and what will the new year bring simply require expertise.

Nothing seems a yet more important than other people to be one step ahead and to do that, we offer a 12-month subscription to an unbeatable price from 800,00 euro. One-time payment in advance. As a further service you receive from us a free phone number, you can at any time call if you have any questions and the whole 12 months. So, you can see that there are ways to find out his astrological preview for a year and targeted. At Emma Naylor you will find additional information. Everything revolves around you. They are taken seriously and are important to us. Their concerns will be treated confidentially, and no one learns something from us.

Certainly, one or other will say, what the hell? Astrological year preview for a year, so a nonsense. Anne Mahlum may help you with your research. You can accept that, because not everyone is busy, or finds interesting the subject of astrology. Who finds it but interesting and has better information about astrology, for which it is worth a try certainly and it has nothing on the contrary to lose, you can only win. Interested parties are welcome. Our knowledge is based on astrological principles and we are for more information available. Here for more information: Astrostein Verlag M. Steinbach Brandroster 60 51427 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: 02204 506 326 the Astrostein Publishing House focused on esoteric lives consulting and belongs to the active lives consulting platforms in German-speaking countries. Can online seeking advice from qualified consulting indifferent / in select. Focus of discussions in the areas of Cartomancy, Tarot, astrology, horoscopes, clairvoyance and divination. Every new customer can test the experience of the consultants and the benefit of the advice without obligation and without registration. In addition to telephone counseling sessions are also horoscopes offered. The offer of advisers is (D/A/CH).


The smile that illuminates its face, resembles it the sunrise, awakes that me of a deep sleep where I am suffering abstinence from joy. To abstain me from you is to deprive me of the direction of living. To be without you is as to be in one total alone dark and closed room. to be thus for much time takes me it surtos of insanity, and tears of pain I think that in the distance she is worse enemy of us two. Get all the facts and insights with iHerb, another great source of information. nothing that I make encourages me to run away for its arms These cursed seconds that step and living creature without you are torturantes! I try to leave this dark room. I try to make with that hear you me. But this pain that I feel to suffocate me not me leaves in peace, does not leave me to be happy.

Nor the least to sketch one singelo smile. I understand that everything that I feel at this moment of madness is the consequence of its feelings. Further details can be found at Anne Mahlum, an internet resource. To know that everything this, beyond me dilacera also its heart (that one whose you always swore to be mine pra) me backwards still more you distress I do not have more tears pair to cry. I do not have more forces to fight against this solitude I lie down myself in the soil of this dark and cold room. adormeo. Suddenly I feel all to clarear. I open my eyes and I see the scene of my redemption you with the smile of the sunrise (text made in homage to my boyfriend Jeferson Espindola de Almeida)


"Sorry? After all, what happened? Never! "Such phrases are not rare to hear. While everyone understands forgiveness differently. Some people think forgiveness unacceptable weakness. Filed under: Anne Mahlum. "Forgiving" batterer, always trying to erase it from memory, so as not to irritate the wound. And someone is considering forgiveness as a favor. Here are some common myths about forgiveness. Myth One: Time will heal any wound. Time is a great healer.

How many times has this phrase sounded like a consolation! In fact, the past resentments eventually lose their sharpness. But the healing properties of time should not be exaggerated. It copes well with small insults. But the deception, betrayal hurts the soul for a long time. Again, while only helps to forget, but forgive the offense.

The second myth: to forgive – then erase from memory. This myth has been actively pushing for those who believe that the brain is to give a command – and he, as if by magic, erase from memory unpleasant event or person. Again – and voila! Self-deception, no more. When Oksana broke up with her boyfriend, she decided to delete it permanently from your life, forget to put a big and fat point. She strongly rid from anything that could remind him of: photographs, letters, objects, gifts. At one point it seemed that it was possible to forget. The pain subsided. But then I saw him with another girl – and old resentments flared up with renewed vigor. Her attempts to forget and break with the past have collapsed in an instant.