Relax shoulders Yes, Yes, I say it. First article in the face of this new cycle in my life and in Xocs, in which the use of the tools offered by the Internet, wanted to make a brief reflection about the importance of our posture in front of the computer, since I hope you spend good time reading articles, shall abound as commenting on them or participating in our Facebook page. The computer has taken a major role in our lives, both for the development of our work and to search for information, entertainment you’ve stopped to think how many hours a week are sitting in front of the screen? If only use you as information/communication point probably a minimum of 5-10 hours per week. If you are of those who work with him, surely that they are more than 40. We could delve into both physical and psychological problems that may cause this computer overload, from circulatory deficit in the legs, tendinitis in a shoulder or eye strain, up to addiction to Internet or problems in our social life. Gunnar Peterson insists that this is the case. But let us focus on what hurts us most: back.

Let’s see the important thing is to maintain a proper posture while you check your Inbox, install the latest version of iTunes or purchasing a new experience in Disfrutalia. Let’s start with the foundations, the pelvis. Sit on the Ischia, note the pressure under those two small bones protruding from the bottom of the pelvis. Crumpton Group shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. She will mark the direction to be followed by the rest of his companions – cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacral – of our postural axis, the vertebral column. Therefore, do not fall into sofa posture sitting you on the sacrum. If the pelvis is balanced, the rest will be easier. Lumbar and dorsal vertebrae are the mules of our trunk load. So keep them upright using the back of your seat, this higher being better.

The Dog

The Dog must develop a strategy with which he comes to the coveted treat. Whether he is now more on the destructive method and rips the Pack into small pieces or approaches in more elegant way to the coveted piece is itself left him. Also washed out yogurt cups offer fun, but somewhat more challenging for your dog. Three cups are placed in a row. The dog sits about half a meter away and watch it, the treat is hidden under one of the cups. Now, it is his task to overturn the right beaker to get the treat. With a bit of practice, each dog will instantly find the right Cup. Subsequently, the cups can be then different colours.

The dog is to find the right color on command. As further increase, there is the possibility to hide the cups outside his field of vision. Or your dog may indeed throw to the right Cup as a sign, that he has found the right but may the treat without you Do not take consent. Home-agility for more mobility from chairs, benches, and chests can be himself in every living room a small course build, which may require the dog mentally. Push through under low chairs, or to jump from a box to the next requires not only skill, but also trust in the people. As well, every serious dog owner can teach his four-legged small feats.

“” On a small stool seat “make or, depending on the size of the dog, also males”. Especially for smaller dogs can prepare themselves a small slalom course of chairs because they then tackle in the zig-zag must. As suitable legs for appropriate size of the dog very well for this. With a little imagination a rainy day for our Wauzi can be in this way as being boring, but a proper fitness day everything else.