What is Truly Important in Life?

Being a coach is a rewarding profession. The tremendous impact in the lives of others always amazes me. Let me share with you the story of John? John is a partner in a financial planning practice. a l always worked long hours and when he finally went home, was sodomized him. In addition to his work, not the strength to contribute to their health and personal relationships. He was fortunate to have a wife who put up with this. In fact, it was a wonder they ever got pregnant, as was so depleted of energy and spent very little time in their marriage. Her life changed when he was shot down with a life threatening illness.

One day he burst casings in the office and the next day I was lying in a hospital bed wondering if you will live or die. John is young, only 35 years old! Stress, pressure and the complete lack of care, contributed to his illness. To top it off, his wife was pregnant. It was a wake-up call or what? John recovered slowly, until it was “back to normal (or near). Unfortunately, time is sucked back into the old way of doing things? All work and no play. I felt I had to go with the other partners in his practice.

They worked at all hours of day and night and he felt he had to follow? despite having been so close to losing his life. He felt guilty. That was until he woke up to himself and realized it was a way to live your life. I wanted to change their behavior and needed help to do so. That was when I was approached to undergo training. John transformed in the following weeks. Many of the challenges he faced led to their lack of self-esteem. a l tried to please everyone was worried about what other people saw. John had difficulty saying ‘no’. He also had problems around communication. John was a perfectionist, so do not delegate because no one can do the tasks, as well as him. He learned that if people were able to carry out the tasks, training where necessary and communicate effectively could easily save yourself two hours a day. Being able to communicate effectively, not only for their co-workers and employees but also to his wife. Time management was a large area are also covered, Juan had limited ability in this area. Now you are going to the gym three times a week and eat healthily. His energy levels have increased dramatically and the belly is gone. It feels great. John has done and continues to make positive changes in your life. Week after week through the training process is learning a lot about himself. Finally, acknowledged that he is responsible for his life and he has the power to change it. The final word has taken a couple of weeks to clean up the mess and John to find out what he really wants. This week, at the end of one of its sessions, he discovered that “being at home bath time for baby” is really what makes life worth living. How’s that for someone who originally cited “earn money” as one of his key objectives?