Breaking Even

To think about Leaving 21.08.08 September October November and December days of torment of the bad thoughts That it follows the departure of search for new life, if to move and to think about coming back The suffering that has more I go to obtain to live even so thus far from me, To be a person with new reality even so my true essence of life was mine, joy more for me each day is a conquest. But in my thoughts when the homesickness presses photos and videos I go to attend to see comove I believe and me that I go to grow, the challenges tends happens does not have as to forget but I have that to live, therefore the world does not go to stop for mine even so I is pra all enemy friends goes to follow my way, therefore I am known as Geminho a great friend therefore I have a commitment that is with me even so I always have few friends plus my spirit it is with me. Weverton Notrevew.

Teenage Health

I am adolecente and I know all the concerns that we, girls, have with our body. Generally never we are satisfied and a defect always exists, that we only obtain to see. To find that we have defects, can in them cause serious problems as the bulimia. This is related to the beauty standards, placed for the society. However it exists other factors that contribute, as, the fact to be perfeccionistas, shy, pessimistic and we possuimos auto-esteem low. The sadness, nervousness and the food, are great enemies for who suffer with this problem. When if it is with these feelings, to eat exageradamente (generally candies), seems to be the best option, but later it appears the feeling of guilt and shame, then the option for the bulemicos is to vomit, to take laxative, diurticos, for example. In others case jejum starts to be a favorable option. How much he is overwhelming or trying to neutralize the suffering caused for the solitude, the human being is more vulnerable to opt to illnesses as bulimia and anorexy, that consequentemente depression plus these riots will go to become aliementares. To be if blaming for is a little above of the weight or below of it, it does not go to make with that it obtains to arrive at the standard of beauty that it is looking, I oppose for it, what goes to happen is that to apartir of this moment we will be able to start to adiquirir innumerable illnesses that they in such a way move with our body as with the psychological one.