Holistic Care

L & W intensive care service contractor company informed entry by intensive care need is a heavy cut in their familiar everyday life for the affected people. Fears of increasing disenfranchisement, unworthy existence and delivery to anonymous caregivers come up, cause a heavy burden, and reduce the quality of life of the needy. It is therefore hardly surprising that the quality of life of dependent persons of which is determined, how autonomous and dignified they can spend their lives despite the dependency situation. To find trusted helpers who make them as fellow human beings, thus becomes the major concern of care. The L & W intensive care service pursues the objective to secure maximum autonomy and dignity to needy people in intensive care. From this point of view, ethics and expertise hand in hand and lead to a holistic care concept.

The basic philosophy of the L & W intensive care service at the clients not just anonymous job as fellow human beings. According to this orientation, it is important to build a trusting and long-lasting relationship with its clients, which is determined by mitmenschlichem respect, self-determination and dignity for the employees of L & W intensive care services. The ethical dimension of a care service is aware of all employees of the company. Exchange of ideas and dialogue on technical and ethical issues helps this again and again on the new in everyday contact with the client. At technical level, ongoing training and quality management are of course for the L & W intensive care services. The entire health care team is kept as up to date research in the health care sector.

To provide a high quality of life care fellow needed skilled nursing staff. The L & W intensive care service relies on an experienced and professional care team of specialist nurses and caregivers and elderly caregivers. Professional qualification, experience and compassion form the basis for a fraternal and technically expert care of needy people. The care of the L & W intensive care service aimed at Suddeutsche clients who reject accommodation in hospitals or nursing homes, are on the waiting list for a place in the institutionalization or need a disease follow-up. Members of care see too often with their questions about the care left alone. In contrast to this common practice is the L & W intensive care advice in all aspects of care, as well as cost issues to the side and realized that at all levels the focus on client needs.