Lecture Series Holistic Medicine

New lectures by Dr. med. Andrea Stiasny-Simon to health topics, such as applied Kinesiology, hypertension and osteoporosis from may until December 2010 the lecture series holistic medicine at the Tegernsee wife Dr. med. Andrea Stiasny-Simon was from the outset very high popularity. Since November of last year she presented topic-specific holistic therapy and prevention opportunities in the 3 weeks in collaboration with the network for health healthy country.

I am very pleased with the positive feedback on my lecture series and feel confirmed in my requests to give people outside of regular office hours, suggestions for a healthy way of life. “, the doctor says.” From may until December 2010 it is waiting with new health issues. Interested for scientifically founded knowledge and expert advice in the bath Wiess free practice of the specialist in internal medicine, sports medicine, naturopathic medicine, and homeopathy. The range of subjects is diverse. “On May 20, 2010 starts the series of events entitled healthy attractive balanced”.

Together with Franka Kliem and mental coach Josef Wagner, Dr. Sankar-Simon talks about a healthy and holistic lifestyle. In June, her talk revolves around the man. Healthy men avoid prostate cancer”is the title and includes the protection and the retirement age. Topic is hypertension in July. Who suffers from high blood pressure, causes, risk factors and treatment experiences here. Circulatory disorders, the options to fix them or to prevent them with the help of chelation therapy are in August on the topic list. The talk of the end of September is certainly interesting for everyone: health care through targeted vitamin supply orthomolecular medicine. Mid-October Mrs. Dr. Sankar Simon explains the diagnostic procedures applied Kinesiology. It is based on the principle of healing through touch, which has been in the today’s high-technology treatments almost completely forgotten. Osteoporosis bone loss in the Age”is the title of the lecture in November.