Expert Tips For A Smooth, Healthy And Beautiful Skin

The beauty of the skin starts from inside your body! Your skin needs fresh air, exercise, proper diet, minerals and vitamins, and needs protection from the sun. Many people just put skin cream on the skin, thinking that will make it soft and smooth. Skin cream on the skin feels soft and smooth, but if you want your skin to benefit from that cream, it is necessary to wet the skin first and then add the cream. The cream helps lock moisture into the skin. Start walking and building muscle tone. Muscle tone will keep your skin looking so severe.

Keep the skin clean. Do not rub your face. The face is not necessary to rub. And, not your back. In fact, over bushes, more acne you can get and more trauma to the skin.

A warm face cloth with a non-chemical soap, patted. After a gentle rinse well. You and pat your face dry with a soft clean towel. You can not really use soap in the face to everyone, especially if you have dry skin. USE Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) as an ideal to exfoliate your face. A good cream should last a long time and not be expensive. Use it at night when you wash your face before going to bed. It is derived from fruits, milk and sugar cane and when used on the skin, helps remove dead skin cells, which will give your face a lot younger, fresher look. Easy, efficient and economic means to make a mask are: Use an egg yolk and honey mask. Mix egg yolk with a little honey and spread it on your face and neck. When dry, rinse. Makes your skin feel very soft. Other: Use normal egg yolk. It is good for acne, too. Mixture. Spread over the face for 20-30 minutes. Rinse. Other: Take the normal egg, beat egg white and then spread on your face until dry about 20 minutes, rinse with water. This makes your face fresh and helps clean the pores. You can make masks of many things that are right in your kitchen, such as oatmeal. Grind it up. Mixed with some skimmed milk and allow to dry. Rinse well. Milk can attract bacteria so you do not want to leave on her face. Ancient Chinese secret Ning Hua: Wrinkles Reduction Two tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice and same amount of egg white (about one egg), stir well, and then apply on wrinkles every night after cleansing. In the morning, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Keep using for a month, your skin firm and wrinkles disappear. Pigment Fading: 5 teaspoons of fresh tomato juice with 1 teaspoon honey, apply on the pigment, rinse thoroughly. Keep using for 10-15 days, the pigment will fade away. Fruit Mask: Apple juice, cucumber and pear, mixed with flour, add a teaspoon of water and stir well. Apply after cleansing, avoiding eye and mouth areas, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Want to have beautiful skin every day for the rest of your life? Visit the latest news and information on how get beautiful skin.