Cathedral City Cologne

Reclay Group Announces training dates for 4 Cologne quarter of 2013 in Cologne, 02.10.2013. Successful enterprises end October in the Reclay group in Cologne business rising energy and commodity prices how, learn. In exclusive trainings, informed the Group about the internationally recognised CO2 accounting procedures Bilan Carbone method and provides training for those interested in the successful application. Bilan Carbone identifies the main emission drivers, uncovers critical dependencies and supports companies at a more efficient use of resources and a successful risk management. It aims to make them more independent from fossil energies. The courses consist of two modules: module 1 (USER LICENCE) is aimed at employees of companies who want to learn the basics of CO2 accounting and internally using the method. In the second module (PROVIDER LICENCE), advanced users and advisors receive the license to distribute the method as their own services. Bilan Carbone operates as the world’s only method according to ISO 14069 and is also compatible with the ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol.

“The system stands out for its simple application”, white Raffael A. Fruscio, managing partner of the Reclay group, and explains: it can be carried around the world across all sectors and is suitable for all sizes of business “. The figures confirm the effectiveness: over 7,000 companies have already used the Bilan Carbone and achieved considerable savings of in energy costs. The European Parliament also calculated his emissions since June 2012 with the Bilan Carbone method. The Reclay group is exclusive training provider for the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The first training for the user licence held on April 24 and 25, as well as on the 19th and 20.11 in Cologne. The service provider licenses are granted to the 3rd and Dec in the Cathedral City.