Divine Step

INTRODUCTION This work has for objective to analyze the Divine Step in the Spirit of Is Vicente de Pablo. But before us entering in the subject properly said, we will make an analysis of the imediatista Culture. This culture is spread in all the sectors of the society, this mentality has for base: the immediate one, the fast, everything sped up. That is spread out for the medias that have for function to announce what it has of new features in the way of the technology, of the fashion, it market, etc. For this they use speeches that everything must be dismissable, therefore to each moment is launched in the market technological new features.

All this apparatus influence in the relations with the people, in the relation with God, everything this leaves the relation with another one and God in a superficiality. I transform the other into a mere game of interests while the other offers something to me that is advantageous, uses to advantage the maximum of this relation, contrary case discards. In the relation with God, if it is in a negotiation, it treats God as employee, therefore everything has that to be made in the hour and of the form as I want. It is attitude does not take the individual to have a healthful, mature relation and nor a relation that leads to the comprometimento with the other. In the second part of the work, we will make a reflection of the Divine Step in are Vicente de Pablo.

We go from some of its letters, of some of its commentators to search to perceive which age the vision that the saint had of the Divine Step. In the same block we will analyze the relation between the Divine Step and the Imediatista Culture. Therefore this work, nor has the pretension to enter in the viscera of the subject, for being a complex subject. Therefore we limit in wanting to better understand the Divine Step and the Imediatista Culture and finally to reflect as we must ahead holding in them of this historical moment where we are living.