Holistic Concept

Only in this case, as the ancient warrior, the concept can win the battle in today's world of lies and deception, bringing people longevity and joy of life! In other words, a holistic concept should be based, as said before, at four pillars: unshakable base invincible protection, compelling and enduring attack the head. If you translate this into more scientific language – the language of system description, we find that any integrated system has four characteristics: temporary (base), power (protection), spatial (the attack) and information (head). But this is not a scientific work, so I will not go into scientific research, but simply tell you how I ponimayu.Baza. Base – Is what allows us to live, and what pushes everything else. This is just our physical health, without which everything else will seem just words.

You try to convince a person, frequently ill and very poorly developed physically, that life in his hands. Yes, for him the whole world – this is one great evil! And it is almost certainly the result of his physical condition. Psychologists proved that the mental condition of the person directly due to his physical condition and vice versa. Therefore, you should first take care of their physical health, then life will be pleasant! The base, like any other "kit" concept has two direction: inward and outward themselves. In other words, the base consists of rules and guidelines, which action, as it were directed to the person (inside) and from humans (outside). With this in mind, I emphasize the following components of the base concepts: Compliance with occupational (Outside).

Maintaining physical fitness (inside). These two components have a specific content database. What they mean for me? Hygiene means a necessary fulfillment of hygienic procedures such as washing, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc., in any place and at any time, whenever possible (within reason, without going into paranoia).

Kids Development Toys

In 2002, the Russian Lekoteka was introduced in the House of baby number 9 in Moscow. Material resources lekoteki should include: – Equipment for the development of general movements – Toys for the development of hand movements and hand skills – toys for the development of tactile perception – toys and tools for the development of visual perception – toys for the development of auditory perception – toys for the development of thinking – Toys for the development of speech and language – the means to develop alternative communication – toys for social – emotional development – materials for fine arts – music resources for development – for books Children – Books for parents – music library – video library – an exhibition of home-made toys – computer games – special equipment for children with movement How to take part in lekoteke (preschool) children are usually sent to lekoteki of clinics, hospitals and genetic centers, societies, the disabled and social services. Problems that they have, very different. It may be cerebral palsy, mental disability, general mental development, speech, movement, sensory. Commission for lekoteki can go here: ul.Moldagulovoy, d.20a, kindergarten 1125 Where to find lekoteku Kindergarten compensating type number 605. Open Highway, 26a, Bldg.

1. Tel. (499) 966-33-75, (499) 966-70-49. State SAO Lekoteka psiholgo-medical-social center for children. St. Hourly, d.5A +7 (495) 1520251, (495) 152-4224,, Lekoteka on the basis of an elementary school – kindergarten compensating type number 1853 (10 Micro).

HLW Novogireevo, kindergarten 1602, a group of children with developmental disorders, including with cerebral palsy, ul.Molostovyh, d.96, tel. 302-0119, 307-61-38 Correction kindergarten 1371 for children with mental retardation, Free Prospect, d.96. Irina Evdokimova Director, tel. 300-44-11, 307-84-05 Kindergarten compensating type number 2196 for children with musculoskeletal psycho-medico-social center of the "germ", tel. (095) 152-02-51, 152-42-24 Kindergarten compensating type number 865, ul.Habarovskaya, , 12, 467-12-44, 467-59-10 Zelenograd, building 1511. Help Tel. 537-3602. Contact phone: 531-77-26.