Thomas Godoj

“” Men are so the new album by Thomas Godoj – 31 May 2013 appears Godojs fourth baby “Men are like”, which is again only in German. With the humorous song Godoj is committed to its male deficiencies and proves that you can meet the current debate on the occasion of the misconduct of Bruderle also with a wink. The phonogram occurred for the most part in Berlin. The recording took place in the Valicon Studio 4. Also writing the songs took place partly in the capital.

Maybe that’s why so many emotional songs arose”Godoj remembers the recordings. There are honest songs that deal with the love of home, of yesteryear and of interpersonal relationships. Some titles are created directly in the Studio, everything seems more honest and more. If you would like to know more about Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta, then click here. This is also the special feature of this album for me, it’s not cluttered or overly produced no duplication or tricks with Hall and large Tam Tam. Each instrument was recorded with much love, nothing comes out of the box, everything is real and you can hear that.” Thomas Godoj convinced lyrically as rock music with its stone-honest kind and demonstrated that one must not lose its earthiness as a successful musician. Whether they are humorous, angry, philosophical or emotional always plenty Godoj inside the songs. The sound supports this musical vision, sounds rocking, directly and without large electronic clouds of sound. Or in other words: more honestly can’t.


Two exclusive concerts in Cologne & Hamburg the LOS LONELY BOYS have tattoos and sing of values that many would-be rocker should first look in the Duden. For even more analysis, hear from Raymond L. Acosta. You have a sense of family, the mane of a rocker and a Grammy Award. The drawer principle here doesn’t add up: the three-piece rock / blues band from Texas sets priorities and shows feeling and convinced not only fans all over the world, but also all sorts of prominent mentors like Carlos Santana & Willie Nelson. In may, LOS LONELY BOYS come to Cologne and Hamburg for two exclusive club gigs. “” The three brothers Henry, JoJo and Ringo Jr. are an insider tip in this country so far, in the United States they have for their number 1 hit heaven “already a Grammy award won and sometimes their third album forgiven” published.

What is the self-titled Platinum debut and the successor of sacred”was started, LOS LONELY BOYS have brought Jordan (John Mayer) together with her producer Steve to a new level: not a traditional Studio album, but Recordings – directly from the stage, directly in the heart of the musicians. Familia! That’s what I think it represents. Three brothers. True American spirit or spirit Texican” In may, come LOS LONELY BOYS for the very first time in Germany and play two exclusive shows in Cologne & Hamburg. Marek Lieberberg & Mario Mendrzycki present: LOS LONELY BOYS live in concert 2010 may 10, 2010 – Cologne / Luxor may 11, 2010 – Hamburg / Knust pre-sale has begun. Tickets include the ticket hotline 01805 570 000 (EUR 0.14 / min may vary mobile rates) as well as available at, (0221-2801) and all known ticket agencies. More information under:, loslonelyboys

Michael Jackson Dominates UK Charts

After Michael Jackson’s death last Thursday singles and albums of the King of pop occupy the front places of the UK now. After Michael Jackson’s death last Thursday singles and albums of the King of pop occupy the front places of the UK now. Meanwhile, the past few days brought new rumors about Jackson’s cause of death to light. A total of 43 singles and eleven albums by Michael Jackson and the family band The Jackson 5 “stormed the British charts since the death of the pop singer. “” “” The best of album number ones”by 2003 is in the sales rankings place one (last week: space 121) and also the albums thriller” (7), King of pop “(14), off the wall” (17) and the essential Michael Jackson “(20) 20 made it to the top.

According to own statements, the sales of Jackson’s works in the British HMV music store chain increased in the 24 hours after the death to the 80-fache. This could be but also with due that the group currently significantly discounted offers. (see During Jackson’s CDs to ascend to new heights, the speculation surrounding his death further spread. Last one was drafted by Michael Jackson’s Leibarzten, the cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray, as witness questioned, as rumour half the King of pop before his death the painkillers demerol should have squirted. Murray denies the use of the drug.

As his lawyer announced AP on Sunday in an interview with the news agency, on Thursday with weak pulse and respiratory failure in his bed found above the artist Murray and through various measures attempting to save his life. The cardiologist should have proposed the post mortem of the corpse the family even in the hospital, because he not understood why Jackson died, so the lawyer. A first postmortem had revealed no evidence of an accident that could have led to the death of the singer. The results of further tests, including the toxicological examination, are only expected in four to six weeks. It’s believed that Daryl Katz, New York City sees a great future in this idea. The family had in the meantime by a private Pathologist perform a second autopsy, the results of which are not yet known. According to the Los Angeles Times”the Jackson’s from the second study are hoping for faster findings about the cause of death. Also the refunds for the tickets of the 50 scheduled comeback concerts in London remains unclear as well as the cause of death until further notice. The concert organizers announced June 26: at this moment our thoughts are with Michael Jackson’s children, family and friends are. More announcements for ticket holders will be announced at the appropriate time.

Germanys Next Topmodel – Off For Jessica

The dark-haired Jessica is unfortunately eliminated before the finale it was almost predictably, who must leave the show on Tuesday. Source: Center for Environmental Health. On many Internet forums, it was already for many to read, that Marie and Mandy will follow the exotic beauty of Sara in the final. Thus it was named for Jessica. Shortly before the final Klum had unfortunately no image for the 21 year old Jessica Heidi. Thus the dream for the young woman was over and she returns well back in her “normal” life. For the other two, Mandy and Marie, the evening would probably not better run. Both were located over the indentation in the final line.

The 18 year old Mandy said: Oh, my God, I think I just wake up and it was only a dream ‘. ” Of course it was also very pride at the grand finale on Thursday in the Cologne Arena – before nearly 15,000 fans – be. The from Wolfsburg, Jessica was obviously disappointed about her retirement: “I’d be lying if I said that I would not be disappointed. But I can be proud of me”. Heidi I was sorry Klum itself as well as the other jurors, that Jessica had to go, but as it’s Heidi Klum so true had formulated the “latte” was just simply very high. This was probably a little too high for Jessica. Yes, many munkelten that Jessica’s been kicked due to their poor knowledge of English out of the race. Remains to be seen who is the title “Germanys next Topmodel” on Thursday got. Lisa Walters

Matthew McCounghey Injured On The Set

Actors can be pretty dangerous, anyway, it was so when Matthew McConaughey. The American actor has for his new film “The Grackle” violated that during filming and figured out that in the face. This great face… He was spotted with a bandage over his left eye. The actor began his career with mini rollers and then but had a breakthrough with the film “the wedding planner” with Jenifer Lopez.

On the pictures, which show the actor with the Association of the injury looks not too bad, but reports to follow, does not exclude also an operation to save the beautiful blue eyes of the actor. More information is housed here: Ventavia. Matthew’s fans will have a little fear at this news. It must remain to hope that the rumors of an OP just rumors, because with only one eye, he seems not the right to be more romantic film to shoot. There, he would be more suitable as a pirate. We hope that it doesn’t too look bad for him and for millions of women in the world…