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CRM Recruitment

They are sent to former employees, the finalists, declined the offer, as well as other potential candidates. These letters will always keep them informed of the company, inform about products and achievements of the company. 5. More efficient use of data and statistics. Most of the HR-department in its work longer rely on instinct, intuition, subjective data, and little use of actual figures. In the future, leaders will understand that in order to become a strategic recruiting function, you must go to model, which has been successfully used in Six Sigma, a CRM (customer relationship management).

This model requires that all decisions in recruitment, including finding sources of materials, sorting resumes, evaluate candidates and proposal of a candidate – made on the basis of economic parameters. Recruiters will need to prove that they are using the most effective ways of recruiting and technology and provide measurable results. So HR-department will have to translate their work in statistics, but it, in turn, converted into dollars. Conversion to dollars will allow recruitment to better demonstrate its impact on business processes in the company. Assessed value will be posted vacancy, the best staff poaching from competitors, the cost of failure of selection, the costs in case of loss of the best worker, and a dollar impact on business in the event selection the best expert.

Will be measured by all: Total economic impact on business recruitment company. Estimated additional productivity of people who have a job and have proven themselves. This calculation will be also include positive and "fruits" of time the program ends, as a result of a good job of recruitment.