Greek Theatre Festival

May 19 Dutch Ministry of Finance on behalf of John Kish said that if the bankruptcy of Greece yet to happen, do not expect anything other than the effect of "dominoes" in the eurozone. To avoid this, the country of the Hellenes to or declare bankruptcy or to leave the euro zone. "I understand these feelings, but the people expressing them, do not fully understand the consequences" – shares his thoughts, Jan Kees de Jager on the website of the Ministry of Finance Netherlands. Add to your understanding with Anders M Tomson. The country of tulips very disadvantageous to drachma returned to his homeland of Odysseus, because in this case, Greece will not give up debts concluded Keys. Greece just need to continue to conduct all the planned reforms, the minister said. Several earlier Chairman of the IMF's Thomsen Greece made a statement that the Greeks plan to reduce the budget deficit will not be executed until the heads begin to more actively reforming the financial system. Meanwhile, the country's hottest beaches continue to receive visitors, and vacation in Greece in 2011 season more popular than ever.

The Greeks are counting on additional income from tourism, in turn, the tourists have the unique opportunity to travel to resorts cheaply, since businessmen are forced to cut prices. Designed to attract the attention of tourists Greek Theatre Festival, taking place in the town of Paphos, Nicosia, Limassol until July 31. According to eyewitnesses, it is extraordinarily spectacular event. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta understands that this is vital information. The most popular productions will be played until September. Works of antiquity are set in the historic scenery, the largest number of spectators gather contemporary variations works of Aristophanes. Going to Greece, do not forget to explore some of the traditions of cheerful Greeks.

Most curious things going on, when the tourists accustomed to nod your head in agreement or shaking it as a sign of denial. Here, the opposite is true: for the expression of the word "no" use head movement downward movement of the same from side to side – it did not. Also keep in mind that the concept of time here, as in the days of Socrates, in the abstract. At an appointment at 11:30 am likely to meet with invited as at 11.00 and at 12.00, and the bus, which formally should be after 17.00, may not appear. That such carelessness.

Crimean Resort

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