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Carrying out market research agency ‘AB’ (a leader in the field of economic development techniques) to identify the position of online publications in competition with print media. Result research; position of digital books are becoming more robust, with respect to the paper version. The popularity of e-books is growing, it is a fact of which is hard to dismiss, accept the publisher. Currently, up to 15% readers to the post-Soviet territory are reading digital books from the Internet rather than traditional paper book. The newspapers mentioned Cindy Crawford not as a source, but as a related topic. Studies show consultancy ‘AB, 15% of conscious citizens do not buy paper books. When that the bulk of visitors publishing sites are people from 16 to 36 years. According to the agency “AB”, the popularity of online versions of paper publications can be explained more fully the information provided. Details can be found by clicking Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta or emailing the administrator.

One such example is a project publishing Library-E-Literature. The presence of different forums that allow people to speak on any topic of interest to them, the increasing opportunities on the Web. These litagenty – young editors, with creative perception and not the standard way of thinking. Today the former post-Soviet space, there are few literary agents’ Andrew Nurnberg ‘,’ Synopsis’, ‘Alexander ‘ and ‘rights and transfers’. The remaining agencies, modeled on the European and American counterparts, buy and sell rights to books by modern writers, have already received recognition. However, if the manuscript can be quickly and profitably sell overseas publisher, the Russian literary agents are taken to help compatriots. Rights to their books sold by the method described in the chapter ‘Buy Bestseller’ should specifically mention the “People’s Publishing House” agents Publishers fit in their work individually by the author, though, and consider the product of passage, so not having the most powerful and authoritative Internet portal.

Art: Painting Courses In Munich Harlaching

Birgit Busch damaged with the Watercolour medium, time courses offered. Birgit Busch, born in Leipzig. The artist engaged in painting since childhood. She has worked with many different materials and styles. Including acrylic, gouache, chalk, pencil drawings, acrylic etc. In the last few years you almost primarily deals with the Watercolour medium.

This medium respects you in particular to a certain liveliness and colour intensity, which is not always easy to handle with the watercolour. The Watercolour artist Birgit Busch offers painting courses in their newly opened Munich Atelier24. In the current fast-moving times, little time for individuality, freedom and time for your own thoughts is in everyday life. That’s too bad. Birgit Busch is pleased, therefore, to share your knowledge in the courses. She is happy on the positive mood and response of the course participants. This art form of painting is without much physical effort. The course discusses the painting techniques, color theory and tips and tricks.

And of course painted. Birgit Busch arrives separately and individually to the participants. Offered single courses on request. Now flowers or holiday photos are taken as a template or free is abstracted in any case you want to go with much joy in painting. Participants discusses the motives and work which is a certain personal reference. Sometimes the artist sets out also the subject quite how participants prefer. Without constraint, introduce confidence into the brush strokes. It is also helpful, that is worked only in a small group of no more than 6 people. In this way he is entered on the individual ideas more participants.The time courses take place hours, Sackingen road 24 in Munich at the time in the evening for about 2-3. The artist is still your art prints, watercolors and mixed media. The content stems from various city views, landscapes and flower still lifes winter landscapes and portraits. Santorini, Tuscany and Provence are just a small selection Landschaften.Sie painted by paints but also in abstract form and manner. This mixed media caused by the use of different materials and are a closed chapter. They are represented graphically or abstract. The forms of collage and techniques are very clear. Again and again you’re looking to the tensions of the technique to the image. At the time many cities of the metropolis of Munich for example arise in the Watercolour again. In these watercolours many views are reflected in your home, as well as the surrounding countryside. But smaller cards in the size of B6 and watercolour cards are available. The postcards have motifs of Munich and also the popular flower motifs. Instead of original images can be customize lately very good art prints. As a result, there are these motifs as excellent fine-art print. This is a new kind of art printing, differs little from the original. This art print is a special printing technique in photo quality with a State of the art large format printer and highly lightfast ink on fine paper, watercolor paper, glossy paper or even real canvas print. Let surprise of the diversity of the works of Birgit Busch. True to the motto of her: our nature gives us rich and varied impressions of color – that’s why we paint this sense also to the development of the Sinne.In I wish you lots of fun in our online gallery. B.Busch