Stumble Learn As Fall And Heal

Never pretendi using a mask similar to all I pass by this fleeting world interare non-stop tell me who walks, when he now discovers that he can fly? I already understood that my destiny is to ride with the melancholic heart and at the same time alone, my memories are a stele in the sea, I have and will give you, I say what I think and feel, just asked me quisieras and tomaras as I am. And will light my stupid heart that only understands is able to beat already be upwind so I not conclude by extinguish me I only ask that you not try to follow me lying or burlandote, as is what would you do a girl, why now sere yo who chooses as being wrong. Is that one day you told me it was your child, but what not wise was that the girl long ago woke up to become women, why I say that even though I arrived yesterday, I can go tomorrow, although I’m still apprenticed in every kiss and every scar sweet yesterday there is something I could understand that both that stumble I know as falling, and cure me but it always make me hurt and bleed, so when I intend to something and someone quit root in my life and heart, these drops of blood that the only thing they know is falling so asked not to do it, will do it staining my white sheets. I’m going and was vere that life is an enjoyment, is normal that it fears what do not know and now is when I understand because not wanting to even in spite of everything, he kept a certain fear of what today I know because I live now, but already I’m going to as you reach yesterday, the silence says a lot so today will fly and also quiero Verte fly and do not pretend stop. Flies like it that you’re an angel and I will start to walk because today finally woke up and saw that already not had wings, the beautiful and pretty don’t last forever, thank you because finally what, but while not understanding it so my Gypsy heart, for the reason that among Gypsies no, don’t read us hands or heart though so try. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Charles Margulis . Stefany R. Urbina A: M.P.Q. original author and source of the article