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Breakfast Ideal HerbalifeEl ideal!If we take food and appropriate nutritional supplements and make simple changes in our lifestyle can improve our weight and our health; as well as prevent many more diseases Michael Colgan La new nutrition Ed. Sirio – breakfast is the meal that we should never skip us!A varied and balanced breakfast is an important source of many vitamins and minerals. And will bring multiple benefits:-improving our nutrition weight Control: helps I ingiramos less amount of fat throughout the day and minimize itching between hours. Speaking candidly Jim Hackett told us the story. Physical and mental performance: the person that no breakfast starts a series of mechanisms to maintain blood glucose to acceptable levels, which adversely affect performance. -What is our alternative: Formula 1 of Herbalifeque brings you: vegetable Proteninas which, by its effect on satiety, contribute to limit the sensation of hunger to average morning.

11 minerals for the proper functioning of the organism. 12 vitamins to be in way from in the morning and a supply of liquid to achieve one good hidratacion.y all in a single glass: easy to consume for all thanks to its pleasant texture for drinking and the freshness that brings practical, 3 minutes will be enough to prepare for it and can also be over, for those who have more hurry. varied thanks to the different flavors that are offered and the multitude of workable recipes. -Eating breakfast with a nutritious Herbalife Formula 1 shake, you will help fill your body all the nutrients it requires.In addition, each serving of Formula 1 shake contains up to 16 g of protein! – in Europe the trend is to lower consumption of protein-the ideal Breakfast Formula 1 of HerbalifeComience a new life with breakfast. Delicious, healthy and balanced food in a glass will give your day a perfect start.