Cat Breeding

For those who love the breeds of cats and for anyone who wants to know more about this fine example of the cats in this document should mention the cat devon rex and a brief description of the features that come with this nice race cats. As the starting point when talking about everything cat, it is necessary to mention the circumstances that led to the origin of the cat devon rex, which shifts the study criteria to Devon, a place belonging to the United Kingdom, where in 1960, achievement set a common mutation between two cats, also attempted to cross the cat the cat devon rex cornish, however this was not more than unsuccessful results, the cubs made straight hair, so it was concluded that both mutations of curly hair were inconsistent, which led to classify the devon rex cat in a standard and separated itself from the other kind of cat hair curl. Devon rex cat, has the characteristics that accompany it, thanks to the presence of a recessive gene, which mutate the gene dominant cat, which is normal and smooth coat, to go to a hair curl. This same feature often makes all the hair will not grow until the arrival of the 18 months due to growth retardation of the coat. Speaking candidly Gunnar Peterson told us the story. It is very important to distinguish the devon rex cat, the Cornish rex, as being both curly hair gives way to confusion, however the devon rex cat has a hair care, a quality that does not have the Cornish, but his body is larger and more elongated head. Giving way to the physical characteristics of cat devon rex, this presents a triangular head, which has a medium length, with a bulging forehead and a well-marked stop, accompanying a short but not snub nose, both his chin as his lips are strong , cheekbones or cheeks are protruding ears in terms of devon rex, and has a very large ears, compared to the measure of his head, ear shape is oblique, broad at the base, the eyes of the breed of cats are large and oval with an image, are usually clear and matching the color of the mantle, with the exception of those having colorpoint, which will have blue eyes, her neck is thin and may have bald or absence of hair, as in the temples where it is common bald. The body of Devon rex is about medium height and very thin but has good muscle, accompanied by an arched back, her legs are long and thin like his tail. Devon rex's coat is short, thin and wavy, as the colors are accepted all kinds of colors in the mantle. Devon rex cat stands out among cats because of their noble, affectionate and fond of games, plus this is very sensitive, intelligent and adapts easily to both large and small.