Not even worth talking about what we are faced with difficulties, ranging from problems with the old staff who refused to come out from behind the window and work with customers in the hall, to the extent that consumers themselves initially did not realize that they offer a whole new level of service for the same money. Nevertheless, the results exceeded all expectations: turnover grew two to three fold. After that, it was decided to establish a network of pharmacies exactly in the format farmamarketa. However, after the 1998 crisis, had to make some adjustments to the further development of our business. We have asked the consulting agency for branding: they and proposed logo attracting attention, but made in the quiet light-green-blue colors.

2. The best location pharmacy – near crowded Certainly one of the most important factors in the normal operation of retail point is its location. After all, it determines the traffic that is cross-client through your pharmacy. Consequently, the first plan for the successful location out factors such as closely spaced subway station a bus stop line. If there are shopping malls, shops and other places where people gather – this will only increase traffic to your pharmacy. 3.

Engage in staff training yourself when you open our first pharmacies, it was decided to recruit young professionals and teach them yourself. We – one of the first companies in the Russian market, which created its own training center. Much can be learned only in the process, for example, knowledge range of pharmacy and the ability to freely navigate in it.