The Tricky

When He was born Frida went to half of masters, most of the readings were for my confusing by the tricky thing about the same, but more that it gave no sense, not projected it to nothing, now this mixture of experiences of these last two years, readings and experiences that make me discover my interior and to have a raison d ‘ etreMy daughter and my wife me filled with life, filled me with happiness, I agree with the whole world, now readings not be me hinder, by the relationship he has with my life. In my spiritual development, this point if it was whole awakening, at the beginning I had the same idea or relationship that we all have when we hear spirituality, do concerning religion and as we are very traditionalist, the Catholic religion, prayer makes you think but you are unable to do so comprehensively that we don’t have a true interior encounter, even we do only repeating prayers that were not even created by my own I, by my home by my true feelings and needs. Master me ubico, I recognized and me do I discovered, like? Through meditation, through passive breathing, quiet relaxation, and the respect that you get yourself. Spirituality in holistic education is the basis, the main pillar, the control of emotions. When we are in the process of searching and reflection, to find us with our own I meditate, you realize that most of your tensions and problems are caused by yourself, even more excess of these tensions and pressures, make you quit your concentration and the search for healthy thoughts. My experience spiritual is in constant evolution is increasing as soon as you pass the time and my emotional change to improved. I have always been a person very peaceful and protective medium, but like all people naturally lose the head, but why we fall into the reactions of others, when they scream you scream, when you make, you do, when paste you paste, but don’t know talk, not looking for a midpoint. .