Living In The Holistic Education

There has been very strong events that have marked uniquely my walk in this world, however, I can say with all certainty that my life is divided into two periods, before the master’s degree and after the master’s degree; my experience in and since it is primarily spiritual and is obviously in my life, at all levels. What I caught this specialty was the word holistic, who could say that in very general terms he could understand its meaning, however, in reality, specifically and in depth, knew that he meant, much less their involvement or scope. I stayed both in the term that only semesters later I realized that it is dedicated to teachers. By then she was already very involved and interested. While in academic practice and teaching experience I was very difficult to follow them step, the plot that is entretejia and outlined the structure of the master, everything it was by others interesting, especially the spiritual aspect, area that was my interest and in which I was completely. I have to remember to come with a huge internal chaos that if I was clear, and with suffering, anguish and despair such as nor I myself was aware of this; therefore doubts, questions and disagreements are happening each other constantly. I must admit that I am not easy and less in such a State of chaos and therefore would like to thank all the patience and care provided, during all the masters, but especially in the first two semesters; Thanks to this loving bra the first face-to-face, although painful, were a deep light, very liberating. This field of expertise has been for my very special, because although I can hardly go to my inside, in this space, the internalization occurs so amazingly soft and deep, fact that is already installed in my life permanently. My growth in all levels and aspects has been enormous, however I cannot specify or place what was happening in each person, so I will try to say in general, the changes more significant and the next I remember were.

Holistic Educational Philosophy

Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava in its Cuantum project, a university model for a sustainable society of Guadalajara, 1995, referred to the scenarios of higher education in Mexico by the year 2020. These scenarios gave account of four possibilities which were primarily oriented towards sustainability, where the economy was unbeatable, education progressed and promoted the construction of a democratic society; Another referred to inequity, where 20% of the population lived better and 80% getting worse, followed by a third party where the mediocrity was not promoting expectations of improvement and a quarter where the nightmare became reality, showing the country’s recurrent crises, large emigration, poverty, unemployment, etc. A first contribution of Dr. Ramon Gallegos in this project was the promoting education as the most important instrument to build the desirable scenario for the country. At the same time the Secretariat of public education in the program Sectoral corresponding, considered education as a strategic factor in development.

Reviewing the advances that have taken place in this regard in higher education, institutions of higher education mexicanas (IES), not have been able to transcend linear educational models, so through viable reforms it arrives to an educational model based on the best science, building a new paradigm consistent with sustainability. The IES continue forming professionals with limited vision. It is necessary to recognize that the current model is no longer relevant and that conversely continues injuring in his apprenticeship students. It is required for a new model to promote scenarios that science has for the 21st century, such as multiple intelligences, sustainable development, chaos theory, communities of significant learning, comprehensive policy, planetary awareness, culture of peace. In 1986, the UN through UNESCO, in its Declaration of Venice, considered that it was time to build a new educational model. Inside other things stated that current scientific knowledge, reached a point where to begin to integrate with other forms of knowledge, this would promote a new vision of humanity and a new rationality as the basis of the new scientific perspective.