Join forces to assist in the solution of social problems under the motto education and culture, food, health and work with spirituality, the Legion of good will became greatly known for his contribution in the field of ecumenism. In the 1950s, the famous Italian thinker Pietro Ubaldi (1886-1972), analyzing the bases on which was erect, he said: () in this case, we are faced with a unification moved by the healthy forces, driven in evolutionary direction, because they are led by an ideal that coordinates them. Gather the good, while respecting the consciences, that is, religion and the spiritual heritage of each, is indisputably a high ideal, a new principle of cohesion in history, and really modern. And the fact that the hot Brazilian soul is responding to the request, demonstrates that the Brazil was placed, also in that, at the forefront of the world, and in this ideal there is something forth that corresponds to the new requirements of the times, satisfying the many spiritual desires. Otherwise, these collective approvals and these mass flows are not performed. Establish a new planetary culture Victor Hugo (1802-1885) warned that more powerful that all the armies of the world is an idea whose time has come.

To open ways of understanding, we have constantly patterned our struggle for a broad ecumenism, which is feel in all fields of human life. This must be practiced not only in the average religious, but in all the others, as a planetary culture. Perform an efficient revolution (or if you prefer, renewal) whose strategy is the Universal solidarity for the survival of civilized men and women. Thus, be Ecumenical translates, for example, to join forces and work together to find solutions to the social problem. It must also be expressed in an unrestricted concept that is corporice on Earth, from which we understand that, if before that everything we are spirit (i.e.

Comprehensive Insurance

As we know, all car policies are a sum of hedges or what is called combined policies that may be adapted to the needs of the insured. If we include all the possibilities, offered by the insurance company will be an all-risk insurance policy. For car insurance can include coverage for personal accident, also known as occupants of vehicles. Ensuring coverage in case of death, disability or injury as a result of an incident must be kept during the movement of vehicle. It includes health care, hospital expenses and ambulance transfers. Own car damage (covers up to the limits specified in the policy, can cover all of the damages or by franchise system).

Some insurance limit the provision when they are in a collision with another vehicle, people or identifiable animals either be conditional upon the loss of siniestro total. This coverage also contemplates the conveyance of the vehicle to the repair shop. Theft (is compensated by subtraction illegitimate by third parties within the limits agreed in the policy), fire (includes combustion or explosion and fall of Ray) and rupture of moons (ensures the costs of placement and replacement of the original moons breakage.) And all complementary coverages, such as: defence in fine, withdrawal of license, loan servicing, vehicle replacement and major damage. Own damage what are insurance for own damages? Own damage insurance covers expenses for damages by own car, includes: scratches so common in the maneuvers of the garage, accidents with a lamppost or collide with another car, etc. In this case, there is a third party and damage can not be attributed to other insurance. How are you compensated? Against an accident it must be checked if within own damages covering us our insurance, us indemnifies at new value regardless of the old that might be the car. For example, in a sinister wheels are wrecked. Some insurance companies compensate suffered him at new value (new tires), instead another can be argued that the tire was already spent before the accident and that you will only pay a percentage of their value.

The vast majority of the insurance companies take over the total value of the tire when there is incident with another vehicle, in case of a blowout by kerb, will not pay. What happens when the car is left for scrap? When a casualty total of car, i.e. that it is impossible to repair that will give us our insurance. Ideally, our company us compensate for value again when the car has less than two years. After two years the companies claim by the market value. Siniestro total when a car is declared Siniestro Total? When they stole the car and does not appear, if it appears with unrecoverable damage, when it has burned down and was like twisted irons or due to an accident he has shattered.The car is declared siniestro total when the value of repair exceeds the sum which has ensured. Some companies considered sinister total when the value of repair is the 75, 80 or 90% of the insured value. There are insurance companies that cover with insurance for own damages, those produced by a storm of hail or damage by a strong wind drag car, for example, etc i.e. responds to inclement weather. The most comprehensive insurance includes coverage for damage to baggage or personal items amounting to a stop of up to 1500 euros. If you transit down a track that is not considered as suitable pair driving a vehicle and suffered an accident, most of the companies will not be responsible for repair costs.


I knew you that there is 20 times more bacteria than cells in your body? In fact, at any time, you have more bacteria in your body than the number of total people who have ever lived on planet Earth. The next time you weigh it on the bathroom scale, you need to remember that 1 pound of that weight is 1 billion live microorganisms in their gut. This may sound alarming, but many of these organisms are crucial to good health. A probiotic is an organism that contributes to the health and balance of the intestinal tract. A probiotic also is referred to as friendly, beneficial, or good since the bacteria that are ingested help to fight diseases. A healthy low bowel must contain at least 85% of friendly bacteria to prevent excessive colonization of microorganisms that cause diseases such as Escherichia Coli and salmonella. You can maintain your health with bacteria unfriendly to 15%, if the body contains at least friendly probiotic bacteria to 85%. The majority of the people It has this percentage invested.

The word probiotic means simply for life, which explains why these foods are so important. But if you want a probiotic proper scientific definition is: A live microbial supplement of feeding, which beneficially affects the host improving its intestinal microbial balance the reinvestigation is establishing how important are supplements probiotics for a variety of health conditions. The probiotics enhance immune system by altering the micro-ecologia of intestines and avoiding unfriendly organisms to gain a balance in the body. Prevent excessive growth of substances such as yeast and fungus and can lower cholesterol. Probiotics supplements are recommended widely for the treatment of candida fungal infection because they establish populations large friendly bacteria that compete with candida that is trying to take residence in the intestine.

Eyelash Conditioner

Shea butter also improves the elasticity of the skin. Eyeshadow’s design is generally based on the creation of layers in order to create a certain effect. Eyelashes long and beautiful, for example, may require less eyeshadow and more mascara to get a natural look. The first step in the creation of layers is to apply a neutral copyeditor who is the same skin tone. Then a half-tone base color should be applied to the eyelid from eyelashes to the brow line. To apply the second layer to the bottom of the cover up and mixed in the base tone.

Then a third layer can be added only in the line of tabs and mixing to the outer corners. This gives the deep eyes. The majority of people do not realise what is an ally who have on their body when it’s treatment and restoration of youth looks good. So your natural collagen and elastin running at full speed again it can be achieved easily, with three simple lifestyle changes. Change of lifestyle is to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. I do not recommend completely, to avoid the Sun because some sunlight is necessary for good health.

Your body needs regular exposure to short term in order to produce vitamin D, and to regulate mood. An Eyelash Conditioner is a product that is designed to help you achieve long, thick, a higher tab. It should not be confused with Eyelash extensions, Eyelash conditioners usually come in a tube and apply directly to your eyelashes or the base of your eyelashes. About author Promaquillaje offers broad makeup tricks valuable suggestions on how to improve its beauty. Apart from the tips that will also be guided and suggest what type of products or cosmetics suited to your type of skin and texture. We make sure that not only look beautiful but it is also healthy. Viewing, revising, and find the perfect style for you. The list includes makeup, men, makeup wedding, mineral makeup, tips, tricks and much more.