Mexican Constitution

Ramon Gallegos defined education holistic as an education for life and throughout life, permanent significant learning, a comprehensive training to learn the art of living responsibly, intelligently and compassionately. It is not limited to the instrumentation for vocational development, but training for self-realization of in all the roles of the human being in society, plays up to the spiritual. Attending to what says the Mexican Constitution in articles that relate to education, in specific the third, we can see that it expresses the implementation of a comprehensive, same education we have not displayed, so far in the national education system the fact that indicate that education must be oriented to the harmonious development of all the faculties of the human being, shows us that the holistic education is precisely indicated in their articles, giving it validity and legal recognition. In this sense we can deduce that education must have a human face, and comply with the principles established in the holistic education, such as interdependence; that goes from dependence, independence through until you get to the interdependence, it is the recognition that we are not alone, that therefore our actions affect directly or indirectly the others, favourably or unfavourably. Responsibility when you’ve already recognized interdependence, our actions falling within this context of responsibility, starting with oneself, then for others, the world until reaching the universal.

The cooperation that involves using all resources to compliment the learning. Confidence that begins in one’s self, then in others and in life itself. The spirituality that is love, compassion, joy, humility and interrelatedness. The freedom that starts with a not autonomous until you find the autonomous. Love, peace and respect.

These principles are exposed in the conscious education bridge created by Dr. Ramon Gallegos. And mark the stages of man, from birth until reaching the level of spiritual awareness. So far we have seen that it involves the holistic education, but not the as and where to make holistic education.

Ramon Gallegos Nava

Holistic education is an education for transcendence, his goal is the evolution of human consciousness, of a self-centered one of transpersonal intelligence rational Stadium. Holistic education is a pedagogy of universal love, it is a call to live according to our true spiritual nature, its curriculum is life in all its manifestations, extends beyond the classroom, nourishes the best of human beings to make it a being creative, responsible and compassionate. By that our students need an education that helps them not only to have more information, but it allows them to solve everyday problems of life, this leads us to reflect on the threshold of the 21st century, it is clear that we need a new education, an education according to new needs and emerging cultures dilemmas. CONCLUSIONS in the beautiful work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos allowed me to catch a glimpse, a future came security, harmony and peace, for humanity, in each of These 12 books displayed a vast range of apprenticeships but above all much wisdom (gold ground) that were opening new horizons in my mind, at some points very clearly but in others a little confusion, but that witness them with participation in the MSN, and sessions that we have had are have been dissipating. It’s incredible to realize of is great need that we humans find our true identity, not only as individuals but also as universal community, and even more beyond what we are experiencing around the world, I am infinitely grateful to God and to life, having found this wonderful way to me is helping to recognize my true nature, which has opened new horizons in my being, to recognize where you come and choose the best path from to where I want to go, with a level of awareness as high as Ramon Gallegos Nava, who has dared to face all the difficulties that life presented him to achieve its goal, and realize, Perhaps one of their most cherished dreams, because with that great spiritual sensitivity has, knows how sharing this wealth of experiences, wisdom, knowledge, skills, to all those people who are spiritually thirsty.

Ramon Gallegos

Thus we can understand and classify the multinivel-multidimension model is based on the differentiation and integration of 5 levels of educational whole, 5 studies of evolution of consciousness and 6 dimensions of learning. Ramon Gallegos performs an integration of these stages, levels and dimensions thereby 30 educational regions including in them from the material-mecanicista up to the subtle and spiritual. In the same way that only blind people contributed what his hands allowed them know the elephant, in the same way there are different authors who have shown to education and given their contributions considering each of them since its area is the most important for a quality education for children, this leaves aside other issues; pedagogical, social, cognitive and spiritual than other authors in the same way they conduct their research and give your contributions from your area already known to them. Model multilevel Multidimension if it includes several authors and their contributions forming thereby the integration of theories that complement and are needed in the development of the human being. The holistic education aims to develop spiritual intelligence this intelligence is the last and the most important of the other, the emotional and the multiple intelligences intelligences. Spiritual intelligence enables us to the meditative practice, spiritual intelligence allows us to see the sacred in all, with it we can overcome suffering and without suffering there will be only happiness in our lives. Spiritual intelligence is what we currently need in our humanity, she provides us with the elements needed to resolve the existing problems in society, these be seen because of hedonism and nihilism, these problems have led people to live in constant suffering, as he is living in an addiction to the pleasure of the senses, hedonism is an attachment to the pleasure and this distances us from our true nature only. The hedonism prevail humanity will be an indication of our ability to be happy is not enough, mistakenly believing that happiness gives it everything that surrounds us, outside, what we see without understanding even if happiness comes of being, not of having.


Emerges a new paradigm based on the perennial philosophy, education holistic that overcomes the old paradigms taking as a centre to humans and this to be aware of their realities worry not anything else by the, but also by the universe where he lives. This paradigm provides a vision of reality dynamic, complex and open to holistic education and with human sensitivity that overcomes the fragmented and mechanical vision of the 18th century. The perennial philosophy aims happiness is where we recognize ourselves as universal beings in interdependence with all, is why we find that more fully developed human beings were universal beings who embraced all beings without distinction. Here teaches us the fundamental Declaration of the your are that. There is duality between individual self and the universal being, which is to overcome the problem of individualism, the separateness. It shows us the broad guidelines for life, since her come the answers to various questions that we do throughout our lives. This philosophy helps us to recover the value of our planet giving us that it is a living organism and not a machine as shown in the mechanistic paradigm. It is the heart of education holistic that defines its meaning and mission.

Aldous Huxley He was one of the pioneers of this philosophy where reference is made to the spiritual wisdom that has been present through all of humanity and is the same not dogmatic essence shared by religions. Holistic education is a process to make us more aware that the world is a unity and not a whole, discovering who we truly are through direct inquiry. In the process holistic relate all our human potential: scientific, spiritual, artistic, social to name a few. A holistic educator does not see the student as a brain this processing only information in the classroom and that is only there to occupy a place but that he sees it as a possessor of a potential human being, as a spiritual being in search of a meaning, as a being full of various dimensions in their human experience.

Gallegos Nava

The holistic education is education that humanity needs, take it out requires a great effort to convert educational institutions in learning communities for which this vision of integrality, spirituality and brotherhood can be applied. According to the work of Dr. Gallegos Nava 3, the holistic education can be defined in the following manner: holistic education is a pedagogy of universal love, a process to form integral human beings, a conduit to nurture the best of the human spirit. Holistic education is a practice integral to the transformation of consciousness, a way of direct experience of own subjectivity that allows us to awaken to the knowledge of our true spiritual nature. Holistic education is a multidimensional vision, multilevel and multicuadrante build a great synthesis of human knowledge, science-oriented and the spirituality. Holistic education aims to promote compassionate human beings who live in the flame of universal love with cross-cultural universal values and are interested in the welfare of all beings. Holistic education nurtures the intelligence, certainty, inner peace, generosity, fairness, compassion, spirituality, universal love, creativity, happiness, fraternity, Concord, patience, responsibility, etc. The evolution of consciousness it is intended to make possible the harmonious development of all the capabilities of the human being, aimed at the construction of a harmonious world and individual accomplishment.

In education holistic is the conduit for the evolution of consciousness, from an existential egocentric Stadium itself modern and postmodern cultures to a conscience holistic, own a transmodern culture. Holistic education is a construction of second grade, promoter of an integral and permanent, learning that considers the student in its entirety, as a being emotional, cognitive, aesthetic, social, physical and spiritual. In holistic education, epistemological pluralism allows us to recognize the fundamental relationship between being and knowing, considers that the reality has different levels of depth and that each one of these levels should be studied with bases espistemologicas different, complementary, congruent, articulated in a comprehensive model of knowledge.

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Quesada Martinez

According to Quesada Martinez (2006), there are different models, among the most used are: the behaviorist model: oriented to the selection of the fittest, and bearer of difficulties for the identification of standards and technical requirements. It is based on the personal aspects of job performance that are possible measurement. Although it contains elements of collective work, the worker looks prompted to individually overcome. In this model competition essentially describes what a worker can do and not what It makes. It focuses on the identification of the capacities of the person that lead it to higher organization performance. Generally applies to management levels and subscribes to the capabilities that make him stand out not predefined circumstances.

The functionalist model: essentially based on the measurement of results. Part of the main objective and continues with the disaggregation of levels to identify the units of competence and its elements. The key feature of this analysis is that he describes products, not processes. With this method the worker obtained recognition of their competencies in relation to obtaining and achieving the main objective. The functional approach refers to specific and predefined performance that the person must demonstrate, derived from an analysis of the functions that make up the production process. This model at the operational level is generally used, and was confined to technical aspects.

The constructivist model: method with higher load is holistic, with parameters of social inclusion and integral formation, human dimension of activity and social context of the work. You are based on the premise that the full participation of individuals in the discussion and understanding of problems is crucial for the identification of the dysfunctions in the company. It is from that discussion and general exchange begins to generate standard. For example, in a company becomes consciousness among all the pers

Edgar Morin

Still searching practical proposals for the educative, diverse exits can be explored by the professor, this go since its verbal exposition, domain of content, thematic quarrels, audiovisuais resources, among others that they facilitate to education learning of the pupil. Such practical allow that the pupil can have more space to formulate principles using themselves of its proper words, the same ones they start to reflect and they become ahead critical of the boarded theories. Leaving of the transdiciplinaridade that Freire in such a way defends, it is perfectly acceptable that has application and conciliation of the contents that can talk between itself to construct and to consolidate the knowledge to be explored and to be discovered by the learning, of this form the result will be so satisfactory that it not yet reaches many goals waited by the professor, have seen that the same as mediating it goes to inside interact of the pedagogical space in a world still to be discovered in set with its auxiliadores, becoming the praiseworthy experience for both the parts. The contribution of Morin inside of the educational process is completely essential, therefore without understanding the challenges and complexes that surround the man as individual inside of the society, would be impossible assists it in this search to the unfinished one, and inserts in its estimated the construction of a complementation culture, therefore it is beyond being humanizante ahead admits constant scientific curiosity of the process of knowledge what it is indispensable in the pertaining to school context. Consideraes Inconclusas. In accordance with what we analyze throughout the trajectory of this article, practical the educational ones of the professor of superior education, also insert the theoretical conceptions of the authors Pablo Freire and Edgar Morin, therefore aims at the following one begins: To prioritize the detention of the knowledge, basing the research, in a holistic and humanizadora line of the problem to be worked in the university context.