"Sorry? After all, what happened? Never! "Such phrases are not rare to hear. While everyone understands forgiveness differently. Some people think forgiveness unacceptable weakness. "Forgiving" batterer, always trying to erase it from memory, so as not to irritate the wound. And someone is considering forgiveness as a favor. Here are some common myths about forgiveness. Myth One: Time will heal any wound. Time is a great healer.

How many times has this phrase sounded like a consolation! In fact, the past resentments eventually lose their sharpness. But the healing properties of time should not be exaggerated. It copes well with small insults. But the deception, betrayal hurts the soul for a long time. Again, while only helps to forget, but forgive the offense.

The second myth: to forgive – then erase from memory. This myth has been actively pushing for those who believe that the brain is to give a command – and he, as if by magic, erase from memory unpleasant event or person. Again – and voila! Self-deception, no more. When Oksana broke up with her boyfriend, she decided to delete it permanently from your life, forget to put a big and fat point. She strongly rid from anything that could remind him of: photographs, letters, objects, gifts. At one point it seemed that it was possible to forget. The pain subsided. But then I saw him with another girl – and old resentments flared up with renewed vigor. Her attempts to forget and break with the past have collapsed in an instant.

Romildo Nunes Mendes

To include in the worship veneration that not to the proper one God, was what the heathen ones made, and made with good intention, to put God did not accept them as adoradores. In lower court the family is responsible for the worship the God. – When the parents take God the serious one, the children will inculcaro the seriousness of God. He allows a certification me of my parents. They were a couple compromised to Deus.E in a ray of 20 km were the only evanglicos. They had had 10 children.

She never compelled them to be evanglico. People such as DuPont would likely agree. But they lived a so merciful faith that never its children if deviated from the Word of God. A decision in family, Joshua, 24:15 – 17. Joshua offers to freedom and good-sense to the people to search or to reject the God. But a thing that man, sincere servant of God already had made: together with its family they had taken a decision to serve God. 15 However, if you it badly seems to serve the Mr., you choose, today, to who you serve: if to deuses to who they had served your parents who were dalm of the Eufrates or to deuses of the amorreus in whose land you inhabit. I and my house will serve the Mr. Example and basic it has resulted formidable.

It has many parents who say that he takes its children the church because it is good for its children. – I childbirth of the principle that the children are intelligent and see in the parents an example. – Its children have to think that if it is not good for its parents, they also do not serve pra. Joshua has a position: I and my house will serve the God. – Closed Question in its house was the allegiance the God. It is important that you and its house if seat pra to talk on the seriousness of the faith in God and that they reflect on the history of its family, as they can see the blessing of God. – Our return the families are conturbadas. Why? – Many of our friends and colleagues of infancy had very taken different destinations of ours. That difference made the family in the history of life of them and mine? Its family congregates and together they take decision to serve the God.Pr. Romildo Nunes Mendes


In our life everything has a meaning, everything operates according to certain laws. Including the relationships between people. That sometimes zaglyanesh some communities, listen to people in everyday life, and see how many problems in humans occurs in relationships, how much conflict arises over trivial matters, how many mistakes lead to quarrels, family breakdown, misunderstanding, tragedy, depression. And if you get to the core of everything that happens, you realize that stumble on the little things in ordinary things, lacks basic knowledge and skills, people often simply can not understand what it differently, do not know the simple rules of communication. Looking through the stats on your site search queries, I am surprised (and shocked at the same time) that many young people do not know how to talk to girls like herself to them, and there is even a problem with how to meet a girl in a social network. It very seriously, and this is a consequence of the fact that no one at all is not engaged at the appropriate level in order to teach children to communicate – by parents that once, you do not know, school children a head clog encyclopedic knowledge and often completely unnecessary, and as a result children are not the most important thing yieldeth (communication, personal development and life values in orintirovaniyu and direction in life) and go in life as bare hand under the tanks. But here the most interesting.

After all, we consider ourselves the most intelligent, and do not like it when we are taught. Us, especially in adolescence, everything seems clear, we think that we do is always right, we are all clear and understandable, but just problems not become less. As one sage put it – 'Every man is wise in his own eyes. " Yes, we are always intelligent and wise in his own eyes, and think that everything is not properly received, and we do not understand. But why not turn to look themselves and do not grasp the essence of communication, relationships, general principles of life? As I said, we think we are right, but life often shows the opposite, when there are problems in the family, relationships, simply by living. Even statistics shows that second marriages are more sturdy than the first.

Why? Yes, perhaps all life posbivala arrogance and learn to appreciate the right things and do not stamp on rake and his, and others. Or maybe do not have to wait until the thunder clap, and stands in the beginning to learn the rules of communication, relationships, life? There is a feeling that people do not care, and begin to delve into it only when it is a lot of problems, mangled heap of firewood, and chtobdy somehow rectify the situation start looking for a way out. I remember as a child, we had one friend, and when he said: 'I obey their parents, they give advice, and they're good', we laughed at him, saying what a fool, senior listening. As a result, he is now a doctor and lives in Germany, and those who laughed at him, and live normal, dull life. And that is what I have it all – it might be worth not wait until the time comes serious and act on pre-emption – to learn and delve into yourself? SOULLIFE.INFO

North American

“We have a special technology fermenting fruit, and cider is more like wine than beer, as it was before “- says Janet Docherty, one of the owners of Merridale Estate Cidery – plant producing cider. “We are in a good sense of conservatives, that is not looking for volume, use pure juice and not use any additives. ” Being a traditionalist means more and grow the same varieties of apples, and that in the last century. These are special varieties that are not very suitable for food: they have very high content of tannin, a substance that imparts the fruits tartness and even bitterness. It all began with the purchase of the manor “Merrideyl”, where in 2003 and the factory was built.

Janet and Rick developed a technology for eight types of cider by producing it from fruits grown in their own gardens. They’re doing a traditional British cider, dry and “Norman” – in the French style, aged in oak barrels, and new species, with the addition of local honey and berries. Not far from them, in place Saanikton, Bruce and Christine Jordan run “Sea Cider”, where they grow their own garden of a thousand apple trees, overlooking the ocean, including to and from special classes, which miraculously survived during Prohibition in effect at the North American continent. As in, “Merridale,” product “Sea Cider” is a mix of old and new: its cider “Wild English” wanders from the “wild” yeast, “Kings and Spies,” reminiscent of the Italian sparkling white wine, the alcohol is made from several varieties of apples: and special, and an unknown variety that emerged in itself through the mutual pollination of many trees for decades. Unlike “Merrideyla”, “Sea Cider” – and a place of pilgrimage for tourists. It is open to the public all year round, and visitors can taste and, of course, to buy alcohol, but also to make a short trip on the farm.

In the spring and in summer guests can sit on a specially built stylized deck, sipping cider and enjoying the endless views of the gardens and the water surface. In the Okanagan Valley is, of course, their own, very young tradition production of alcohol. So, Raven Ridge Cidery started production of a very unexpected: her famous “ice” apple cider was the result of unexpected early frost in 2002, when there is not collected apples frozen on the trees. But owners of orchards have decided not to sit back, losing crops: ingenuity has done its job, and frozen apples went into business. “Frost is separated from the water nectar, and it is this property we use for our “Ice” cider “, – says marketing manager Rick Priscus. “He’s not cheap, but that left a bottle of 375 ml. It takes about hundreds of apples.” According to Rick, the secret to their success – in the careful handling, the finest local fruits and a good dose of intuititsii: “We did everything in small batches, by hand, and all the finds appeared quite spontaneously, but now all these findings have become the rule, and our products every year will get only better.

Holistic Concept

Only in this case, as the ancient warrior, the concept can win the battle in today's world of lies and deception, bringing people longevity and joy of life! In other words, a holistic concept should be based, as said before, at four pillars: unshakable base invincible protection, compelling and enduring attack the head. If you translate this into more scientific language – the language of system description, we find that any integrated system has four characteristics: temporary (base), power (protection), spatial (the attack) and information (head). But this is not a scientific work, so I will not go into scientific research, but simply tell you how I ponimayu.Baza. Base – Is what allows us to live, and what pushes everything else. This is just our physical health, without which everything else will seem just words.

You try to convince a person, frequently ill and very poorly developed physically, that life in his hands. Yes, for him the whole world – this is one great evil! And it is almost certainly the result of his physical condition. Psychologists proved that the mental condition of the person directly due to his physical condition and vice versa. Therefore, you should first take care of their physical health, then life will be pleasant! The base, like any other "kit" concept has two direction: inward and outward themselves. In other words, the base consists of rules and guidelines, which action, as it were directed to the person (inside) and from humans (outside). With this in mind, I emphasize the following components of the base concepts: Compliance with occupational (Outside).

Maintaining physical fitness (inside). These two components have a specific content database. What they mean for me? Hygiene means a necessary fulfillment of hygienic procedures such as washing, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc., in any place and at any time, whenever possible (within reason, without going into paranoia).