Cologne Teaching

Informational evening for the coach training: with all your senses just Dusseldorf – learn Stefanie Rossler, sought-after organizational and management consultant, put together a very special training due to their own experience of education and professional practice. Together with five other trade specialists, it conveys is highly effective, humanistic and holistic teaching and learning methods and concepts, which combine scientific knowledge and effective psychological practice in a unique way. The concepts and methods can be applied in all areas of life and learning: in the school and adult education as well as in company. To ensure the required intensity and individuality of the training, the number of participants on 15 is limited. Interested parties are cordially invited to the briefing on the 11th September 2010 in Cologne, to learn about the training. It is a training to the acquisition of leadership skills, Trainerskills and holistic teaching methods, their application in different areas of life, teaching and working in supporting and improving comes: in the school / education such as educational leadership and enforcement qualities be promoted easier designed teaching and learning units and better structured and strengthened the social fabric and the group cohesion through the development of individual personalities.

In the economy and companies can be with the concepts taught in the training and methods, work climate/morale improved and optimized internal processes and in particular the transfer of knowledge and thus training procedures. Manager, HR managers and other leaders, but also with much/public communication working people can relevant skills (such as such as your own personality development /-development, communication / social skills, structure/taxonomy) purchase, can be applied that professionally how socially constructive. In the training and continuing education, finally opened the coach training in particular women the opportunity to work as coach and to pass on knowledge, which they can use on the other, but also in addition in the already-chosen profession.

Holistic Counseling

The opinion that the holistic life coaching is not trusted, the consultants recognize the holistic life consulting – quality, just say what you want to hear and have money only in the sense is very common. Unfortunately not completely unfounded, because there are many black vindicate that exploit the trust. How can you recognize and distinguish from the reputable offerings? There are some qualities that you should be aware of. It is important that offered advice assistance represents, which motivates and strengthens. The problems are clear to be addressed and the solutions and advice are clearly explained. In other words it should be wasn’t talking about the Bush. The consultant should clearly address the questions and concerns of customers. If you have the opinion that one is helped, you should express this.

Unlike a piece of advice from friends or acquaintances, can enter a consultant on the background and create a space for development and changes and discuss the steps with the customer. Also if you noticed all this can it happen being unhappy with the advice, especially when the consultant seems unappealing one. In this case, you should change the consultant. There is a wide range of offerings for holistic counseling, on portal pages like eg. by Vistano can I contact the consultant not only by phone but also via email. It is recommended to inform themselves in advance, to make sure if they exist on the Internet, in forums and on the assessment of individual consultants. Kevin Kuster

Skin Center

The skin Center of Wiesbaden informs under the direction of Dr. med. Peter Broichmann informs the eczema is a particularly common skin condition, mainly children, but also adults suffer. For treating your body and symptoms attacking psyche, is for the doctor significantly to take a holistic perspective, how to know Dr. Broichmann, dermatologist from Wiesbaden to report.

Meanwhile, percent of pre-school children suffer from a Neurodermatitis in industrialized States 10 to 15. The disease associated with inflammatory eczema runs over hard predictable eruption spurts and so far cannot be cured in the course of their chronic. Accordingly it comes in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in particular, to minimise the suffering of affected patients, by inflammation met quickly and effectively, and the occurrence of relapses is delayed. The eczema is similar to hay fever or asthma, an allergic disease in the body’s defences, to different allergens, substances overreact. The permanent itching, which belongs to the main symptoms of atopic dermatitis and devastating the mental state can affect is more burdensome than the inflammatory eczema for those affected. A holistic approach of medicine considered the welfare of the people as all physical and mental sensitivities. The Neurodermitistherapie is from this point of view, represented by Dr. Broichmann Wiesbaden as a dermatologist in the skin Center, therefore, to combine therapies that improve the physical and mental condition of the patient.

Experience Dr. Broichmanns the targeted combination of conventional sound, medical procedures with the possibilities of natural medicine suitable for this purpose. Against the background of long-standing treatment successes he uses a combination of photo – and balneo therapy in particular in severe gradients of atopic dermatitis as well as drugs. In photo therapy, the patient is with the high-energy ultraviolet light Light wavelengths UV-A or UV-B radiation. This increases his physical and mental well-being and restricts the spread of inflammatory eczema at the same time. The bath PUVA therapy complements the course of therapy to a previous bad and a drug that increases the effect of the UV-A light. This considerably increases the effectiveness of phototherapy. The individual disease history of atopic dermatitis requires expert, the patient’s individual needs customized, counselling and therapy. Dr. Broichmann is his patients do this gladly available.

European Rabbit

Rabbits have a high fertility and precocity. From each healthy rabbit for the year you can get 5 – 6 okrolov, more than 25 – 30 rabbits, or about 60-70 kg of meat (live weight), and 20 skins. In the majority of rabbit carcasses is white meat, which has low calorific value, by containing the complete protein with a small amount of cholesterol. Rabbit is particularly useful for children, the elderly and patients suffering from diseases manufactures footwear and leather haberdashery. Rabbit fluff is used to produce the most valuable varieties of felt, suede and jersey. Rabbit refers to the order Lagomorpha, family Zaitsev, the class of mammals.

Birthplace of the wild rabbit say southern and middle parts of Europe (particularly France and Spain). From southern European wild rabbit came all breeds of domestic rabbit. As a result, the mating of wild and domestic rabbits obtained viable and fertile offspring. Obtaining hybrids between rabbits and hares (leporidov) is impossible. Rabbits and hares are similar in appearance, but the biological properties are very different. Pregnancy in rabbits lasts 28-32 days, the rabbits – 50-52 days. Rabbits are born blind, naked, and leverets – sighted, well-feathered hair and a week later dispense with the mother.

Wild rabbits live in colonies and mostly satisfied with their nests in burrows. Rabbits for the breeding burrows are not satisfied. Currently, rabbits bred in almost all countries of the world. For successful breeding rabbits need to know their biological characteristics.

Reopening Of The Adult Hygiene Sevicio

‘The Colonel’ tells how his life became a torment from which killed his son until he glared with 8 bullets to the confessed murderer. ‘the mocking our pain and I would not allow that. My first choice is is an innovative health insurance service company ” Jorge Arteaga is accompanied by his wife in the hospital. Get an affordable health insurance package from offers a variety of health insurance packages ‘James Daniel Vasquez Katiuska time by’ The Times ’11/10/2009′ I kill my son, “exclaimed Arteaga Jorge Maldonado (56) that 1 October after firing eight times against Guzman Jorge Carvalho (28) was sentenced in first instance to 18 years in prison for having killed the son of former military in April 2007.


However, our bodies are essential and other vitamins. Multikarotin – the source of various carotenoids. The most well known is beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), which is converted in the human body Vitamin A, only when there arises a need. Vitamin A is required for normal growth and functioning of the organs of hearing, sight, smell and vkusa.Pri sufficient quantities for the body acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin A deficiency is expressed in eye fatigue, the development of myopia, aging and skin peeling, the lack of shine.

Increased susceptibility to infections in children slows the development of an organism. Vitamin E – does in the body an important protective role in fighting free radicals and protecting fatty acids, especially unsaturated from destruction. Molecule of vitamin E intercepts the free radical molecule and, giving her one electron, turning it into a neutral substance which is excreted in the urine. If the body a little vitamin E, fats break down in the same way. A typical feature are the dark spots on the hands. Protecting the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the heart and other organs, vitamin E promotes cell respiration throughout the body. Vitamin E prevents or eliminates poor circulation, does not form clots.

Protects critical gland – the hypothalamus, thymus, adrenal cortex. Deficiency of this substance leads to a reduction in sperm production in men and to dysfunction of the uterus in women. Vitamin C – in the immune system is the worst enemy of all pathogens, parasites, viruses, germs, and. first of all, free radicals. People with weak immune systems are often cold. Vitamin C enters the blood already in the oral mucosa. Vitamin C performs at the body are two important objectives: strengthening the immune system and stabilizes the mind. It strengthens the connective tissue, smooths the walls of blood vessels, ranging from thin veins and ending with microscopic capillaries. Helps with varicose veins and Hemorrhoids, removes wrinkles and prevents the early formation of wrinkles, kills bacteria that cause tooth decay zubov.Pri its deficit in the connective tissues arise microscopic gaps that most often seen in bleeding gums and poorly healing wounds. It is important to know that if you start bleeding gums, in most cases throughout the body appear hidden internal bleeding. Stabilizes weight, metabolism, eliminates toxins, waste products, releasing the iron from the intestinal wall and bile, and delivers it into the blood, accelerates the action of calcium, which is very important for teeth, supports the assimilation of beta-carotene and Lack of vitamin E in the lens of the eye of vitamin C leads to the development of cataracts.


Vitamins (from Lat. Vita – life) – the substances of organic origin, which are not source of any energy, but nevertheless very necessary body (in small quantities) to its normal, intensive life (and even its existence). They are actively involved in metabolism are biouskoritelyami chemical reactions that occur in the cell, as well as increase immunity to infectious and other diseases, actively reduce the adverse impact of various occupational factors, etc. Vitamins has been extensively used in the treatment of hypo – and avitaminosis, ie vitamin deficiency that developed as a result of complete absence or lack of availability in the body of a vitamin (as a result of poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract or malnutrition), they are also used for systemic treatment of so many heavy and light diseases in which the presence of vitamins in our body is enough (liver, heart, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, etc.) Vitamins are always identified by Latin letters (A, B, C, D, etc.) ; among other things, they also have a special notation. Absolutely all the vitamins are divided into two main groups: fat soluble (vitamins A, E, D, K) and water-soluble (vitamins C, P and B). The source of all vitamins We were and will be food of animal and vegetable origin, with which they enter the body. Formation of some vitamins, which occurs in our body with the participation of specific microbes that inhabit the colon intestine. Excessive doses of vitamins (hypervitaminosis) have harmful effects on the body and only because they need to take prescription-only specialist.

Sauna Steam

Bath culture developed around the world. Our country, too, is no exception. However, the steam in a steam bath or sauna, too, need to be able to. How do you do it right? Go into steam better completely dry. This is necessary in order to temporarily raise body temperature and cause sweating. Then, when the body is ready, you can start steaming the body's tissues. Use a broom steam is sent to the desired location and then applied to the hot broom warmed up the place.

This action has a very strong effect, so we do not advise strongly to get involved in a poultice. Then you can start grinding. Such a procedure relaxes and soothes. Brooms, like a sponge, smoothly and gently rubbing the entire body. You can then proceed to the stage of bathing with soap. It is recommended to use soap in the bath at the end of bath treatments. Pomyvshis, drink a glass of beer and after a short break returned to the steam room. After that, wash off the sweat and wash my head the most basic in the bath – it's no rush for everything. If you have a little time, it is better to limit the number of calls than to sacrifice quality steaming.

Clean Your Face With Ultra Botanicals

Women are pursuing ultra botanicals facial cleanser in mass. Women are pretty damn skilled when it comes to skin and cosmetics, so they immediately recognized ultra botanicals as the healthiest facial cleanser on the market, with the papaya facial cleanser being their all time favorite. A facial cleanser cleans the top layer of skin by removing makeup, pore debris, and air pollutants which have been glued to the skin. It also removes dead skin cells and oil, leaving skin a healthy glow. A well balanced, gentle cleanser that maintains the skins natural PH is very important for women.

The women insist on skin cleansers that not only cleanses the skin, but your skin look healthier and younger. That’s why the botanical facials have become so popular. Are mild, not destroy the skins natural PH, and replace important nutrients to the skin. After only a few weeks of use are the woman and her skin look younger. Just as its name indicates, these facial creams are made from natural products, rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, and complete with anti-aging properties. You will find ingredients like aloe, coconut, jojoba, papaya, chamomile, orange blossom, yarrow, and even the ponytail. That is not the tail of a horse, but a very powerful antioxidant herb.

Because these botanical cleansers are so gentle, it can be used daily, both morning and night. Evening cleaning is especially important in his face has had a full day of abuse. Your component must be removed, it is necessary to unclog pores, and is required to remove contaminants that you have been exposed during their daily trips. To complete the facial cleansing you should add a botanical astringent to be used after using the facial cleanser. You must also add a botanical cleansing exfoliant that can use two or three times a week. Botanical scrubs include ingredients such as apricot husks, while the astringents often include ingredients like tea tree oil or green tea. These natural Scrubs gently remove dead skin and expose the fresh new layer of skin waiting to reach the surface. The well will help keep the skin free of acne and bacteria that can cause acne. So how women really feel about botanical cleaning and related products. Are not they like any other cleaner that has been on the market. A lot of fuss, with basically the same results. Women will say emphatically “no” cleansing botanicals are different! Are softer and more natural, and within two weeks not only feel a difference in your skin, you will see a healthy sheen. And here’s the good news guys. There are complete lines of botanical facial products available for men too. Those who have tried them are of the same opinion as women. Now is not the first? So treat yourself and your skin the way they deserve be treated. Wrap yourself in Mother Nature! Stacener MD The Acne Cure has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing valuable information to keep you beautiful and healthy.

Importance Of Skin Care: Ever Wondered What Exactly Our Skin Does ?

The following article provides an idea why skin care is important and suggests a simple skin care any regime can take to help your skin to act in his prime. Features of our skin are too numerous to go through here in detail, however, protects our 'inside' the external environment, acting as a barrier and a filter between the "outside" and "inside" of our body. The skin helps regulate our body temperature, as when we have a fever or we're physically working hard, we tend to sweat, which is the body's way to try to lower the temperature. The skin also protects us from harmful substances entering our body, and eliminates many toxins. This has the burden on our liver and kidneys to filter the products of metabolism of our body. The skin also breathes! These are just some of the important functions of our skin and as you can see, the skin care is vital, not only for their external beauty, but to keep your inner health. Now there is no skin care and skin care is … Well, we all (hopefully) wash our body (skin) every day and may even rub some cream on the body and is more or but.

Women (most) go one step further when the makeup on her face. Often using a cleanser and then a moisturizer before applying makeup. But is that really care for the skin? I believe not. I would consider an attack on the skin instead of taking care of him.