Prostate Cancer

has established levels of the recommended daily allowance (RDA, in English) … prescribe and the nutrition coordinator of a qualified health professional. …
Hello everyone. First of all make clear that I am not a regular coffee, because my time is often scarce, so I apologize in advance if this has already been raised. Although wikipedia is not an experiment in democracy, it is true that the prestige of democracy and the simplicity of confusing democracy with voting makes a lot (too many) cases are decided by voting, instead of the recommended form is the consensus reached by argumentation. If we add only a tiny part of a community is habitual cardiovascular voter, we have a very distorted situation in which a small group of users can easily distort important votes by spam, puppets and other tricks like that. If this happens in important votes, many more votes in that there are dozens of daily consultations erase fitness Feature … The proposals of the kind Wikipedia: Votaciones/2007/Requisitos are well minimos to vote, but in my opinion not solve the fundamental problem: the votes are an inappropriate method for making decisions in an environment like that of Wikipedia. The endless discussions and attempts to establish clear policies for issues such as the encyclopedic relevance become quite intractable because, ultimately, any such policy must rest on common sense, and as we know, this is the least common of the senses . Unable to reach an accurate definition of what is closed or not is irrelevant part relevance is subjective but I do not wound. The proposal to eliminate the health care voting method to decide such issues as the relevance of the articles or statement Feature. But the election committee formed and similar functions with CRC to decide on the issues raised in the light of the arguments presented by the parties and the policies of Wikipedia. Of course many things health would have to decide: items that can be decided by committees, rules of operation, method of choice … This proposal only seeks to tap the supplements views regarding the idea of leaving in the hands of committees elected many of the issues currently being addressed through voting. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Saludos Martingala 23:11 27 Aug 2007 (CEST)
I agree with everything you said, with a nuance that is continue to vote but the votes which they are weighing those arguments. Who would decide who votes and when weight is just one vote ‘Then a bureaucrat. Which would separate the roles of librarians and bureaucrats as they do on other wikis body such as the English. Complex, but it works for you around a thousand wonders.I’m tired of having the most votes wins, that win was to be based more on politics, either at the time of deleting an item or whatever. And the vote that is not based skin care on politics or not explain, that does not count. This is not a democracy. But I do not think your proposal is successful, unfortunately, because they imply much change. Saludos Raystorm (Yes’) 00:46 28 Aug 2007 (CEST)
Good …
Wikipedia: Votaciones/2007/Sobre reform consultations clear that it spoke of decisions on this question of relevance and style, is an almost equal to the plant and was sabotaged by those who are afraid of the bibles. The best proposal so far and there was this abandoned.
Wikipedia: Votaciones/2007/Reforma Council provisoria of erasing the most recent proposal, made by me for which I have just products received a pair of opinions, which makes me assume that you should not have put my signature to the proposal. It is an attempt to give more value to the argument, but not eliminate the votes, a small split between the parties in the previous proposal.
Consultations delete votes are most common and conflicting, so you exemplifies those, but if we refer to the rest of the votes are the deciding policies or ways of working on the wiki, it is usually decided by a vote because we fitness are many and it is normal that the arguments are many … and arguments are almost fingerprints, it is rare that all want the same … But I must congratulate you for a sentence with which I agree 100 … “The prestige of democracy and the simplicity of confusing democracy with voting …”
Un saludo, Nyko83 Veni veni, sing with me 14:13 28 Aug 2007 (CEST)
Since then the consultation is clear example. On the difficulty of taking nutrients forward specific reforms (see the cases you mention), I think it would be better if we first agree in putting the health principles. After proposals are drafted in accordance with principles already agreed. Of course, many policies and the like must continue adopted by a vote. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins provided by the companies … Supplements are unnecessary in people with a normal diet and health. …
… wellness need calcium supplements to achieve the recommended daily amount. … 478 million in net annual costs of health care in the U.S. …
… that supplements containing 2 to 10 times the recommended daily amount of … Supplements should never exceed 150 of the recommended daily dose. …

Prostate Cancer: A Survivor’s Guide by Don Kaltenbach and Tim Richards (Paperback – Nov 2003)

YOGA Studio

… topic of “Meaning of yoga: the object and purpose of their study and practice … Then, the object of study and / or practicing “yoga” would “control the …
Following the breakdown of the final group in 1998, in which the break appears to influence the deterioration of the relationship with his brother Jose Maria continued her solo career as composer, producer and singer. Nacho first visited India in 1986 for a course in yoga and meditation. He met Mother Teresa of Calcutta and started working on charitable projects, including with the NGOs “Commitment” and then in 1998 was one of the founders of the popular Saber Foundation to help girls in India which was also tied his ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz. In late November 2002, after a period of strong disagreements with the head of the India section of the foundation (his childhood friend Carlos Pablo Duran San Roman), Nacho is disengaged from the Knowledge Foundation.
In April 2005 the musical debut as a producer now I can not lift, which will hear the best songs from Mecano, great public success that has remained on the bill on the Gran Via in Madrid for 4 years, currently on tour Espana. In November 2007, the producer of the show decided to withdraw from the same direction and even forbid access to the theater.
As an entrepreneur and producer Nacho Cano is linked to companies Yogi Songs Ltd. and Dharana B.V. The road to great health and wellness is by making a great way to feel healthier and enhance your health. Within the global wellness industry, a part of your daily living. (registered in the Netherlands in The Hague and dedicated to the management of intellectual property). His recording studio, located in Calle Madrid attacks numbers 4-6, also has a Sanskrit name: Studies Ashram. “Ashram” means “school of yoga.” The choice of these names “Ashram”, “Yogi” and “Dharana” (Sanskrit word meaning concentration) reflects the interest in Eastern spirituality by Nacho.
Currently living on the street Nacho Serrano Anguita, in the neighborhood of Chamber Madrid.

Pilates Physio Launches New Device: Exo Chair

Created for use by students of different technical levels, the chair Exo Chair – Pilates Phyisio launch of Equipamentos – Balanced Body – provides Pilates enthusiasts improved cardio-respiratory exercises. This is possible because the Exo Chair has two docks with eight different resistance settings, allowing different groups of muscles to exercise. In addition, the team offers more complex exercises interested. In turn, you can purchase, separately, kits functional resistance. Built of wood, the new chair pedal Exo Chair has padded, comfortable and slip-resistant, providing maximum security to the students. Created for Pilates classes in a group, the chair Exo Chair is compact and easier to store, still a good choice for Pilates practitioners to exercise advanced levels at home. Also, and although its design is 40% smaller than traditional chairs, the Exo Chair allows 50% more exercises than the other models. PHYSIO PILATES: Physio Pilates is an organization of companies operating in the areas of manufacturing equipment and Pilates equipment, in training and professional certification in the Pilates Method, and also in making clothing for the practice of Pilates and other sports .

Physio Pilates Equipments is licensed to South America Balanced Body Company Inc, a brand that supplies equipment to the most popular Pilates instructors in the world. Pilates equipment must have a modern and practical design, also are built with wood from reforestation, which contributes to environmental conservation. Pilates Physio Educacao has licensed the Polestar Education LLC, responsible for training and certification in the Pilates Method of more than 1,700 professionals in Brazil and other South American countries. The system created by the Polestar Pilates, adapting to each practitioner’s body is the result of scientific research and is used worldwide. Pilates Physio Style signature line of sportswear, made by a team of fashion to practice Pilates and other related exercises.

The clothes, made with high quality fabrics, are created based on the idea of comfort and freedom of movement. A turn can be used in any environment and not only during exercise. Pilates The Pilates Method is the name of Joseph Hubertus Pilates, the creator of this method, born in the early twentieth century. The Method Pilates uses specific principles to promote a balance between body and mind, developing the strength, stretching and flexibility. Physio Pilates classes performed according to the body and the needs of each practitioner. “Anyone can do Pilates. We have specific techniques of Pilates for children, pregnant women, elderly, people with neurological problems or bone, etc.. “Said Alice Becker. Physio Pilates apparatus introduced in Brazil Gyrotonic Exotica. Produced and exported by the company exclusively for all of South America, the Gyrotonic Exotica device works as a holistic therapy that treats people from diverse lifestyles and offers several benefits to practitioners. Thus, develops strength, flexibility and stamina, while strengthening the abdominal region. The unit also Gyrotonic Exotica relieves joint pain, improves range of motion and aids in injury rehabilitation. The device promises to encourage Gyrotonic Exotic gyms and studios around the country.


Many people fail in the battle against weight, because they do not understand fully what you really need to lose weight.When you fight an enemy (in this case, the body fat) you have to take the time to understand the steps to begin to lose weight. Most of us know that the 2 most important things when it comes to weight loss exercise and eating habits.These two things are highly complementary and when you do well you’ll be losing fat like no other person, but unfortunately many people do not either by lack of willingness or time. When someone is desperate to lose weight, or they stop eating coming to go hungry or exercised to the point of injury. But I assure you that weight loss is possible.What makes your body start to lose weight is the increase in metabolism. This causes your body to burn calories.Higher, more burning.As simple as that.Restrictive diets only reduce your rate of metabolism and why never operate an extreme diet.When your body thinks there is shortage of food, it will slow down your metabolism, in an effort to conserve energy and when you make a meal, your body immediately stores it as fat, because they think you are starving.

In few words?Stop starving!Here are some ways that you can do to increase your rate of metabolism: Cardiovascular exercise is excellent for those who want to lose body fat.How much longer is the duration and more intense is the exercise, the better. Always start with moderate exercise if you are new. Consistency is the main key here.Try to exercise every two days and also give your body the rest badly needed.The body only becomes stronger when repaired after an intense training and this only occurs during rest periods. Therefore at rest is as important as the training itself.The good news is that with the constant exercise, your metabolic rate will increase during days, even when you are not exercising. You should eat the nutrients needed to replenish the expended energy.But remember, the most important thing is the food that you eat that will help you lose weight.You have a tub of ice cream after exercise is not the way to go.If sweet you like, opt for a juicy Apple or a PEAR, and try to avoid processed foods?to the extent possible.But you don’t have to deprive fully of your favorite foods.It is good to have a day trap, and sometimes only needs one or two snacks satisfy their cravings. Water is one of the best appetite suppressants.

When your body is well hydrated, your body will work best and influences the process of burning fat.Drink a glass of water before and after meals will help you feel fuller and help you to not overeating. These are just some simple ways to start the weight loss process. In addition, these tips are easy to do from the comfort of your own House and there is no reason that you cannot start now. If you really want to lose weight, I strongly recommend the program eat to lose is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy, natural and safe.Learn all about the program in the following site eat to lose or go eat to lose fat

Turkey Burger

Million people currently are on a diet. They are people like you that they want to lose weight and look for tricks to losing weight simple that are healthy. Of course, there are no two people exactly alike in their needs when it comes to losing weight, however, there are some nutrition tips that work for everyone. But what are these tricks to losing weight simple? Be them it says for years to eat your vegetables, and they must do it. You should eat plenty of fruits also. Be moderate in your consumption of fruit so you can get the vitamins, but not too much sugar. In addition, many vegetables your body amara and you reward with healthy answers.

When are making efforts to increase your consumption of natural foods, centrate in the Elimination of processed foods from your diet. Processed foods contain a lot of chemicals and additives that provide little or nothing to your nutrition. Take the time to read the labels of the foods you buy and keep this rule in mind: If you can pronounce it easily, is possible that you don’t want to eat it. Search ingredients and minimal additives. One of the tricks for losing weight is simple avoiding sugar sugar is another thing to take into account. Sugar is around us all the time, from breakfast cereals, salad dressings, in the dish of candy on the desktop of your co-worker. It is difficult to avoid sugar, and some sugars are good for you.

The key is staying away from treats and snacks excessively sweet. Looking for something that has low content of sugar as substitutes for your favorite goodies, for example yogurt instead of ice cream. These small sacrifices can save you many calories. It is not unusual to add calories to the meal without realizing. Imagine that you just take the time to do a bit of French fries baked oven to accompany with your Turkey Burger. Now imagine that the next thing you have to do is spread in tomato sauce, tomato sauce that is loaded with high fructose corn syrup. When you add these seasonings, you are adding sugars, fats, and calories. There are great recipes to make your own seasonings that are not only easy, are also very tasty. Other tricks for simple weight loss is to eat less have an effort to eat less during meals. The key is to ask or preparing a small meal starting with a light soup or a salad. This is effective because it is eating something light and healthy, however, must be enough to limit your appetite for the rest of the meal. The main meal will take the majority of calories. But it is enough to have a small portion of the food and enjoy the appetizer. Take the time to make nutritional choices appropriate, not much effort is needed. As for the products that you buy you ensure that your meals are made in a healthy way. Adhierete to the basic concepts in your recipes, enhances the flavor with herbs, spices and controls the food that you are eating. You’ll see these tips simple weight loss will help you to have the figure always dreamed in a short time. Seriously want to lose weight fast? Then you must visit the following information as losing quick weight and in a healthy way?

Lose Weight

Has he been trying lose weight without success? You need to read this article to know more about the best way to lose weight. Start by doing a little research on nutrition. You have to be able to distinguish healthy foods that you should stay away and what should be included in a balanced meal. Each meal should contain foods from the five food groups: meat, cereals, fruit and vegetables, dairy products and fats. You should stay away from foods that contain too much fat, sugar, syrup of high corn fructose, sodium, preservatives and other chemical products. You can avoid these unhealthy ingredients to choose organic foods and cooking at home instead of going to fast-food restaurants.

Use the Internet to find new recipes that you can cook with healthy foods. Look for recipes that include pasta whole wheat, brown rice, fruits, vegetables and nuts. You can still cook your favorite dishes if you fit them through the substitution of ingredients unhealthy, with better alternatives. For example, your favorite pasta dish can be healthy if used whole wheat pasta and make tomato sauce from scratch instead of buying it in a Tin. And if you don’t like cooking, learn how to make salads, soups and sandwiches or get a juicer. Pay attention to the amounts consumed. You should eat three balanced daily meals, but be sure to eat smaller portions. Do not watch it when you eat so you can pay attention to what you are doing and know when is full.

And if you get hungry between meals, eat a fruit or some nuts, this is a good way to lose weight. You can also try eating five small meals during the day if three meals are not sufficient. Be sure to always eat at the same time and keeps track of the amount of calories that you eat every day, so you don’t pass of their recommended intake. The amount of calories you need will depend on your level of activity, your age and your current weight, everything can be calculated in lineay will help you to lose weight in a way easy. Drink plenty of water and eliminates all drinks, except the low fat milk. If you read the labels of soft drinks, juices and energy drinks you buy, you will see that these drinks contain large amounts of sugar, carbohydrates and preservatives. If you mainly drink soft drinks and juices, you will lose a lot of pounds just by changing them by water. Even juices that are advertised as healthy contain too much sugar, if you want a little juice, look for some fresh fruits and preperalo. You can also take a glass of milk at breakfast since milk is a good source of calcium and a little coffee if you need energy, but keep your consumption of caffeine to a minimum, it is a good way to lose weight. Follow these tips so that you can design a healthy diet to lose weight and start exercising too, if you want to lose weight faster. Once you place in shape, not back to their old habits or you will retrieve the weight again immediately.

Lose Weight

When you search help to lose weight, it falls with several myths that are repeated as if these were indeed certain, in this article you will know two of them. The first is about breakfast, the myth says: breakfast should skip as a way to lower the consumption of calories and thereby lose weight. If that were really true, then because not all meals Saute us indefinitely and thus reach our ideal weight more quickly? Of course this makes no sense since the body, so have overweight or not, need of sustenance: calories, sugar, starch, fat and protein to make it work properly, if it deprives the body of food even if you need to lose weight, can do much harm. Your body needs a regular intake of food that is not excessive, however, should be sufficient to provide the protein sugars and fatty acids needed by the body to repair and maintain all parts of the body (bones, ligaments, muscles, tissues, organs etc.) For the breakfast time several hours have already elapsed in the that not has been consumed food, so the stomach is empty and blood sugar levels are low, depriving the body of food in this period will cause to lower its efficiency manifesting as laziness, slowness or laziness due to lack of energy; You will feel tired and inert and your body will be burning sugar or protein as an efficient and powered body would properly. For this reason, no breakfast does not help in any way lose weight! Will only make you feel tired and will make more difficult the more difficult for the body to burn excess fat. Eat foods suitable for breakfast can help you lose weight, if you breakfast cereal, this contains much Cellulose fiber which is low in calories, in fact the body use more calories to digest and dispose of this fiber containing those that own cereal. So breakfast cereal, especially one with few (if any) fat in him help to lose weight. The second myth of weight loss has to do with the way in that the body handles saturated fats and other junk food, many believe that this meal can be used by the body to provide energy and therefore be burned, so only if enough calories are used, the excess ash in some way is deposited in the body as fat. We must thank Dr Suzanne Gudakunst by noted in his book Top Secret Fat Loss Secret that in fact most of these meals scrap will not feed to your body but to worms and parasites that live in our liver, stomach and intestines of most of us (not only to overweight people) through the consumption of such junk. Look at tests that have living inside you and find out what doctors and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to discover! Since they would lose a lot and while you are sick and unhealthy is how they make their living and would prefer to stay as well, but because it is doing this revolution all over the Internet, between now to the newly launched website of the Dr. Suzanne in Spanish and benefit from the information available to you!