Ramon Gallegos

Thus we can understand and classify the multinivel-multidimension model is based on the differentiation and integration of 5 levels of educational whole, 5 studies of evolution of consciousness and 6 dimensions of learning. Ramon Gallegos performs an integration of these stages, levels and dimensions thereby 30 educational regions including in them from the material-mecanicista up to the subtle and spiritual. In the same way that only blind people contributed what his hands allowed them know the elephant, in the same way there are different authors who have shown to education and given their contributions considering each of them since its area is the most important for a quality education for children, this leaves aside other issues; pedagogical, social, cognitive and spiritual than other authors in the same way they conduct their research and give your contributions from your area already known to them. Model multilevel Multidimension if it includes several authors and their contributions forming thereby the integration of theories that complement and are needed in the development of the human being. The holistic education aims to develop spiritual intelligence this intelligence is the last and the most important of the other, the emotional and the multiple intelligences intelligences. Spiritual intelligence enables us to the meditative practice, spiritual intelligence allows us to see the sacred in all, with it we can overcome suffering and without suffering there will be only happiness in our lives. Spiritual intelligence is what we currently need in our humanity, she provides us with the elements needed to resolve the existing problems in society, these be seen because of hedonism and nihilism, these problems have led people to live in constant suffering, as he is living in an addiction to the pleasure of the senses, hedonism is an attachment to the pleasure and this distances us from our true nature only. The hedonism prevail humanity will be an indication of our ability to be happy is not enough, mistakenly believing that happiness gives it everything that surrounds us, outside, what we see without understanding even if happiness comes of being, not of having.