Holistic Education

There has been very strong events that have marked uniquely my walk in this world, however, I can say with all certainty that my life is divided into two periods, before the master’s degree and after the master’s degree; my experience in and since it is primarily spiritual and is obviously in my life, at all levels. For even more analysis, hear from Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. What I caught this specialty was the word holistic, who could say that in very general terms he could understand its meaning, however, in reality, specifically and in depth, knew that he meant, much less their involvement or scope. I stayed both in the term that only semesters later I realized that it is dedicated to teachers. By then she was already very involved and interested. While in academic practice and teaching experience I was very difficult to follow them step, the plot that is entretejia and outlined the structure of the master, everything it was by others interesting, especially the spiritual aspect, area that was my interest and in which I was completely.

I have to remember to come with a huge internal chaos that if I was clear, and with suffering, anguish and despair such as nor I myself was aware of this; therefore doubts, questions and disagreements are happening each other constantly. I must admit that I am not easy and less in such a State of chaos and therefore would like to thank all the patience and care provided, during all the masters, but especially in the first two semesters; Thanks to this loving bra the first face-to-face, although painful, were a deep light, very liberating. This field of expertise has been for my very special, because although I can hardly go to my inside, in this space, the internalization occurs so amazingly soft and deep, fact that is already installed in my life permanently.

Biological Dentistry

Dentist in Berlin specializes in holistic dentistry what is and what can organic holistic dentistry as a complementary medicine special? The Orthodox dentistry takes care of the \”sick fish in the Lake\”, which means that she looks on the symptom, namely the caries and loose teeth. Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes understands that this is vital information. You going on mainly using mechanical methods such as drilling, filling, remove and replace. So increasingly loses the patient in the course of his life on his own tooth substance and gets increasingly tooth replacement in the form of prostheses and implants. \”The biological dentistry takes a holistic approach, however, and primarily cares not about\”the fish\”(the symptom), but the\” Lake \”so to the mouth. \”The Lake\” the environment of the oral cavity – flips out of its ecological balance, thats the actual cause of the disease of \”fish\”, so here the teeth and the periodontium. Thus the therapeutic approach is targeting the root cause of the disease and also known as holistic prevention causes real and permanent cure, lifetime effect and has the preservation of own teeth to the target, instead of dentures.

The usual filling just the next resulting hole with mercury amalgam, or – in the case of major damage – the uberkronen with metal alloys (in dentistry is not all gold that glitters, gold is too soft, it always alloys with up to 10 different metallic components are used), leads to a DIS balance in oral ecology. Mouth metal cause a galvanic element (mouth battery), resulting in a drastic drop in the pH of saliva. You need to know that the body to a pH value of around 7.4 is dependent on. Would he drop in blood by 2/10-tel to 7.2, (as this can be the case in accidents involving large blood loss), that has meant acute danger to life. In the supply of metal fillings/crowns however there is a much more dramatic pH waste, namely until down to 5.8 in the sour! This has devastating consequences! It will derail all metabolic processes, and it comes chronic gingivitis and-blutungen.

Holistic Model

A curriculum is the specific realization of one pedagogical theory to make it effective and ensure learning and the development of a particular group of pupils to culture, age and community that are part. The curriculum is a construction plan and training inspired by systematic and articulated concepts of pedagogy and social sciences related to educational intent, that can be executed in an effective process and actual call instruction, here the importance of know, understand and apply the techniques of design and development of the curriculum with regard to the course to Holistic curriculum I could see the problem we’re having in the Mexican educational system, the inadequate systematization of the processes of the curriculum, which is manifested in the lack of holistic processes integration: pedagogical, didactic and curriculum that does not allow you to have a consistent, accurate and relevant science. That’s why I was born the idea based on what they have studied this course of conduct educational research to design, develop and propose a holistic curriculum model for technological institutes that contribute to systemic integration and holistic in its pedagogical processes to achieve set the scientific existence of this model of consistent, accurate and relevant. Later, to show positive results, could be proposed to other schools of top local, regional, national level and if it is possible international. This program was very helpful for my since I am interested in conducting educational research where I want designing a holistic curriculum model for technological institutes which in future is implemented at local, regional, national level and once it is validated by their results that I’m sure will be positive, it can be shared to other top-level schools both nationally and internationally, which also may provide evidence for greater number of teachers can convince to change its educational model for the holistic. The idea is to propose a study plan to be applied in the area of engineering that is in it where I am involved, that integrates all other models that have been proposed by different educators holistas, taking into account the needs of the environment of San Luis Potosi, since the curriculum design must be based on the requirements of the society at the professional levellabour and social; also seeking globalization and its impact in top-level educational processes.

Holistic Quality

Now that holistic education is not a fashion education, or common, there are disciplines, not strategy, is an education for life, is balance based on spirituality, an integration of knowledge, art, science to create a culture of wisdom. With the master made a transformation, we are in a process of clarity, serenity, balance and fairness. Holistic The word comes from the Greek holos which means whole, which is consistent with the understanding of reality. Holistic education transforms our lives, not just a change in the way of being, intellectual, professional or interest, is a profound change that reaches to the essence of who we recognize and discover your true spirituality. In the course of the master holistic internal discovery, personally, did not change drastically, do not throw it all away, do not discard the lessons in this educational system mechanistic, only recognized my spirituality, integrating all its parts, I gave him the deserved importance to each party and discovered the meaning of life, personal mission, service to others. As experience in some sessions, we discussed the issue and mentioned that in our institution to ensure quality implemented the fullness of the student, we did not know how wrong we were and as our Institute, there are many companies that spend large sums of money in the certification quality, this issue was treated to the point of turning our dialogue in a debate, we were defending our position and idea, the quality was defended by those who practice this new certification, that’s where we see the little feeling that we have and the imposition the difference in dialogue and debate.