Food Employees

Facilitated management of employees by knowledge from psychology. A seminar taught in food, what to look. Management has much to do with psychology. In a practice-oriented seminar in food to train executives, to make use of helpful insights from psychology for the management of employees. The Ruhr area is regarded as “Melting pot of in Germany”, not only in relation to the processing of metal, but also in regard to the multinational origin of many employees.

Food and environment leaders therefore in addition to the “normal” leadership skills, should be prepared in a special way for dealing with employees of from different backgrounds. Practice-oriented training in leadership is not about specific background knowledge about the cultures in which the employees have grown up. The aim of the seminar is rather to make use of basic findings from psychology for practical application in the management of employees of all backgrounds. The knowledge from psychology helps Executives, among other things in themselves, their employees and the behavior of all involved to get to know better. Combined with active exercises of the participants create inputs of the trainer duo Andrea Cichy and Erich Ziegler proven knowledge of Psychology a pleasant learning environment.

This ensures a sustainable transfer of knowledge. In addition, exchange of experiences with other managers about leadership situations from their own practice opens up new perspectives for the management of employees identify beliefs. Values applied previously unconscious in the perception and management, habits or beliefs are recognized. In joint exercises, participants learn to incorporate the previously unconscious patterns specifically in their own leadership behavior. This helps managers, for example, to recognize your own projections onto others. Projections reveal no one is, however, safe to believe that his own ideas and values correspond to even his fellow men. In cooperation with other This assumption to lead to misunderstandings and obstacles in the cooperation.

Berlin Designer Outlet

Designer Outlet Berlin doubles the size with the opening of the new phase of construction this second stage increases the total sales area of the Center to nearly double, 16,500 square meters. More 40 shop units are added to the previous 40 shops. The 100-million-euro project with its village character reflects the local architecture in Berlin/Brandenburg and offers its visitors a unique shopping and leisure experience. With only 0.9 sq m per 1000 population * Germany currently has the lowest outlet space in Western Europe. The comparison to United Kingdom with 10 qm and Italy with 8.3 sq m is especially striking.

Both are among the most developed markets in Europe. A related site: Gunnar Peterson mentions similar findings. The first phase of construction of the Berlin Designer Outlet opened in June 2009 with 8,500 square metres of retail space in 40 units, providing all year round famous designer and lifestyle brands with discounts of 30% to 70% compared to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Since then, more than a million customers visited the designer outlet Berlin and the Center could one recorded significant gains in performance and sales. The new brand name, which open their shops in the now opened second phase of the designer outlet Berlin, Belstaff, Cinque, converse/Gant include footwear, Desigual, diesel, Escada, fossil, Gant, Jack & Jones / Vero Moda, Lacoste, Navyboot, Titus and Tom tailor kids. They complement the existing portfolio of designer from the first phase of construction as adidas, Calvin Klein, Daniel Hechter, Marc O’Polo operate Polo, Mexx, Nike, replay, St.

Emile, Strenesse, Tommy Hilfiger all own loading units. In addition, the cult brand Ed Hardy opened a Pop-Up store in the first phase of construction. Service facilities of the designer outlet Berlin Kids Club with educational support for the children is also free parking on 2,300 parking spaces in addition to the Panda. Visitors who are looking for good food and refreshments, will find a great range of local and internationally renowned companies such as the luxury ice cream shop Haagen-Dazs, the Illy Cafe, as well as the German fish restaurant chain in North Sea, the Beginning of August has opened its branch in the Center.


The European Union has to struggle with some. The European Union has to struggle with some. Wiggle the shaky candidates of the financial crisis despite aid packages, the euro goes roller coaster and then was also the thing with the Spanish cucumbers, wrongly accused, that should carry the deadly in some cases EHEC study with. That it was at the end but the sprouts, that nobody could guess. Reason enough for Russia but to give up altogether. It is even no matter what vegetables and how, EU Greens received a strict ban on imports in Russia. To the representative of the European Union reacted sensitively.

The Envoy Fernando Valenzuela even noted that a so disproportionate import ban bad ind to Russalnds position he could affect international community concrete; He joined Russia in the World Trade Organization would fail with such action. The Primier Wladimir Putin unimpressed but such comments and said the measure with: cucumber “to eat, one to kill, is really bad.” Last but not least, such almost provocative comments let evil tongues claim that it would be more to a saber-rattling toward the EU import ban, as to a public health measure. The years of discussion to the visa-free movement of Russians in the EU is on the other. The issue provoked polarized opinions, where some fear a growing stream of illegal residents. The Prime Minister wants to know but nothing: doesn’t mean the abolition of visa requirements, that Russians travel to the European Union and remain there forever, receive pensions, medical facilities and social welfare. It comes to short-term travel.” In Russia, the whole topic is here have long since become the substance, of the Russians to the laughing brings. One quips in a smug way: what is Russian roulette? -Fly to Germany, Turkish drink and eat Spanish tomatoes.” Many politicians find it but not to the laugh.