Gallegos Nava Spiritual

Ramon Gallegos Nava is the father of holistic education and the spiritual intelligence, the author that has written on both issues at the global level, has published 25 books. This essay focuses on his extraordinary work which has led the most transcendent movement today. His works speak or are written about the beginnings of the holistic education and the cultivation of the spiritual ending with education holistic intelligence: pedagogy of Universal love. (The book of the year 2001 in the United States of America). Like that there was a dialogue about holistic education, we all share some universal principles that are central, is important to be very clear about what it means education holistic, its objectives and its structure, as a new educational paradigm that has a new centrality and a set of concepts as a totality, integrity, spirituality, learning community, unity consciousness, transcendence, pluralism etc. Spirituality is not religious belief, beliefs are not the essence of spirituality this is an immediate and direct experience of the transcendent, universal love, genuine spirituality we don’t individualist, on the contrary, makes us universal. One of the characteristics of spirituality is that it leads to interest us and love everything, never takes us to individualism, personally I would suggest that children who come to the world not to come because they want to be spiritual, are spiritual beings who come to the world because they want to be physical human beings. Be embodied in this world is something that has a purpose, so it is not to teach them to be spiritual because they already are, be separated, in a separate agency, a special effort is needed to reach the unit again, that effort is the same process of human beings. It should be a much more balanced society in all aspects, a holistic sustainable society is the one that generates the conditions, structures and institutions that enable individuals to achieve your lighting in the truest sense of the concept, and also defining the individual do not in the sense of person nor in the sense of individualism, but in the sense of individuality.

Holistic Education An Unexpected Experience

Even before the masters in holistic education, thought that suffering was a result of the lack of what is wanted and didn’t have or what it was and was lost, the lack of safety, serenity and fears, were characteristics of the person which are inherited and which we inevitably had to comply with these aggregates and cope with them the rest of our lives. It was until the beginning of the masters that I realized, that all these factors of suffering we can overcome them, at the beginning I learned that many things material and emotional, of which lacked that they made me suffer, were not required to be able to live in peace; in the master learned that our essence, what really we are, our spirit, we are all equal, this essence is love, fairness, happiness. Impacted me knowing that our essence, our real being, does not suffer is not altered by emotional or material deficiencies. In the course of the masters have been understanding that the cause of the suffering, the loss of the inner peace, cause us the attachments, the incomprehension of the impermanence and see reality with a confused mind, because what exists in our thinking is what makes us suffer, perceiving a wrong reality, causing erroneous ideas derived from an absurd perception of reality; My goal from this understanding, then, was the understanding of these causes to make me aware of them and start to overcome the suffering. I learned that only through peace of mind we can achieve serenity, security and inner peace. In the first seminar that participated, of spiritual intelligence that was carried out in March 2007, I started to integrate what I learned in the first half, it was when I realized the importance of spirituality and began to see it as an essential part of my daily life, I learned how to conceive to meditation as essential process to achieve peace of mindcontrol of emotions, self-awareness and equanimity.