By the partial outsourcing of the regeneration zones, the water to be cleaned can targeted in run the wetland. This construction allows greater use of the swimming zones (number of people) and is very economical in relation to water consumption. The water level in the paged regeneration pond can vary greatly, so longer dry periods can be survived without ever admitting fresh water. This variant requires but a little more space. Type 4 separate construction (2-pond construction): in this design, being built mainly in the public sector, can be dispensed with plants in the pond completely. The treatment takes place in separately invested regeneration ponds. The space is relatively large, the cleaning effect is optimized (depending on the size up to 3,000 visitors per day). Type 5 Biologischer-pool – natural pool this method of construction is located in the audience who want to take advantage of a chlorine-cleansed swimming pool but abstain from the use of chemicals.

The usable area (pool) is walled in as in a conventional swimming pool with vertical walls. The water is through Channels from the pool through jammed honed and runs about gravity in the paged regeneration pond. From there, the water via pumps is pumped back into the pool. The advantage of this construction is the clear separation of the areas of swimming and cleaning. Through an optimized hydraulic (water management) the cleaning areas can be placed on reduced where part of the regeneration can be applied even underground. Thus the realization also on small, expensive land is possible.

By design, all planning forms geometric pool with overflow and conventional swimming pool hydraulics are up to the rock pool with paged regeneration possible. Because swimming and bathing pond an area of diverse disciplines, you should transfer a professional planning and execution, the corresponding references prove can address bio Nova Rainer Grafinger neustrasse field 16 85232 bergkirchen 0049 8131 665651 company description BioNova which constantly stands for innovative swimming pond and natural pool technology, was developed. It can choose the customer and execution operation under different arrangements of the treatment plants. More info: Houston Astros. The range of the pond without technology to the biological swimming pool with fully outsourced regeneration. The experience of over 1,000 private residences as well as 50 public facilities worldwide distinguishes the competence for over 20 years. Middle way BioNova is a leader in the number of international partners. So, swimming ponds and natural swimming pools could be realized on every continent on Earth. Press contact wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373

Creativity, Divine Treasure

All we have an idea (that we considered) brilliant from time to time. It is evident that there are people more creative than others, just as is people who draw well because she has that gift, and others we do not have it. Nevertheless, the creativity depends on other factors, it is possible to be cultivated, and exist diverse techniques of generation of ideas. As it pointed the other day Shell Barber of Dompablo in his wonderful Blog active Silencio, to generate possible solutions, in many cases he is advisable to be distanced a little the problem without cutting threads, to distance of the objectives without rejecting them to us, and the solution can be made present. If we do not do it thus, is possible that in many cases the trees do not let see the forest to us.

In many occasions it happens that I am bottled in a problem and not him encounter solution, by many returns that it gives him. I go away for house, I stop thinking about it, and that same night, or to the morning of the following day, the idea arises like by magic art. The creativity has, as usually it is said, of sweating and a little inspiration (is no more much that to remember what brilliant Pablo Picasso said). The classic phrase of which Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by chance is simply a myth, the unique thing that could be said is that it had a little luck, but had been many years working in that scope. And when it saw the effect that produced the fungus of penicillin, investigated with curiosity and persistence, also motivated by his past like military doctor in the I World war, in which it was made an impression by the great mortality caused by the infections. Many of the techniques to generate ideas are based indeed on the previous work on the idea, individual and/or in equipment.

Antonio Dorta

As a tremendous impedimenta, the enmity of the unions launched against Mussolini: dulling created by this maneuver to the fascist party was gigantic. Gentile that helped form ideologically fascism, where racism was not part of his ideology, at the worst moment helped flee to many Jewish scholars. D annunzio precursor of Italian fascism, suffers the arrest because it is considered dangerous to the fascist regime. Toscanini an ardent anti-capitalist and therefore sincere fascist leaves the party to see him become a violent and irrational and movement advocate of capitalist right that both helped fight in the beginning. That You led him to become a declared anti-fascist, campaigning and gathering money with his incomparable art all over the world against fascism. Similarly Primo de Rivera was annoyed when some sectors of the right, net beneficiaries of the capitalist system, is intended to fascists. Now we hear every day: La Patria, army, Antimarxismo, totalitarian State, I plead fascist and hundreds of things more. But everything as in a whirlwind, a fanfare, without that can know which mathematical law and law of love obey.

More that seems the invitation to a dance costume that the invitation to embark on a company religious and military to make history. Because they retained the main aspects of capitalism and away from settle them, strengthened them. as Antonio Dorta would say in his confession of a falangita: continued reducing wages, increasing working hours and the practice of the thousand abilities of exploited Spanish capitalism, against which there was no protest as possible, since the worker who did was branded red, what amounted to take the ticket for the Grand Tour. Fascism: Imitation and DEFORMATION almost in general, history accredits ideological, political authorship of fascism to Mussolini. Up to present it as the creator of his style, liturgy, symbology and name. But the word fascism derives from the word fascio (fascio lictorio).

Holistic Education

Foundation International to LA education holistic masters in holistic education education holistic for the evolution of consciousness by Adela Beltran Loaiza. Culiacan 2009 on the written work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava East essay is about Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, and your model of holistic education, the pioneer worldwide of this pedagogy. I’ll discuss what were the most relevant facts that took place in our past and present, and that in a way or another gave rise to the history of education. His first influence originates in the practice of a permanent philosophy, imbued with genuine spirituality, in the actual experience of peace, love and universal brotherhood. Speaking candidly Anna Wintour told us the story. This vision breaks that fragmented, mechanical, positivist, reductionist and dualist of yesteryear.

It also found influence in the contribution of the great pedagogues, who contribute to explaining about the awakening of intelligence and the evolution of the beauty of the soul. Spirituality in holistic education implies a deep respect for diversity and inner experience of every child or student, not judging, not indoctrinate with ideas, if not routing so that alone will discover their potential and celebrate it. Promote the educational journey through the building of a bridge between a State of relative dependence unconscious behavioral until an acknowledgement of responsibility. This is a transformative process of life based on a profound change of consciousness, spiritual and cultural awakening. As humans, we are born, we depend entirely on our parents to survive, we grow and entered a State of independence where we learn the language in the process of socialization, but when we are young, parents do not believe that we are already independent; in that context, the sense of confidence plays a crucial role, moreover, in conjunction with the truth and spirituality, manifests itself as the basis for crossing the bridge implies the State of interdependence in which we find ourselves at home.


After hours of way, its exhausted body staggered. The wounds were beginning to paralyze their body, mainly the one of their leg. In a while one worried about having themselves lost, but when finding a pair of dead Roman soldiers and a horse knew that it followed the way indicated. When its body vanished resoundingly falling in the ground by the fatigue, knew that no longer it could but, it had arrived at the limit. They were leaving first rays sun in the horizon. Luckily, Third found leafy shrubs where hide-and-seek and to rest.

After tender in the shade underneath the branches, one fell asleep right away. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Cincinnati Reds by clicking through. Between dreams it could listen to the helmets of the horses, the shouts and the metal, could not forget the violence the battle, but something change, the terror and the fire was spilled later on a great city until only being ashes. This terrible scene woke up suddenly to Third. Rome in flames? Like everything a Roman, Third was very superstitious, reason why to his he disturbed it dream. This indicated that the end of this war would be under a mantle of blood and total destruction. After eating the few rolls that it had left it continued his way.

The atmosphere was calm, too calm, everything indicated that Third it would arrive without disadvantages at if destiny, until something interposed. He was a group of men, many of them riders. It tried to approach without they saw him to identify them. If, doubt did not fit, were Roman troops, probably taking a rest. Third finally could breathe with lightening. When the soldiers noticed that somebody came, they rose to help him but they were stopped with an order. Third thought that it was by precaution, since they had to make sure that he was not a spy. However, great it was the surprise when it saw another group behind them that went to look for to him.


Ie important ratio of power and volume of the bowl. Following optimal relations 'power (W) Bowl (L)': 300-1,5, 400-2, 700-3. If the two combine harvesters with the same capacity bowl different indicators of power, the more powerful model is preferable. When you purchase should focus on optimal (Cited above), the relation between power and capacity of the bowl. It is important to combine a compact, because if the accessories are stored in a separate box or in the built-in processor compartment dimensions combine increased, but not need to remove and clean all knives, to use only one. Nozzles Nozzles determine the possibility of a food processor.

Knife – made from stainless steel. Sometimes coated, imparting greater strength. Designed for chopping, chopping, cooking pashtetnogo meat, dough. Disc knife (disc with a radial slot) – for slicing, shredding cabbage or lettuce. Knife in plain blades (usually two) on plastic holder – cut into pieces of irregular shape.

Fineness depends on the time of work (in a food processor without adjusting speed drive motor block) or a proportional increase in the rate (Combines adjustable speed drive). Disk-float – for chopping, grating. Fineness depends on the diameter of the hole grater and the processing time of the product. While rubbing the 1 kg of vegetables in an average of 1 minute. Houston Astros follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Disc cutter french fries, vegetable chips (for the sauce 'Julien') is designed for slicing vegetables by specific pieces (wedges, straws). On the processing of 1 kg of vegetables on average will take a minute.

Spiritual Health and Disease

He unfolded in very similar to ours and was willing to be treated by the Lord in order to fulfill the plan He had for his life. Times are bad and the patriarch Noah We identify ourselves in a situation prevails: the breakdown of society. Violence, immorality, glaring social differences, the eager search of existential meaning, the incurable disease and a progressive alienation from God are the characteristics of our time as they were in Noah's time. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jim Nelson by clicking through. If we go to the book of Genesis, Chapter 6, we find a story revealing what were the prevailing circumstances, "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on earth, and He was grieved in his heart. And the Lord said I will destroy from the face of the earth to men whom I have created both man and beast, and creeping things and birds of the air, for I regret having made them. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jim Nelson. "(Verses 5 through 7).

Re-read the passage again and check how the corrupt society in which spent part of the existence of Noah, is a very similar portrait of the world we are living. There is new that the thoughts of modern man, as in antiquity, are inclined to practice evil. This behavior attracted the judgmental because the attitudes of thousands of men and women are diametrically opposed to those he left instructions embodied in the Bible, and helping those who implement them to achieve personal and spiritual growth.

Tom Freudenthal

This is by facilitates regular reading breaks of three to five minutes. During this time, close your eyes and think about what you have just read. This give time to relax your mind and can repeat the course material, which you have just acquired, at the same time. This way the information on the way in the long-term memory access already a level deeper. They are still arrived not quite on target for this would repeat maybe a couple of times the information but dramatically increases the likelihood of keeping the fabric. You to portion your reading try it out! If you your reading schedule so divided, each making break reading time three to five minutes after three to five minutes, to make the read memory deeper into the effectiveness of your reading is demonstrably increase.

You will have to spend not only less time to read, but can remember a much greater amount of information. It is important that “You in your small reading units repeatedly ask yourself: what did I just read?” This kind of awareness and repetition ensures that the learning material is faster anchored in long-term memory. Then, it is irrelevant for a test learn, stuck in the study or a training course or read a lot in the Office must. No matter where are you that you can effectively keep information to learners and thus increase your motivation. I am sure that this little trick clearly is easier reading and storing information. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Houston Astros and gain more knowledge.. If you found this article useful then you download but our free video course. 20 short videos with tips on the topics of reading strategies, learning, memory and motivation about on this Web page:. Tom Freudenthal

Remedy Books

In final verses of Tristia III: 7, 51-52, the poet reaffirms the inabalvel belief in immortality of its name, reached through its poetical workmanship. Cnscio to have fulfilled the mission of an inspired poet, emphasizes that while to last the name of Rome, it has to last of the poet. For return of 20 B.C., Ovdio started to publish Loves, first poetical book complete and published in 16 year B.C. election of you chose lovers in five volumes. Fitness has compatible beliefs. Later ' ' The Art of Amar' ' (Ars Amatoria).

The ovidiana workmanship Ars Amatoria is presented divided in three books, each one with a definite subject. In first, the made up one of 770 verses in elegacos dsticos, the poet dedicates to the men transmitting to them the teachings to it most efficient in the art to seduce its object of the desire. He teaches to them as if to direct the women, which the words adjusted in the hour of the cut, the gestures and the artifices most convincing. You may want to visit iHerb to increase your knowledge. He also discloses them the places more frequented by the women and, thus, propitious the hunted one that he will be able to culminate in the true love or, only, in a diversion. Authentic treated on the seduction and the loving Game.

Also they are of this Herides period (Epistulae Heroidum), coletnea of supposed letter that the great lovers of the legend had changed and Remeasured Amoris (the Remedy of the Love, or the Cure of the Love) is a poem of 814 lines in Latin. It enters two’s of the Christian age, Ovdio wrote: The Fastos (Fasti), a collection of twelve books of which conserve six, a species of calendar where it dedicates to each one of them one month of the year, in which the parties are commented lendrias Romans and its origins. Metamorphoses (metamorphoses), mitolgico Poem of Ovdio, in 14 books, where if they succeed 246 fbulas, you go off and artificially on, much even so the poet follows certain chronology.

Good Employees Successfully Recruit

MPM medienhaus GmbH: Cooperation with asaricon many studies and experts prove it already: the search for qualified employees will soon have a larger problem than the receipt of orders. Increasingly difficult recruiting employees to help companies and organizations, the MPM medienhaus GmbH therefore now collaborates with human resources consulting asaricon. Their service includes consulting and support in the areas of recruitment, personnel selection and recruitment – ranging from the design and make ad pre-selection of the best candidates to support the interviews or other applicant selection procedure. Another important focus of asaricon is located on the so-called employer branding, so developing a positive employer image with the help of marketing, PR and employee motivation. “The homepage of the Munster-based company runs by Tanja Ronsch brings it significantly to the point: few years ago”, it means that, had the farms Problem of excessive variety of applicants. A small ad in the local newspaper came a whole mountain of documents in the House. Today, the personnel problem has shifted for the smaller companies.

Maybe one or two application folders in the House come on the traditional job advertisement in the newspaper. Usually it is then candidates, no one else wanted to.” To get out of this misery, there are exactly two ways according to Rabino: a companies would attract today candidates there, where they also reside, so especially in the Internet with its social networks. And on the other hand the companies as interesting an employer must present themselves, for example through a successful website, with a specific employer brochure or targeted PR work. “Ideal complement to the MPM medienhaus for us”, as Jurgen Ronsch, Managing Director of MPM medienhaus GmbH, the offers and services of asaricon are an ideal complement to our business model, because staff search and Basic elements of corporate communication are employee retention. All that developed the HR consulting with the customer, we can in texts implement, make visible in brochures or present on the Internet. A better care from a single source can so don’t want a company or an institution.” The collaboration between of the two companies will be very tight. In other words: salespeople of MPM medienhaus GmbH offer the services from asaricon directly in their conversations. The same applies to the distribution of brochures and information materials.

Vice versa MPM medienhaus GmbH will provide asaricon services that are directly related to the implementation of communication activities, exclusive to the. About MPM medienhaus GmbH the 2011 founded MPM medienhaus GmbH sees itself as a competent service provider for internal and external communication of Facebook to print. Small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions primarily in the Eastern North Rhine-Westphalia are the target group of the company. The MPM medienhaus GmbH employs about 30 people and has locations in Mars Hill, Paderborn and Munster. Contact for the press: Jurgen Ronsch, MPM medienhaus GmbH Tel: 0177 591968 mail: