Former Assaults In The Buso

They remember the dead aunt, who was victim of scaffolding of the nieces ' ' maquiadoras' ' paraded for the city with gotten dull apples of the face of rouge, seeming a calopsita or the Pikachu of the Pokemon? Good! Who does not remember or it did not read, can confer here in the site:. The history of today involves the same aunt, but who would say? Of this time, it she was not victim, but literally it made a victim of ' ' roubo' ' in ' ' buso' ' it lead that it of a distant quarter e, at the time, ' ' bar pesada' ' , for the center of the city. Half been slow to go until the deliverer of periodicals and magazines and after that to open its board, situated in an important square of the center, the aunt catches the bus running and giving the last retouchings in the hair, clothes and accessories. It looks place to sit down and the only vacant is in the double armchair, in janelinha, but that in the edge of the corridor a youngster is seated that, let us say, had appearance, at least, suspicion, type of those that nobody, in s conscience, it would trust signed check, but with the blank value. Espremendo to arrive at the place and to sit down, the aunt takes the care to keep its well pressed stock market to the col. Half sleepy and conferring if she had not forgotten nothing because of the haste, it makes a species of ' ' check list' ' thus, the bus goes following the long itinerary, with it to the naps. In one waked up ascent, it takes the right hand to the left arm and is white: ' ' Cad mine relgio' ' , it thinks. It does not have doubt, if weapon with a comb that is in the stock market and with disposal of ' ' Rambo' ' it wants to recoup the esteem jewel.

The youngster to the side is almost that sleeping, when feels the twinge in the belly, he looks at frightened for the side and he hears that one lady, in the case the aunt, speaking of sings of mouth: ' ' The clock I want relgio' '. The aunt is satisfied when perceiving a movement of arm of ' ' suspeito' ' after that racket of an object falling inside of its stock market. The scene is not noticed by the excessively temporary ones of ' ' buso' '. bus follows plus some meters and the youngster goes down. The aunt until thinks that ' ' suspeito' ' she was ashamed for stealing the clock of one lady. The trip follows without new features, the aunt makes its tasks and a surprise happens when it arrives in its board of magazines and periodicals and verifies that the clock in its stock market is masculine and it never the life had seen that object in all. After to bind to its house and informed being that she forgets the clock esteem on cmoda, it despairs itself. ' ' My God! I stole the youngster in nibus' ' , the aunt thinks, who after that goes to look the transport company to return the clock and to try to explain what she had happened

Teenage Health

I am adolecente and I know all the concerns that we, girls, have with our body. Generally never we are satisfied and a defect always exists, that we only obtain to see. To find that we have defects, can in them cause serious problems as the bulimia. This is related to the beauty standards, placed for the society. However it exists other factors that contribute, as, the fact to be perfeccionistas, shy, pessimistic and we possuimos auto-esteem low. The sadness, nervousness and the food, are great enemies for who suffer with this problem. When if it is with these feelings, to eat exageradamente (generally candies), seems to be the best option, but later it appears the feeling of guilt and shame, then the option for the bulemicos is to vomit, to take laxative, diurticos, for example. In others case jejum starts to be a favorable option. How much he is overwhelming or trying to neutralize the suffering caused for the solitude, the human being is more vulnerable to opt to illnesses as bulimia and anorexy, that consequentemente depression plus these riots will go to become aliementares. To be if blaming for is a little above of the weight or below of it, it does not go to make with that it obtains to arrive at the standard of beauty that it is looking, I oppose for it, what goes to happen is that to apartir of this moment we will be able to start to adiquirir innumerable illnesses that they in such a way move with our body as with the psychological one.