Organization of United Nations (UN) general Assembly approved unanimously on Thursday 13 September a Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples this document which surprisingly was under negotiation for a period of 20 years and than auque by overwhelming and historical voting as it was described by the eminent President of Bolivia Evo Morales kept as opponents to four countries that here we consider so dishonourable attitude as enemies of humanity in people its rulers are United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and eleven countries abstained and that we cannot consider less than hypocritical conservatives kneeling before the Empire who undoubtedly and as always it has to do with the larger injustices and violations of human rights in the world. The declaration consists of 46 items and sets minimum parameters to respect for the rights of indigenous peoples, including land ownership, access to the natural resources of the territories where they settle, respect and preservation of their traditions and self-determination. It also recognizes individual and collective rights to education, health and employment. With regard to the most important points is concerning the attachment of Indians to land, so several articles mention the right to dispose of them for any use. For even more analysis, hear from Luhan. One of the recommendations the UN performs to the States is to ensure the recognition and legal protection of lands, territories and resources and which do not come with any transfer without the free, prior and informed consent of indigenous peoples concerned, nor without a prior agreement on a fair and equitable compensation. Although from a certain point of view, this late declaration may represent a breakthrough in the current order of things in the so full of injustices planet Earth.

One surprising thing is that such a declaration is not legally binding, which in our view is to leave an open door for that after 20 long years of discussion, reaching the legal field is continue committing excesses and abuses with our indigenous heritage, there is where the question arises us. So does the UN? And in conclusion set ourselves another question, who said? That any man born on this planet, requires a statement of an organization called UN respect or enshrined the rights set forth in the enacting terms, which we believe are eminently natural of every human being of this land rights and knowing that even animals regarded as inferior beings that do not reason nor speak have rights. Continue to learn more with: Smart Sites. Indigenous peoples should be enshrined as the heritage of humanity, to honor them, care for them and love them as they deserve.

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