Improved Quality

The TCM offers endless opportunities for people. The several thousand years ago in the living called form of medicine was primarily the health maintenance and re generations TCM offers endless opportunities for the people. The several thousand years ago in the living called form of medicine served mainly the healthy preservation and regeneration. In the course of time has further developed the TCM and offers a wide range of alternative medicine today. Many school health professionals swear by for this reason also the possibilities of old TCM.

All this has recognized also the vital & Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten for himself and started five years ago with the establishment of a TCM practice in the hotel. Through the steady growth, the knowledge and the implementation within the hotel is has grown steadily. The hotel guest is the TCM now anywhere in the hotel. So, the different rooms of the hotel were planned according to a special system of Feng Shui and energy enriched. All staff constantly deals with the various offers in the fields of TCM. This certainly is also due to the many successes that are communicated by the guests on staff. So he joins circle of a TCM practitioners. The holistic approach is explained by the offer within the hotel.

Includes the TCM kitchen waiting from breakfast to dinner with sophisticated products up to the cooking classes take place every week as well as the remaining daily lessons in all penal code are eligible according to article 20 and promoted thus with up to 75 Euro per course of health insurance. It is always about the teachings of Confucius. If there are the colors, the smells, the taste or feel. Target again is the manufacture of balance in the body. When already ill people the TCM will help not only in the treatment of disease but especially in combating the causes. This guest or patient calls himself the holistic approach to intrigue and to act accordingly. An employee is sick, he has the possibility of the TCM physician or To treat practitioner free of charge. The system works, and draws his circles, the guests arriving from all over Germany to to treat yourself to something good”. Since the establishment of the TCM practice in vital & Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten in 2004, the physicians and health practitioners engaged in the development of TCM for the European market. When developing as a waste product “of the TCM test developed by us emerged. On the Internet page: anyone can do free of charge this test. The evaluation is delivered free and automatically via E-mail. In the further development of the TCM several new treatments have been developed show an improved effect at the Europeans in combination with new herbal recipes. The advance went the knowledge that the Europeans other physical properties as the State and Chinese brings with it. In the development were numerous searches due to recurring disease images and the related treatment successes recorded in conjunction and researched. Result is a new form of a the TCM called Maxx-TCM in our House. Where Maxx stands for maximum performance and maximum success.