During the period prior to obtaining a mortgage, it is very important that you know that it is the foreclosure. It is much better know before you make a medium-or long-term commitment with a lender. When you sign a mortgage payment guarantee is your home, in case that does not adhere to the payment of the loan proceeds with La Hipotecaria execution. It is a legal process by the lender, Bank or financial institution, whereby remove you your House by delays or lack of payments. When you are in the process of building or buying your House in what you think less is that you can have personal, occupational, financial or health conflicts in the future and that you atrasaras or stop making payments. That is why it is very important that you learn everything that means a mortgage and have very clear that you are owner of your home until you concluyes with payments, including interest, and within the time limit agreed.

In recent years you’ve seen or heard like millions of families, in the United States and other countries of the world, they have lost their homes. ring House). Remember the crisis which led to various banks to bankruptcy and a process against many people to remove their houses. This process is existing and with many legal complications. Possibly you know someone that is facing this situation at this time. Laws also establish rights to people that are in the case of a foreclosure, there will always be the possibility of negotiating with the lender different solutions.Each country has its laws and their specific regulations. Search which are which would apply in your case and devotes two hours a week to read them and understand them.

What is not reaching this situation by ignorance or bad decisions at the moment to negotiate and sign your credit. This article intends to inform you that this is possible and that the measures you take are not corrective and preventive. Several times you’ve mentioned that your home is the best place for you and your family. Imagine that you have problems in the future, remove you the House, away it and sell it. That frustration and sadness, not let it and learn now that you’re not in the midst of the problem! In the video below you will find information about options to avoid foreclosure in the United States, check it at least twice, and prepares your notes and conclusions: until next time. Jose Luis, Tu architect online.