Cortado Will Google Cloud Printing Optimize

The proposed solution will enable in particular the printing without going through the PC. Google and even HP cloud printing solutions have announced plan to print on a printer connected to the cloud. This printer must be connected to a switched on PC or Google’s or HPs support particular technology. Cortado is a completely different approach. The user on any printer can print his cloud-printing solution that is connected directly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with your Smartphone, NetBook or iPad. This approach saves users looking for a printer that supports Google’s or HPs cloud printing solution, or the need to connect a PC to print.

While Google wants to motivate manufacturers to produce Google cloud printing compatible printer and HP supports only certain printer models, Cortado is in its certified hosting centers in the challenge of the printer driver management. The more than 12,000 customers of cloud printing Cortado workplace solution can now take advantage of over 6,000 different printer drivers. The feedback from the customers ensures a constant updating and expansion of the driver. Today, almost all available printers are supported thus. In the new approach by Google, Cortado sees the confirmation of the need for a cloud-printing solution. All the more, Cortado remains committed to the plan, to produce the best possible cloud printing solution for the Google chrome OS. Since both approaches complement each other excellently.

Cortado will expand the Google cloud printing solution by the following functions:-spontaneous direct printing of the Google chrome OS or Android devices – support of all existierender printer – extension of the cloud-printing support outside of the Google Apps offer of a private cloud “solution to the integration into the enterprise IT support almost any file type – u.v.m. we are a Plug-In that Google develop for chrome OS, so that we can print directly via the Wi-Fi, without switching between a PC. This must be from Google “removed, we hope but on the support of the company, we offer the same comfort of pressure for the Google chrome OS, how up to date for the iPad”, as Carsten Mickeleit, Chairman of the Board of the ThinPrint AG. “So as we offer the best solution .print with our solution ThinPrint for virtualization, we are determined, with Cortado which develop best print solution for the cloud.” Cortado cloud printing is free for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad available: cloudprinting. This press release and press photo are available online and are available for download: press.


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