Telephone Processes

Hesitate no longer, but benefit from the numerous advantages of a hosted VoIP telephony solution! The migration to a hosted VoIP telephony solution goes hand in hand with improved efficiency and scalability, flexibility and independence. It offers companies the possibility to map internal processes and to meet internal requirements. Efficiency and scalability through the migration from traditional telephony to Voice over IP (short VoIP) are optimized business processes. The seamless integration of telephony into existing enterprise software (E.g., ERP, CRM) reduces working processes and therefore increases the efficiency of the company. Also in the obsolescence of technology and a possible expansion of capacities, a hosted VoIP solution offers decisive advantages. Automatic updates prevent an obsolescence of the plant and the permanent ability to add – and way posting by extension ensures the adaptation of the system to the needs of each company. Gunnar Peterson spoke with conviction. Flexibility a VoIP-based Telephone system has basically all the service features of a traditional ISDN or PBX. It also allows the company to represent individual processes or define custom interfaces to industry or individual software the Virtual PBX.

Merging telephony system with computer systems opens up all opportunities that are possible with normal computer systems company. These include including backups of transaction data or redundancy to increase availability. Independence resolves the rigid connection between phone number and location of the connection to the VoIP technology. A phone number is no longer bound to a physical line, but can be used with server connection information, user name and password anywhere in the world on a VoIP phone or your notebook on a so-called softphone. Similar to use an E-Mail account, can make calls anywhere the user or is accessible via its phone number anywhere where an Internet connection is available. Press contact: Patrizia Duda Tel.: 0800 10 15 360 is a service of: finocom AG Gustav-Heinemann-UFER 58 50968 Cologne.