Nintendo Wii Games & Console U: Facts-check & News

Games, the new console & the controller facing the question of first Wii U game or the corresponding announcements, is worth mentioning that there are currently several very promising releases first Wii U. Nintendo takes the full program in pretty much any genre. Do you mean that sports fans get a FIFA Nintendo Wii U game. Shooter friends with battlefield 3 reassured and the party game-group to have fun using battle MII, Mii of the Chase as well as goodold Mario. Otherwise there will be a Tekken game, a LEGO game is planned and just as Blockbuster will make happy the Wii U like the Sims or Darksiders, army of two, and Batman Arkham city. To sum up it sounds like a promising offer. You must be curious and fingers crossed that Nintendo shakes much, much more in the sense out of the sleeve. What does the Wii offer U? The PS3 was considered the most powerful video game console in recent years and also the Xbox 360 joined in the dance of the NextGen video game consoles.

In contrast to the PS3 offers title it but so far no 3D. A novel Bewegungssensitiven controller or control unit all have both. With views of the PlayStation 3 console is the move controller, with views on the Xbox 360 the Microsoft Kinect sensor. To bear in mind, it is also that in this area is the Nintendo Wii was considered pioneering. She managed to win among casual gamers as clients for video games. But offered the old Nintendo Wii no HD graphics, no 3D titles and arrived at many hardcore gamers less positive, was not really taken seriously. 2006-2007 the Nintendo Wii is regarded as the birth. Proud five years friends of white console had to therefore exercise in patience until finally a successor in the wings stood or was first announced.